How to create a good website?

Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by Voadthanaa, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Voadthanaa

    Voadthanaa New Member

    This might seem obvious but your website reflects your talents. Show off what you know and what you can do on your own website. You will have more potential clients if your website has the latest features.

    Make sure you stand out in the crowd. There are many website builders out there. Be sure to choose one that suits your needs. Look at your competition websites and make yours even better.
  2. marloarpo

    marloarpo New Member

    It will depends on your expertise. Based of my experience creating a website is not just an expert of programming. Some developer knows how to create a website but they don't know how to put some flowers like professionals. You have to be a graphic artist, it is one of fundamental structure of a web developer to highlights the subject that compose of pictures and logos. You don't have to be an expert but learn the basic and make it simple. Simplicity is beauty.

    There are templates where you can find cool in the internet and make a little retouch to become authentic. Make it simple that will affect the eyes of the audiences or use 2-3 colors. The more important is show the context.
  3. jeda30

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    Creating a website was not easy as what people have imagined before. As days go by there are different tools can be used that makes us easier to create website. You can use google or the G Suite and, is free to use and you can personalize your own website because it has lots of themes to choose from. Also in google, try to search step-by-step guide of creating site and there are lots of result will show up. Follow the guide and make your site a unique one.
  4. bads05

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    I thinks the website, aside from its interface the website should be responsive to user needs and friendly... it be organized, every important details should be indicate to its about portion.
  5. Rexway4

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    It's depend on the type of website that you want to create, there are some free website which you can create using what you see is what you get(wysiwg) this is the most simple form of website.
    If you need a website for organization and establishment this website is not always so simple, its require an additional skills and this knowledge need to be aquire from professional web-developers .
    It's involve puting some html code in to work or if you cant do it your own then seek for the help of professional.
    Your website is the first thing your client should look at first before any service you offer in the website can be trusted

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