how to control your temper?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nicolelozoryaga, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. nicolelozoryaga

    nicolelozoryaga New Member

    Someone is really pissing me off and i don't want to hurt that person. So, what to do?
  2. calebkaylix

    calebkaylix New Member

    Temper do display itself differently in different people. I think temper do depend on one's background and infantry upbringing. Temper is a disease and is hard to tame. Many a times we get short tempered in different scenarios. The best way to deal with temper is to flee when there is a possibility of loosing your temper.
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  3. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    Try counting 1 to 10. It helps in controlling your temper. Chill.
  4. vlmrspns

    vlmrspns New Member

    I can control my temper by simply thinking if these things are worth my time, energy and money. With that I'll contemplate what matters most, I need to compose myself in order to think properly. Once I know that it's not worth any of my precious above mentioned matters then I will not argue with it. And if it affects me and those above mentioned matters then I'll give you what you deserve.
  5. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    I control my temper by counting numbers from 1 up to the number that I feel relieved. I also do the inhale and exhale process to lessen the burden that I feel inside then close my eyes to pray and asked for guidance. I make sure also to take a look on all the positive things that I have. When temper hits me I told my friends about it and I'm so grateful they listen and tried to make me laugh and forget about it. My family is always my company through good and bad side of me, they are the best person to talk to. I prefer to walk out than to talk a lot when my temper hits me, because I know that bad words came out from out mouth once we're not in the mood. Words are so powerful to destroy once emotion and relationship, so that is why I prefer to shut my mouth when I'm angry and I just pray.
  6. Shawty05

    Shawty05 New Member

    Divert your emotions into another placement of ideas.
  7. justyhet

    justyhet New Member

    I usually close my eyes, take a deep breath then do the inhale and exhale process. It's very helpful for me and by doing that I can feel that my temper slowly subside. When I feel that I started to calm down I pray for enlightenment, as they said do not talk too much when you're angry so I prefer to keep quite and pray. One way also that I did to control my temper is counting numbers from 1 up to 10 then back to one again until I feel relieve. Sometimes I used to eat a lot in order to divert my attention to other things. Eating delicious food makes me happy, so it's also a good stress reliever and good way to control my temper.
  8. ultimateuser

    ultimateuser New Member

    All says various things to control their temper but for me the best way to do that is by listening some soulful or romantic songs which heels my heart gives my mind peace and make me calm.
  9. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    If he/she is someone clise to you (a friend, for example). Think of the reason why you are losing your tempre to that person. And then weight things. Is she/he usually do those kind of things to you? What have you done regarding ti the issue? Listen, analyze things and try not to be too biased.

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