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  1. gomaeez

    gomaeez New Member

    I have plenty of attempts in making my own blogsite but even customizing my own web design is too difficult for me. What more when it comes to boosting the popularity of the blogsite?
    I know some people earn money because of their blogs. I am hoping that one day I would also be that successful. Earning money from my passion. If you guys have any suggestions or experiences in blogging please feel free to join this thread. Thanks in advance!
  2. tamss

    tamss Member

    If you would not spend time looking at it, do not ship it. One of the best quality assurance rules of thumb is to avoid publishing content that you would not consume. Simple, yet so hard to execute on. My audience deserves my very best. Repeat that to yourself every single day.
  3. Ryugun46

    Ryugun46 Member

    If you want to boost your blog post, then first of all you will need to write quality content. Always remember quality is king in the blogging world. Some people will tell you quality isn't an issue as long as you have a lot of articles. I request you to not listen to them.

    Listening to these types of people will lead you in the wrong direction. People will never love you for how much you write. They will judge you by the quality of your content.

    When your boosting your blog always try to add free traffic sources like forums. Forums have great potential. You could get great traffic from Reddit if you do it right. So always remember these two tips when your boosting your blog.
  4. Gjunio

    Gjunio New Member

    As a blogger, you should always ensure that you’re creating irresistibly awesome headlines. Your headline is what gets visitors to your site and captures their interest. Some even suggest that your headline is more important than your actual post. If you have a great content piece hiding behind a shabby headline, it’ll die a quick death. Appearances are everything, and just as you wouldn’t show up to a wedding wearing your stay-home-sick clothes, you can’t rely on lackluster headlines to promote your blog posts. If you really want to drive big time traffic to your blog, keywords and SEO have to be a part of your strategy. People get really nervous these days when you suggest doing something in the name of SEO, but remember, search engine optimization is fine when done right. More than fine - it’s wonderous! You get targeted traffic from Google, and users find the information and answers they’re searching the web for.
  5. First you need to have a greate content and a theme for your blog or what kind of blog you bukding or want to give to people. Social media advertising is worth best to have popularity for your blog promote your blog in social media to reach more visitor to your blog. By SEO make it improve SEO tp your blog it will help so much to your blog. If your blog have a best SEO people easily reach or find your blog. And always update your blog so visitor will enjoy reading to your blog and ask them to subcribe in your blog so they will notify vial email when you have new post im your blog. I hole ot helps to you
  6. adadedavid85

    adadedavid85 New Member

    You can boost your blog by following some simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. You have heard and read a lot about SEO right. I'm going to share with you what I did to increase in rankings within some few weeks. First, I created a facebook fan page for my blog and I'm getting to 2000 followers now. I generated some backlinks and re-assigned some keywords into the heading of the post, the url, the subheadings and within the content.
  7. WebbyJoey

    WebbyJoey New Member

    To boost your blog's page rank, you must first boost your interest on your chosen niche, simply because without regular updates you will probably lose readership, without quality content you will hardly make someone visit your blog. they say content is the king, so focus on the content of your blog make it useful and unique and everything will follow.

    You also need to learn SEO, you don't need to be an expert on this but it will help if you have some knowledge, also try to post or share your blog entries to your social media sites such as facebook and twitter, let your friends know about your blog who knows they might love it, and they might share it to their pages and you will gain lots of views and likes. how's that? just be passionate about blogging. you will succeed someday.
  8. FaLaunt

    FaLaunt New Member

    The best thing to do is consistently post valuable information and look for other bloggers who have different content than you do. When you come across an interesting blog, make a comment and ask them to follow, comment, and share your blog and you will do the same for them.
  9. awut1234

    awut1234 New Member

    The first thing to do is to have a hosting website, If you have a budget theirs a lot of quality web hosting out their like, etc.. Second is to build a website just search on the google theirs many site to create even if you don't have a money. The third is to choose a great niche to put on the website, ok it's all done the last one you need to do is to generate money you need to have a ads on the website. So my prefer ads are Google Adsence,propeller ads, popup ads etc.. Its helps a lot they are the one that generate ads to your website space and every visitor of your site theirs a specific value that you can earn but it depends on the counrty either high or low value. ok ok its very complicated, how will i get started and to attract lots of visitor?. The answer is SEO search engine optimization, its that process to generate visitor , theirs alot of techniques and tips to successfully boosted your visitor, It could be organic and paid just search it. and the traditional is social media like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc....
  10. holmes tagart

    holmes tagart New Member

    To drive blog traffic, you need to go to where your flock hangs out. Know where to find your bird of a feather. Understanding your audience is also key for building strong referral links from relevant websites. Use Google Analytics to see which websites are driving the most referral traffic.

    Tell people in your social networks about your new post and Make your content visible to search engines.
    It’s easy to get frustrated and just give up on blogging, but once you experience the benefits, you'll understand that your blog can have a tremendous impact on your business by attracting traffic to your site, helping you build a social media audience and making an impression on prospects and clients alike.
  11. shondram

    shondram New Member

    There are a few ways to drive traffic to your website. I had a hard time with this when I started my blog. I just such the web looking for information about driving traffic to your blog. The tips I came across the most was Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook. The one that really helped me the most was Pinterest. Everyone is on Pinterest it really helped me when it came to traffic on my blog, and great content will keep your readers coming back. I hope this helps best of luck to you!
  12. holybunny

    holybunny New Member

    To improve pagerank follow these steps:

    * Content is the king of all blog and websites.Hence be sure with what you post.Do not mislead your followers.Be clear and give precise explanation.

    * Include keywords/topics that is popularly searched should be related to what you are posting

    * Create a sitemap

    * Take proper SEO and other marketing measures

    * Submit in search engines and directories.

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  13. wilfredorv31

    wilfredorv31 New Member

    Find the niche of your blog, search forums, pages on social networks, other blogs, related to the niche that you identify, advertise your blog in those niches, and remember to have in your blog something that generates some kind of benefit to those who visit and something that motivates them to visit again.

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