How to be happy.

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  1. Tonivir

    Tonivir New Member

    Almost all people are longing for happiness. Even celebrities, those on the twilight of their career demands happiness to find them. That is the reason, I think, most of us find in our selves the happiness we want in life. Happiness for me is a state of mind. Contentment to things are happiness for me. Because if I am contented, for example of wearing simple dress, then whatever I see in front of me, then there is no room for envy to other people. So for me, if we are contented to what we have, what we achieved in life, then that is for me is a true and genuine happiness in life.
  2. rene143

    rene143 New Member

    This might sound weird, but smiling, can help improve our mood. However, fake smiles, if not accompanied by positive thoughts, can make you more unhappy . Facial feedback is important, as when you genuinely smile, you are telling your brain you are not in distress.
  3. laigo

    laigo New Member

    happiness is one of the ingredients in life.
    to be happy is to make what you've wanted most;
    feel free to grasp the blessings and rewards in life.
    some may prefer to be contented on what they have.
    its just simply YOU
  4. Marchcbt

    Marchcbt New Member

    How to be happy? Happiness is acceptance. Just for example, you're in a worst situation you can't imagine before. But there you are. You might be hurt for the meantime, but you must forgive yourself for you to heal and to be happy.
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  5. Vhonnie

    Vhonnie New Member

    Happiness often comes from within. Learn how to tame negative thoughts and approach every day with optimism.
  6. divine00

    divine00 Member

    To be happy means "stop the negativity in life". Life is too short to focus on negative things, instead cherish every single minute God has given you. Everyone faces their own problem. If you think you suffered enough in this life, well think twice dear. We all suffered like you, but instead of make pitty why not embrace those problem with a big smile and say I have a big God than my problem.
  7. jldg

    jldg New Member

    Happiness is a choice. But sometimes it is just hard to make that choice, especially when surrounded by negative environment and discouraging circumstances. It is gonna be a "mind over matter" thing to choose to be happy during difficult situations. Being able to master that skill will provide growth and great endurance for the worse things to come. No one or nothing can take away your happiness ever again because you choose it that way.
  8. BlessedTakling

    BlessedTakling New Member

    I've been having the same question in my mind since the day I knew the true sense of the word "happiness". I think happiness can truly be achieved if we free ourselves from the scrutinizing eyes of the society. It is simply letting o of all inhibitions and accept ourselves as imperfect fragment of this society. Happiness is not about what others think about ourselves but the true happiness simply means loving ourselves.
  9. Tinymoronie

    Tinymoronie New Member

    Others say that happiness is a choice.
    To achieve happiness, one must give himself what his heart desires.
    That's what I believe in.
    Look at those points in time when you were happy. Isn't it those times that you were able to have something, give something, reach something, receive something you want? Or go to places you like? Hearing words from the people you love and be with them?
    That is happiness for me. It's about fulfilling innocent heart desires.
  10. wassy

    wassy New Member

    I've always believed in the saying that "The only way to be happy later, is to be happy now." Your happiness is your responsibility, it will be foolish to think that the only way to be happy is from another person, or another thing separate from you. You are in control of your happiness, it lies from within. If you are a mentally stable person, happiness is a choice and it's always for you to decide if the choices that you will make will make you happy. There's also another notion that people think "oh I will be happy someday." but how can you be happy someday, if you cant choose to be happy now? true happiness is always in your control, you can always find something to be happy about in a bad situation, if you choose to be happy.
  11. Danna5

    Danna5 New Member

    For me I think you must not push yourself to be happy. Happiness is a natural way that we feel, and its normal that sometimes we dont feel happy and lucky. I also felt the same that Im seeking for happiness and making my ownself happy but it ends up that Im not purely happy, in fact theres a smile in my face but my heart doesn't feel the same as my face shown. Let nature and enviroment and people surrounds you makes you happy and find happiness because happiness is not only in youself but also with people cherished you and small things. Maybe while waiting its time to find yourself and find out why arent you happy, and if you found it out, then let that things comes in you and fullfill the lack you are seeking for.
  12. sofianebgh

    sofianebgh New Member

    how to be happy?.......make more money ,that's why we are all here ,correct me if i'm wrong.
  13. GentianJaupi90

    GentianJaupi90 New Member

    Love yourself, trust in your capabilities, be with people that makes you laugh, ne optimistic surround yourself with positive people. And the most important don't go fare away from your family.
  14. houd

    houd New Member

    Happiness is the ultimate goal of millions of people around the world,happiness starts from accepting yourself and your life and start moving forward in order to be a better human and also to improve your situation .Happiness
    prescription includes: kindness , support , love ; and every single positive vibe since what goes aroud comes back around. In order to be happy you have to avoid comparing yourself or your life to others, wich maybe a little bit difficult nowadays where social media took over and everybody is showing only the great sides of themselves and lives , Theodore Roosevelt once said that comparison is the thief of joy, and that is so true,so in other words appreciate yourself for who you are , your life for what you are blessed with , focus on what you have not what you don't and spread positive energy , stop stressing over things you can't control , forget the past ,let go of hate and pain and revenge , enjoy ,do your best and remeber that we only have one short life ,so make it a happy one.
  15. Lyssa

    Lyssa New Member

    Happiness is a choice, we can choose to be happy and stay positive even there is a wall of negativity blocking in our way. It's our choice to let negative affects us or not. Happiness also doesn't mean that everything is perfect, it means that we made a choice to look beyond the inperfections and wrong things we commited, And live for the moments we can't put into words.

    And remember that Happiness always comes with a pain, It's like a rainbow you can't have without a rain. So enjoy and cherish things that makes you smile. Happiness is in you and that is all that matters.
  16. Arneza

    Arneza New Member

    For me you will be happy if our decisions based on God's Laws and his thinking. And this will bring great joy and abundant peace. We can enjoy life now as we make God's thaughts our own.
  17. newlife

    newlife New Member

    Happiness is something that we need to work on . A person needs to prioritize things that are important to him / her . Money cannot guarantee happiness and sometimes a person will later realize later in life that peace of mind is more important . Expressing your love to your significant someone by just saying thank you or I love you is enough to multiply ones joy everyday. Thank God every moment for the moments given to you to enjoy it with someone.
  18. ajcanlas

    ajcanlas New Member

    #Give yourself a confidence boost.

    Why would you bother increasing your happiness if you didn't think you could be successful at it? You wouldn't. That's why it's so important to build your self-efficacy — to prove to yourself that you can increase your happiness. The best way to do this is by starting with easier skills — skills like gratitude or prioritizing spending time doing fun things. Get a quick win, and you'll be more confident that you really can change your life.
  19. ajcanlas

    ajcanlas New Member

    Make positive memories.

    Every region in our brains can be strengthened through practice. If our brains are really good at remembering negative things that happen, it can be use to strength your heart and soul just remember to look always on the positive out of every moment of your life
  20. maoumaou

    maoumaou New Member

    To be happy just for once do something you like, I mean a thing which you most prefer off not with the suggestion of others, not by the decision of your parents but your own definition of happiness. At some point, it would be frustrating to not feel accomplishment on doing that but isn't rewarding that you did something you really like? Like it would give you meaningful memory and maybe when you get older it will make you really happy. Don't lose hope, happiness is easily found, it just how our definition of happiness different from the true reality.

    TANPOST Member

    To only way to be happy,is to get born again according to the Gospel of John 3:3 - so that you can receive a new heart - and learn to see life through new eyes. Changing how you view life is the key to true happiness.Most people ,don't understand why life is a lemon to them.They don't realize - that they are their own problem.
  22. dylanfaust

    dylanfaust Member

    Happiness is not a simple goal, but is about making progress, when it's as elusive as ever. Being happy often means continually finding satisfaction, contentment, a feeling of joy, and a sense that your life is meaningful during all kinds of problems — that does not depend upon finding ease or comfort.Nobody is jolly or elated all the time, but some individuals are definitely more fulfilled/fortunate than others. Some studies reveal that happiness has little to do with comfort or possessions — so what is it about? A sense of well being/happiness is good for your health, so what can we do to have that?

    TANPOST Member

    GIVE your mean ole heart to Jesus . You won't be sorry for ever making that move - for you'll wish you'd done it much sooner.
  24. ishayhra

    ishayhra New Member

    In order to attain happiness, you need to clear your mind of any negative thoughts, what others think of you should never outshine what you think of yourself. Always remember that no one will ever value you more than you value yourself. You also need to let go of anger, holding a grudge or holding onto any type of anger won’t do anything but cause resentment. Forgive those who hurt you and move on and always put God at the center of your life.
  25. Poostloop

    Poostloop New Member

    Happiness can be felt for so many reasons. It is a state of mind in which one is entitled to express according to his or her own way. When one feels the inner quality that is being attained then it is happiness. One can be happy for being healthy, secured, comfortable, successful, wealthy, protected and being loved. I think being contented or satisfied with what you have achieved can give you happiness.
  26. rikkabergado

    rikkabergado New Member

    Expect less and remove the toxic people around you.
  27. Michael07

    Michael07 Member

    Being happy is not about getting everything that we want, or being rich, or by having material things. For me, being happy is so simple. If you learn how to be content, then we will be happy. Being is happy is also learning not to expect too much and by appreciating every little thing that we have right now. Being happy is when we have lent a helping hand to the ones who are in need, showing love and care to one another, and doing good deeds in any way we can. Most of all, being happy is having a complete family and having an opportunity to live every moment of our life right now and witnessing the beauty of everything has in this world.
  28. Jenim

    Jenim New Member

    Happiness is always around us, we need to make ourselves happy even in small things, happiness is our choice we all have one life we need to treasure it there is no use to worry about anything which is happened in past, stay positive smile often enjoy doing things which you always like, travel meet new people always do what you love happiness will be always around you
  29. konerious

    konerious New Member

    Happiness is the object and design of our existence ;and will be the therefore ,if we pursue the path that leads to it and this path is virtue ,"virtue is its own reward ". he who does the work of righteous shall receive his reward ,even peace and happiness. Being greatfull is another way to be happy, by not waiting for a golden ticket to be happy but appreciating each opportunity that comes by. And never expect great things from anyone then you will never be disappointed.
    By being true to your own convictions. you know whats right, and whats wrong. You know when you are doing the proper thing ,and giving the streangth to the right cause ,which will bring happines to you.
  30. thirstythoughts

    thirstythoughts New Member

    Happiness is a choice. You decide what makes you happy because no one can dictate your happiness. You only know how to be happy because its your life. You have to know and love yourself. When you know and love yourself everything will follow.

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