How to fight against Depression?

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    Depression is a global mental disease that takes away a lot of lives.
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    Try the following:
    1. Give yourself time to heal.
    2. Focus your energies on more productive activities.
    3. Surround yourself with positive people.
    4. Come to terms with the cause of your depression.
    5. Don't be ashamed to get help if need be.
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  3. 1. Start making your own happiness a priority
    2. Start spending time with the right people.
    3. Start being honest and kind with yourself
    4. Start being proud of yourself.
    5. Start valuing the lessons your mistakes teach you.
    6. Start forgiving yourself and others.
    7. Start enjoying the things you already have
  4. 1. Start making your own happiness a priority
    2. Start spending time with the right people.
    3. Start being honest and kind with yourself
    4. Start being proud of yourself.
    5. Start valuing the lessons your mistakes teach you.
    6. Start forgiving yourself and others.
    7. Start enjoying the things you already have
  5. TonyDaniels

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    1. Do things that makes you happy such as watching funny videos, movies, and inspirational.
    2. Talk to your close friend, best friend, family, and relative.
    3. Take yourself a walk.
    4. Cry pouring out your sadness could makes you light.
    5. Do things that makes you happy.
  6. kerrwheil

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    I could never really presume to tell you what EXACTLY to do. This is because I myself used to struggle with depression and has never really "solved" it. I think it kinda settled down for now.
    However, I have some advice.
    I know you might not want to talk to your friends, you may feel like sht right now and think you aren't deserving. But I'd advice you to talk to someone, anyone about what you're feeling right now. This might seem small, but having someone to talk to, not feeling like you're alone in this world is a really big help.
  7. cozhart

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    I don't think that one person can say how to deal with it because everyone has a different take in depression. However this is probably my way of dealing with it and if you feel like you should do my way, just please take note that it wasn't all that easy and I still struggle with it sometimes but right now I'm finally better at handling depression and anxiety than before.
    At first, I didn't know that it was depression. I was just sad and I often get panic attacks. I then resorted to cutting and it became an addiction so when my friends and family found out I was isolated more because I couldn't talk about it and they restrained me from my addiction. However, that time, I resorted to online gaming addiction to cope up with it.
    As time go on, it really helped me sort out some of the stuff. Video games kind of helped me escape from this void of sadness and it just fit me well. When I started to feel a lot better, I consulted with myself often with the questions "Did I do something wrong?", " Is this really what I want?", "How can I do better for myself and for others?". It was just a daily dose of help-yourself-to-stand-up-to-your-anxiety kind of thing and it became a daily routine.
    Those thoughts that I had back when I had depression like about self-hate just became a motivation for me to do a better version of myself. Don't ever think of yourself as meaningless because you have a purpose and if someone else tells you otherwise they are wrong. Someone out there will help if you just say it. You are not alone (for me those people were the ones who stick with me through the 2000 hour gameplay). Love yourself if nobody can't love you because that way, you will let other people love you the same way you love yourself :)
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  8. Mia09

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    Thank you for the kind advice. This will give me ease to release the burden within me.
  9. Mia09

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    Isolation is one of the sign of depression. We tend to Isolate ourselves, keeping everything for ourselves thinking that, we might be just a burden to others if we open up about our struggles. It takes a lot of guts to open up.But if we try to little by little giving others a chance to take part of our pain that is when we realize that is not bad to have a company in times of sadness.
  10. emax2000

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    Depression can be a really bad thing on a persons life. I feel the best way to fight this is by interacting with people more often, doing something that makes you feel uplifted.
  11. Pauaprint77

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    I have brushed shoulders with depression both with myself and also recently watching a friend go through it.

    My advice is to try and be as active as you can. Keep your mind occupied and don't oversleep. If you are having trouble sleeping at night try some natural ways of sleeping like hot milk and honey before bed or herbal sleep drops or something, but don't stay in bed till lunchtime.

    Get up early, go for a walk or do some type of exercise. Make a plan and just try to stay busy. Learn a free course online, take up a hobby, put the headphones on and get lost in your choice of music, anything to keep your mind working on something else.
    Eat good food, force yourself to do things and stay busy is advice that worked for me once.

    I also found good support from my doctor and when depression gets too heavy for you to cope with on your own then you need to reach out and let the professionals help.
    Just remember that you have the strength inside you and you will overcome this and you will be a stronger person inside when you do.
  12. Peachywriter

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    As a person myself struggling with depression, I can give you the following advice.

    1. Keep busy

    I say this because I feel one of the worst times with depression is when you are sitting idle on your chair or couch and you start thinking about all the things that are troubling you or when the "bad thoughts" as I call them happen, it will make you feel a lot worse. You could've had a good day, but that can be trampled with all those idle bad thoughts that can just pop into your head. Staying productive and busy helps you focus on other things and by the end of the day, you can say "yeah, I got a lot done today!" and it can provide you a personal encouragement that you did good.

    2. Find/Do your favorite hobby

    Whether your hobby be reading, writing, gaming, hiking, etc, doing the things you love can help. One of the things many of suffer through is doing something we hate or strongly dislike. Most of the time, this can not be avoided with jobs and other personal situations. Personally, I find reading and writing helps me focus on something else and I feel a sense of relief when I do something I enjoy. It encourages better feelings overall. If you happen to not have a particular hobby, then perhaps you can experiment with different things. If one thing such as hiking is not a good fit for you, then try something else. Always be open minded and find something that matches what you like. Don't force yourself into a particular activity that makes you feel forced such as a friend or family member wanting you to remain in. You have to enjoy whatever the hobby is.

    3. Support Network

    I find this may be the hardest out of all of them. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who do not have a strong support network. This can be for a variety of reasons, but it is a factor. When you have depression, talking about what you feel and working through those bad thoughts can help you logically go through them and find a better thought process. If family members or friends are not an option, there are support groups (on social media or in person), therapists, and doctors who can help you find the right solution for you.


    There is no cure for depression. It is a constant battle that many are facing every day. Even with the above advice, it is not a definite "cure all" so to speak. What I believe is that we must always take steps to a healthier life for each of us. We will have our bad days and good days, but the goal is to have more and more good days than we do bad.
  13. amylsolis

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    Depression can be difficult to manage. Not wanting to get up in the morning, having no motivation to do well in school or at work, and having poor hygiene because there’s nothing less than you’d rather do than take a shower. All of this can create a horrible atmosphere at home/work/school and cause you to become even more unmotivated and ultimately fall into a rut. But it’s okay. This happens. You need to realize that your feelings are real. That the reasons you don’t feel okay, are valid. That you can feel how you feel, and no one should make you feel poorly for it. But at the same time, you need to understand, that there is no reason to feel like that forever. That there is help, if you only ask for it. That you can get better, and feel better, and be successful at anything you set your mind to. There is nothing more powerful than your mind. And when your mind finally decides to fight alongside you, with the help of medication (if necessary) or a therapist, excessive, healthy eating, and a lot of support from your family and friends, you will be unbeatable. You just have to believe in the reality that there will come a day where you will feel content. And you will be able to go about life in that manner. I know it’s true, because I have succeeded.
  14. vgeomeljohn

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    Here's one of my favorite quote for all time.
    “No one will come and save you. No one will come riding on a white horse and take all your worries away. You have to save yourself, little by little, day by day. Build yourself a home. Nurture your body. Find something to work on. Something that makes you excited, something you want to learn. Get yourself some books and learn them by heart. Get to know the author, where he grew up, what books he read himself. Take yourself out for dinner. Dress up for no one but you and simply feel nice. It’s a lovely feeling, to feel pretty. You don’t need anyone to confirm it. I get so goddamn lonely and sad and filled with regrets some days, but I’m learning to breathe deep through it and keep walking. I’m learning to make things nice for myself. Slowly building myself a home with things I like. Colours that calm me down, a plan to follow when things turn dark. A few people I try to treat right, even though I don’t sometimes, but it’s my intention to do so. I’m learning. I’m learning to make things nice for myself. I’m learning to save myself. I’m trying, as I always will.”
    - Charlotte Eriksson (Swedish author, songwriter and singer), Everything Changed When I Forgave Myself (2018)

    I too went to depression, It truly is very difficult, but the most difficult part of it all is because other people seems to just ignore your illness. But I will tell you this. Please never give up, try as hard as you can to love yourself, because if you will finally love yourself, you will start treating yourself better, and when you treat yourself better, I promise you it will feel good.
  15. ChiiChobitx

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    Base on my experience when I was around 20-25 years of age I have depression. I have commited suicide 2 times, my friends eager to help me so I didn't succeed. I feel a lot of pain in my heart that time. My mind is not clear my heart is full of doubt and sadness. I over come that when I have moved to another city and start all over again with the help of my friends. They encourage me to go church pray to God ask help and he will guide you until you recover.
    With Gods help I have overcome my sadness.
    So im very thankful that he stays at my side, didn't giveup on me including my friends.
    So its a lesson to others that we should not take problems seriously. We should be happy every single day.
    To live is to enjoy live. With God on our side.
    You will be blessed.
  16. Sammij18

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    While I definitely believe it can be a chemical imbalance, sometimes we get int the habit of negative thinking and it just sort of takes over. I found that journaling, writing a list of everything I'm grateful for and going outside help me immensely. Exercise of course is helpful, and also talking it out with friends. It helps to sort of forget that you feel depressed and just do things that bring joy. Then the habit of negative thinking and feeling will be replaced with joyful feelings. And you will be more prone to positive thinking as well.
  17. jazzmarie

    jazzmarie New Member

    Find some activities that will sway you off in thinking about how you feel. Find things that can make you happy.
  18. elliethegypsy

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    I suffered from mild depression before which absolutely changed my entire life. At first, I can't admit to myself that I am depressed until I no longer have enough energy to wake up in the morning even if I just open my eyes from sleep. I loss my appetite and my sleep wasn't as peaceful than before. I pitied myself for losing so much weight. I started to separate myself from my friends.

    Here are the things that helped me get recovered from depression:
    1. Ask help from your family.
    2. Look for things that can make you happy and avoid overthinking things.
    3. Forget about your regrets and stop thinking what ifs.
    4. Admit to yourself that you need help.
    5. Strengthen your faith and ask for His help for you to overcome what you're going through right now.
    6. Focus on yourself and nothing else.
    7. Exercising helps me a lot to divert myself from thinking so much.
    8. Don't compare yourself to others because we all have differences and no one is perfect.
    9. Keep in mind that all of us deserve all the best in the world.
    10. Only think happy thoughts and surround yourself with people who will help you surpass depression.
  19. rohayemrr99

    rohayemrr99 New Member

    To overcome depression we have to change everything around us , first we don't know that we have depression only when someone notice our reacting to daily life or highly aroused person feeling person . my wife was depressed but she didn't know i noticed her activity it was depressed i know symptoms from my study i told her that she is suffering from depression so i did i told her to :
    1- put all phone and social media away .
    2- stop over thinking .
    3- eat a lot of fruits and vegetables .
    4- breathing exercise like yoga breathing
    5- be funny laugh only stop sad news anywhere .
    6- work out or yoga exercise .
  20. evequicho

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    How to get over depression? You cannot do it by yourself. You need someone that can help you get through. But, one thing is sure, to be able to cope with problems, you must lean on your strengths than your weaknesses...on your good deeds than wrong ones... and on right choices than mistakes. Remember, things happen for a reason. Have faith in God.
  21. devincci

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    Fighting against depression needed somebody to help you heal, you must always have faith in God and also you must learn to stop overthinking. Try to engage in some work or activities that will help you prevent from thinking things that will lead depression. You must always pray to God and seek for his help, and you will see how God will help you in dealing with the things in your mind.
  22. raziel3105

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    I have a book that can help you : THE NOONDAY DEMON: AN ATLAS OF DEPRESSION - ANDREW SOLOMON. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for years and this book really helped me realize that I'm not alone. This book also shows how even someone with severe anxiety and depression have found ways to push on. It would also be a great book for family and friends of someone suffering from anxiety/depression as it accurately and emotionally explains what people with anxiety/depression sometimes go through. I have yet to have any of my loved ones read it yet but I can imagine it would be very eye opening to them. This might not be the best book to read during a particularly difficult time because the author describes in great detail some of his darkest moments and that may be a trigger for some people.
  23. Kurty

    Kurty New Member

    Leave everything to time, as only time will be able to erase those complicated situations. We should keep in mind that those troubles are only for a moment and we must find the motivation to move forward.
  24. pintado2001

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    It is the same with me. I accepted to live with it. I appreciated together with being alive day by day. It helps if you believe in God. Bring out the hope in you that tomorrow will be a better day and today is just another kind of an adventure.
  25. terryse2019

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    There are several scientifically proven ways published in medical literature to counter depression. On top of the list is vigorous exercise including proper and efficient breathing . If you can breathe more air into your lungs, it means more oxygen is absorbed with each breath. Studies have shown that improving the quality of your breathing and absorbing more oxygen can give you more confidence and calmness.
  26. kapta

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    There are a range of ways to deal with depression, and often they are best used in conjunction with each other. The primary medical options are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), antidepressant medication, and in some severe cases, Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). Education and coping strategies are also important when learning to manage your depression.
  27. jeszai

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    Health Professionals are more knowledgeable in dealing with this kind of mental illness. But in my opinion, to lessen the chance of having people suffer from depression is that we should be responsible to the people around us. We only need to have a few minute of our time to check once in awhile our friends, families or colleagues. Who knows, sparing a single time is the only time needed by the person who is in deep sadness.
  28. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    i used to listening music ,playing games and making good talk with others when i was first fall in depression
  29. Psalmpaul05

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    Depression can take a lot of lives here in our city here in iloilo Ph depression has taken almost 50 lives in 3 months. Even me has been a victim. I have suffered Anxiety and depression n fight for it for almost a year and thank God I surpassed it now I'm getting well. Let me share how I did it.
    1.I always Pray(Nothing more powerful)
    2.Enjoy what you love to do. (Me I did cooking n do makeup)
    3.Never be afraid or ashamed that u are suffering depression try to reach out and talk with family and friends. Good Talks can help
    4.If it getting worse try to get help with Doctors.
    5.Do a little breathing exercise and a little walks with your partner and Kids
  30. ItsMazohra

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    I cant fight my depression fighting it will make it worst! So i just Grab my phone, its either I am listening a Music or watching any movies and dramas. But, i oftenly just think and think until i Pasted out

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