How to be happy.

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  1. jovick

    jovick New Member

    To be happy is to fulfill what you want to do and wanted to achieve. Change your life by doing something you've always done that you enjoyed. Do not stay in your position wherever you are and remain lonely with no rooms for improvement that can make you happy. Go after life is pretty tough instead face your fear and overcome them with enthusiasm. Try to do new things to learn how flexible your brain is. You should know the approaches in life to do change your life that will give you happiness.
  2. jovick

    jovick New Member

    In order to achieve happiness you should also know your purpose in life. What are our goals and dreams? What are reasons why we are working? Earn money and use it in positive purpose. Achieving your goals have greater impact in your life. you need to explore on how you will succeed in your purpose to give your life meaning.In addition you should also build connections to other people. WE enjoy everything more doing it with others. this is one reason you can be happy by having friends and social connections. before that you should strengthen your values, kindness and how to get along with them specially those you care about.
  3. heniagalvezjames

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    The number one source of happiness is your family, second is your friends as your second family. It is to be contented on what you already have and being happy with who you are, it is not something that you can earn from technologies, games or places. It is something what you build and what you take with your love ones. Make others happy and see them smiling because of you makes you more happy, it is a choice if you let your sadness affect you or not.
  4. zayid

    zayid New Member

    The seeds and foundation of happiness lie in the interior of all human beings, but they are always searching for them outside their soul and themselves. Thus draining their energies in work, family, money and food is not enough to get the truly sense of happiness . All of us must understand that the truly happiness is inside ourself, in short feeling of life and love.
  5. courtney00

    courtney00 New Member

    The True Happiness is in our Lord God. He is the Happiness. You'll be happy if you're with him
  6. marcialsha28

    marcialsha28 New Member

    I can define Happiness in my own experience is when you totally overcome the fear in your heart and mind.
    Accepting the fact of your past whether nice or bad, living your life in Reality.
    Simply allowing yourself and spirit to enjoy all the beautiful things that happening in the present and looking forward what tomorrow will bring for you. Happiness can only obtain by a person who has inner peace inside her/himself.
    Being contented and appreciating all what she/he had for living.
    Sharing good memories to love ones can boost your real life happiness forever.
    Happiness can differentiate between people, reactions, moments, and incidences in life.
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  7. jovick

    jovick New Member

    In order to be happy you need factors to achieved and influenced happiness. These are goals, interests in life and so on. You must know your goal in life and do whatever it cakes to achieved it then you'll be happy. You should also improve your social life and find true friends that will help you succeed to things you are working.
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  8. jessie271

    jessie271 New Member

    Happiness does not depend on outside sources. Your Happiness should not depend on the "happening", or the external factors. Also, it should not depend on other people. People change, you cannot control people around you. When you base your happiness on people, you are dead because people fail. Real happiness comes from within. Real happiness is having an Intimate Personal Relationship with God. It is being peaceful and secured with Him and loved by Him. Nothing can satisfy man except the One who created Him. Without Him, life is empty.
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  9. achikeziah

    achikeziah New Member

    I take what the Bible says on how one can be happy. The Bible emphasizes on the following principles and practices: Be content with what you have. “Now godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content” (I Timothy 6:6-7).

    It is sad that many people mistakenly believe that money will bring them lasting happiness. However, many who have taken this path will soon realize that they are on the wrong road toward happiness.

    The key to happiness is not money, but contentment and our contentment must be coupled with godliness. Contentment is not about laying on our beds all day because we are “content” with our lives. Godly contentment means that you have put your trust and confidence in God that He will provide all your needs. It is the confidence that after you have done your best, God will do the rest.

    Human nature will never be satisfied. When we finally have what we want, we will again look for other things. This is a thief of joy. However, if you are content with your life, you will soon find yourself at peace, blessed, and joyful.
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  10. mark747

    mark747 New Member

    For you to be Happy don't set out to look for it in other people, or temporary things because you will be severely disappointed. It all starts with you. Be happy with who you are, your choices and what you stand for above all else and don't invite people into your life who try to convince you otherwise.
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  11. xcloudz

    xcloudz Member

    You're the only in yourself can answer how to be happy because its within yourself what things can make you happy. There are a lot of factors that can affect happiness and its up to you how you treat that. Being happy is a choice how you deal with things. But being happy gives each one of us better feeling and gives us energy every time we got a problem. Happiness is everywhere learn to discover it and install it in you.
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  12. fretzlea

    fretzlea New Member

    Happiness differs in every person but for me, for us to be happy we should be optimistic or to always think positive. Even if we will be facing so many problems, if we have a positive mindset, we will always find a good thing about our situation and we will always find a reason to smile or be happy. With this, we can also be an instrument to other people, we can share our being positive to them and show them that there are still so many things and ways that will make us happy.
    It is already granted that some people can be easily pleased while some cannot but let us just continue in sharing our good vibes so that all of us will be happy with life.
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  13. Kristine02

    Kristine02 New Member

    You could be happy if you spend time with good people. You should spend your time to those people who are worth spending for. You should spend time with the things that you love that could make you a good person, that could influence you in a good manner. Refrain from engaging the tasks that would just make you stress. Spend time with the Lord. Spend time praying. Spend time with the people you love. Always think positive. Be optimistic always. You must learn to see the good things despite the darkness for we all know that the clouds have silver linings. All things work together for good in the end.
  14. imsoooshai

    imsoooshai Member

    Happiness is a choice. For me being happy is being contented. If you are contented of what you have or what you can't have you can be happy from the bottom of your heart. But of course being contented doesn't mean you'll stop dreaming. It means that continue dreaming but never forget to appreciate what you have.
  15. imsoooshai

    imsoooshai Member

    I so agree with this. Self-contentment is happiness. :)
  16. imsoooshai

    imsoooshai Member

    Self-contentment :)
  17. dheesaurx

    dheesaurx New Member

    We all have moments in life where things haven't gone our way. Could be something minor like you broke your nail stubbing it on your door, or you got laid off, or maybe you broke up with the person you're seeing. The unhappiness makes us value the time in life when we were happy. It makes us want to be happy again, it's only natural. That's the way the human brain is wired. To chase Dopamin. So we make the decision to be happy, no matter what. We see soon that our decision is not making us any happier but on the contrary more discontent due to struggle to be happy!
    In this age of Online Influencers and Social Media, people want to portray their lives in a certain way for likes and shares. Influenced by what society considers important and then belittling ourselves is a constant, ever-present trap that many of us fall prey to.

    I guess the answer then lies in letting go. One should not chase happiness and one should not force it. If one chooses to live a life that way, it will always be full of suffering and pain. There's a famous quote by Henry Thoreau that beautifully puts what I want to say: “Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you; but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” Chase after what you are passionate about and everything else including happiness will follow! Take joy in the little things in life and do stop once in a while to smell the flowers!
  18. hountanie

    hountanie New Member

    You must go back to the origin of happiness..
    Go back to God

    You are blessed
  19. Caguioa747

    Caguioa747 New Member

    You need to define what you think happiness is. Most of us don't go around in a state of complete giddy happiness. Being content with what you have and being hopeful about the future is what I think most of us mean by a happy life. The accumulation of a lot of little positive things.

    For me, one component is having achieved things by working for them. A simple example would be painting a room in your house. That little feeling of satisfaction every time you look at the paint color and think how perfect it is, and that you made it happen. That's a form of happiness.

    Obviously bigger things would be a hobby, education, a job or place that you worked for and got. I love to hike. To be out in nature and feel the wind in my face and know that I got there on my own two feet. But I can't do that every day. So I put a lot of work into making my backyard a place where I lay on the hammock and watch the squirrels play in the tree canopy while I sip a beverage.

    Your life and happiness will be what you make of it.
  20. tenwoe12

    tenwoe12 New Member

    Happiness is always around you. It is juch that most of the people can not identify the real sources of it . For me happiness always comes from people I love the most like my family and friends.
  21. shycactus18

    shycactus18 New Member

    Happiness is being contented in what you have. Others say they have eveything they've asked for, so it means that they are happy and it means happiness for them. But for others,simple things are already happiness. But for others happiness means being with their family, travelling,shopping.. but for me happiness is being contented being with my family and not for material things but the love you received from others.
  22. jhoyce

    jhoyce New Member

    How to be happy? I think it depends on you. You draw your own happiness, for me contentment is one of the key factor to be able to feel your happiness. Having a peace of mind throughout the day can make us happy. Knowing that we have a good health can make us happy. There's so many simple things that makes us happy its just that sometimes we cannot notice it. Being "happy" can also result from simple things, be with your family and friends, spending your free time chatting with your brothers or sister while having your favorite snacks, watching movies. "be yourself" that can make you really happy.
  23. renzyow

    renzyow New Member

    you can be happy by loving your self first there you can find peace and importance to yourself second love god because when we love god we learn how to love and of course when your with your partner and also its your own choice to be happy or not and for me i always chose to be happy because there is no benefits for being lonely
  24. JennyWren

    JennyWren New Member

    Happiness can be a struggle for those of us who battle depression. We can get stuck in our head with the endless loop of negative and irrational thoughts. Worse, is knowing those thoughts are happening and not being able to stop them. Happiness can be acceptance of who we are - even though we are flawed and irrational. For me, the happiness comes when I successfully combat the negativity and change the direction of my thoughts and find peace within myself.
  25. elirose7890

    elirose7890 Member

    Happiness often comes from within. Being kind to others is a proven path toward happiness. And don’t forget to be kind to yourself as well. More money won’t necessarily make you happier, but finding meaningful work and a little extra time will. We tend to be happier when we connect with other people.
  26. johngreen6651

    johngreen6651 New Member

    Making healthy choices about your diet can make you feel emotionally stronger. You're doing something positive for yourself, which lifts your self-esteem.

    A good diet helps your brain and body work efficiently.
  27. esmeralda

    esmeralda New Member

    The best answer to this is that in order to be happy you have to do what you like most, do something that works for you and in the best case if you have a job. work in the area that you really like:p
  28. Tehilah27

    Tehilah27 Member

    There are no set rules to being happy. You need to find the things you enjoy doing and do them. Also, find people you love and appreciate and who love you too and spend as much time as possible with them. Enjoy every minute as though it were your last; leave no room for regrets.

    Be content with what you have but do not settle for mediocrity. Always strive for better. Set little goals and achieve them. This will give you a sense of achievement and fulfilment which will make you even happier. Do not overwhelm yourself with lots of tasks all at once as this might leave you feeling like a failure when you can't complete them all. I believe it is the little things you do that add up to a fulfilled and happy life.
  29. Ysettanova

    Ysettanova New Member

    It differs from person to person. It all relies on who we are and how our personalities are shaped in our childhood. If during our childhood, we were taught that being happy is when you are a successful working class in our society then that's how you'll see happiness. Of course, this could still change in your adulthood depending on how your peers influence you.

    There is no definite path to happiness. It might not even be a destination. It is a path you will take. Just like how we enjoy music in its entirety and not just because of its climax. You'd be encountering a need to break down some pre-conceived notions that would just hinder you from being happy. You can be happy even if you're not rich, successful (in society's eyes), or popular. It is a matter of being satisfied with yourself and what you have now while still being open to improve yourself.
  30. antonette29

    antonette29 New Member

    For an individual to be happy, one must always remember that they have to remove all the negativities in their life and always choose to be positive in every aspect of their life. True happiness should not depend on any person or others but only within the heart of an individual. Do always remember that it is a choice and always choose and remember to be happy.

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