How to fight against Depression?

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    Most people dont know when someone is suicidal. They play it off very well. So how are you supposed to reach out to someone who is suicidal if you have NO idea they are? If you do know, then yes, of course reach out, but otherwise what are you supposed to do? It's the main thing people say after someone takes their own life "I wish I had known something was wrong." People are not mind readers and body language can only tell you so much, but that also depends on the person and how they present themself. We can't expect someone to ask every single person if they're ok, just to make sure they arent suicidal and even if you did, guarantee they would lie and say everything is fine. How do I know? because I was that person. Did I attempt? No. Did I think about it? Yes. Did anyone notice? Only my mom and only because she knows me better than anyone. Even then she only thought I was in a slump. So no, it's not on just the families and friends to reach out. It's on the victim to reach out too because not everyone is gonna be able to tell. Just how it is. Reach out, get help. Youd be amazed how many people care and want to help. Even complete strangers. It's why the suicide hotline was created. Because complete strangers recognize how important your life is and even if they dont know you, they care and want to help.
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    How do you fight depression? That is the biggest question mark in our life. You will never get an answer if you don't know anything right? You can just tell a person just to this or do that if you don't how he/she feel. If you wanna know the answer to this question you need to pass it all by yourself. When I was depressed I became an alcoholic that is the only way I know to get through it. but then I got through with depression with the help of my friends. which I met at the bar by the way. In the end you will need help from others.
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    There are different books in addition articles which talks about the management of Depression. However, the person must accept the reality that he or she has a condition as the first step to healing. The second move is to seek help to a qualified counselor or a psychiatrist. The family members and friends must provide the moral support but not stigmatization.
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    Hello everyone Gigi here from London. For me, the initial step to make is to keep company and involve the person to do outside activity and socialization with others. The goal of this sort of treatment is to break the cycle of depression and increase interest in exercises and, along these lines, expanding the odds of encountering joy and achievement.
    A study on depression has found out how pets can bring alleviation from this illness.
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    common. It affects millions of people, including some in your life. You may not realize they face similar challenges, emotions, and obstacles.

    Every day with this disorder is different. It’s important to take your mental health seriously and accept that where you are right now isn’t where you’ll always be.
    The key to self-treatment for depression is to be open, accepting, and loving toward yourself and what you’re going through.

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    ultimately unhealthy.

    If you’re having a down day, have it. Let yourself feel the emotions — but don’t stay there.

    Consider writing or journaling about what you’re experiencing. Then, when the feelings lift, write about that, too.

    Seeing the ebb and flow of depressive symptoms can be instructive for both self-healing and hope.
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    Firstly, I try to keep myself occupied while I am awake to ensure that my mind does not stray away thinking too much, which in turn leads to worries and depression. As the saying goes, an idle mind is a devil's workshop. Medication has also helped me during acute phases of depression. The medicines work by reducing the mental activity and signals from the brain. Attending Occupational Therapy in a treatment center had helped me to reduce my depression levels.
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    Depression is common. It affects million of people, including some in your life. You may not realize they face similar challenges, emotions, and obstacles.

    The key to self-treatment for depression is to be open, accepting and loving toward yourself and what you're going though.
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    Everyone goes through “ups” and “downs” in life .But when the “downs” outweigh the “ups” for more than few weeks , it becomes problematic and affects our day-to-day activities . It is easier to say that life is like heartbeat , which needs to go up and down for living , but when we really encounter with problems we do not remember these theories . As a result , many of us becomes victim of depression .

    how to deal with depression.

    Most of students are seen to be depressed because of their poor performance in examination or because their parents were not happy with their grades . Some because they can not perform well in their field or career ,or some because they can not fulfill their dream .

    In every human being , there is a tremendous love need , when that need goes unfulfilled , depression seems to be the escape hatch people use to cope with it . Such depression begins early for the unwanted child who fears rejection by his parents ; it occurs in the adolescent who feels rejected by his peer group.

    How to overcome depression

    Depression can come to anybody and everyone has different reasons , that’s not the problem , the real matter of concern is how we come out of it , how we face it.

    Often when we feel depressed , we isolate ourselves, not willing to talk to anyone .If we’re feeling down , we should force ourself to reach out to others. When depression knocks on our door , it’s easy to want to pull up the covers and hide in bed all day. That’s the worst thing one can do . Mild to moderate exercise is one of the best remedies available for fighting the blues . Be sure to eat a balanced , low-fat, high fiber diet . Also avoid caffeine and chocolate . It can interfere with sleep and insomnia has been linked to depression . Get a balanced sleep , oversleeping is also not good for health .

    There’s something powerful about writing down what one feels . It gives us an outlet for our emotions and helps us to access our fears and feelings quickly.

    Trying stress reducing techniques like meditation , prayer , yoga , deep “belly” breathing can also help in relaxing.

    While mild-to-mild depression can often be helped with some home remedies , but if depression lasts for several weeks ,or if person start having suicidal thoughts or fantasies , don’t be afraid to take professional help.

    Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it .So depression can be a way for someone , to become more strong , more mature or more enthusiastic and optimistic . As we know , “stars do not shine until it’s dark.
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    Fighting Depression is Fighting Against Your self! every person went through things, theres always this happy and sadness. But, as a person we must be contented of what we have.
    I think depression comes to person when you want more ame more and you are not contented.
    Be Contented and always have faith in GOD. EVEEYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!
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    Many people suffered in depression and maybe one of them is our love one's. What we can do is support them, always talk to them be a shoulder to cry on or one they can lean on, understand them and always being there will help them to cope up depression. Encourage them to any activities or sports like jogging, watching movies in cinema theater, fishing, kayaking, badminton and more, don't let them feel they're alone.
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    As someone who is currently suffering from it, I do think surrounding yourself with the right type of people can vastly improve things. But its still on a case to case basis. You definitely don't need people who will judge you and guilt you into thinking that other people have it worse. Hydrating and eating healthy can also help. Also I have read of the thing that Japanese have done, forest baths. You take a stroll through a forest and your brain would reduce stress hormone production, improve feelings of happiness and free up creativity. I personally have tried forest bathing and its good to clear up your mind once in a while. We all know how living in a concrete jungle can affect our mentality as human beings. Also, having a very supportive friend that you know you can always turn to even when things get bad for you. Let the person know they're not a burden and that they are not alone. Prescription medication and Professional help can also be one of the options.
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    Don't commit suicide. Just enjoy your self. I loved to help people who suffer in depression because, I already encounter that situation. More things to do to set your self free from depression. Example: eat some delicious food, having a daily exercise, some hobby that will make you happy and most of all just pray.
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    Depression is a very rampant topic nowadays. However, it is important to know very important points about it. Depression is a kind of mood disorder. It is a unipolar mood disorder —it means that when you have depression, you have a constant and reoccurring depressive episodes and it revolves on sadness, feeling of worthlessness and such. With this being sad, it is important to realize that people with this disorder didn’t intend to stay being depressed. It is uncontrollable and can even be predisposed by alot of causal factors. We can’t just tell our depressed brethen to to feel better, we cant just tell them that they should be happy. Because they did not choose to feel that way. What we can do is stay beside them, understand that they wont be okay as soon as we hope they would. We need to listen to them, and inspire them. There are also medications that are given to people with this disorder. They are usually antidepressants. Psychological treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, and family therapy is normal prescribed. If you are depressed, don’t be afraid to seek help from your friends, family, and even from professionals. It is okay. It is normal, and you will be better.
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    It is very hard for someone who is experiencing depression to share what he's feeling. I think the best thing to do is talk to someone who is professional because I strongly believe that they're the one who is very reliable and who could understand the one who's experiencing it. Sometimes even the closest family or friends they tend to be an addition to someones depression. Though you open about it they will never understand your feeling, your situation unless they are in the same exact situation as yours.
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    I have been struggling with Bipolar Mood Disorder for 25 years, and a great part of Bipolar is experiencing periods of depression. There are a few things that helps you deal wit surviving those periods of depression.
    First and foremost: You need to have a great support system. You need to have people you can talk to in times like that. If your family is not available or they might not understand depression, you need to trust some friends with the details. Or alternatively, you need to speak to a professional. Of course, having a professional counsellor or doctor is prize number one, but I do realize that not every one is privy to that.
    Secondly: You have to stick to your routine. It is very easy to feel like you cannot even get out of bed, but by doing so and keeping yourself busy, you might just start feeling better.
    Thirdly: You need to remind yourself constantly that this feeling WILL go away eventually. No matter how bad you feel right now, tomorrow (or the next day) the sun will shine again. It ALWAYS gets better, no matter what your brain tells you in that moment.
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    1. Go to the gym - It is an effective way to boost your dopamine levels decreasing your stress hormones and make you feel relaxed.
    2. Let go of the past - having regrets in life is useless because It already happened and there is no way to take it back.
    3. Stop comparing yourself to others - Do not compare someone's last step to your first step.
    4. Read books - reading can seriously damage your ignorance, they can take anything from you but they will never get your knowledge.
    5. Meditate - meditating can help you to be calm in every way and be more control to yourself.
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    Family and friends are often the first line of defense in the fight against depression. That’s why it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of depression. You may notice the problem in a depressed loved one before they do, and your influence and concern can motivate them to seek help. If you don’t know where to start, the following suggestions may help. But remember that being a compassionate listener is much more important than giving advice. You don’t have to try to “fix” the person; you just have to be a good listener. Often, the simple act of talking to someone face to face can be an enormous help to someone suffering from depression. Encourage the depressed person to talk about their feelings, and be willing to listen without judgment
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    Fighting depression is......

    Number one thing is....

    Give yourself to God

    Don't be so self pity.
    share your problems to your family or your closest friends.
    Unwind going out with your friends or family bonding.

    do think too much depression can kills anyone of us when you give up on struggle or trials in your life.

    We only have to do is Pray cry all your worries, pains in God.
    We will never regret on him just trust on him he will guide us whenever we are.

    GOD is good all the time
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    Depression won't go away if you're thinking about yourself and your depression all the time. Try thinking about someone else, do something good for someone else. Giving has proven to make people happier, it is a key element to spiritual happiness and contentment. Be good to yourself and to others, always think things through and assess every thought when trying to conquer depression - doing the right thing is how you get out of difficult times, as well as giving yourself time to heal from any wounds and problems. If you're still having trouble and feel like you need help, try seeking professional help, they can help you more than anyone else can.
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    This is a well-known subject for me since I have been suffering from chronic depression for years now, my personal experience with it is nothing special since I do not let my dark thoughts and depression in general affect me, I just fight and keep going without looking back much.

    Point is, if you are strong enough psychologically, then there are not many things out there that can break you, because you won't let anything break you, that's the way I see things at least. Suffering from depression does not make me lose my sense and logical reasoning, I can either A) Cry in a corner or B) Fight, I always choose option B and so far it has worked for me.

    The way I "fight" it is by simply ignoring it and not letting it affect me one bit.
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    Depression is a major "disease affecting the world population in today's world, the best way to fight it, I believe is to find a hobby that takes your mind off, medication also help,but I recommend against this due to addiction.
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    What most people don't understand about depression is that it is a legitimate medical disorder with an objective criteria used for diagnosis.

    The best solution for "fighting depression" is first admitting to yourself that you are not ok, and seek professional help. Real depression isn't something you can just say "Just think of happy thoughts" and other advice like that. It is something that needs medical attention, just like any other disease/disorder we could have.

    SARSUNI New Member

    Major depressive disorder is one of the most common and debilitating mental disorders worldwide. Symptoms include feelings of hopelessness, diminished interest in daily activities, and fatigue. Limited understanding of the brain changes associated with MDD hinders the effectiveness of treatments. "To develop new, more effective treatments, we must improve our understanding of the disorder."
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    Not everyone is aware of this. In a world clothed with struggles, tears and heartaches, we must raise tough soldiers. But not until we recognize those who need our help, who will be our subject? Social awareness on depression must be at hand in due time. Humanity must focus on the most fundamental factor of all creations---the human life. We've been too preoccupied by technology and all other factors which lacks intimate contact. Connections from one another has become from one social media post to another. These people who cry themselves to sleep instead of sharing to one person a struggle is sharing it to the world who wouln't understand it rightaway unlike if there is real connection in between two. Let us help these people not just the affected but also the ones who MIGHT affect someone's life to take one step to change one person's life. One person at a time. It's now time to reach out. They won't understand us by just telling them how to do it. We must be there for them, guiding them. We must raise tough soldiers and the toughest are the ones who choose to be.
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    In today’s world, depression seems to affect too many people. However, it reminds us that as children, joy was our natural state.

    It happens all around us that as we grow older, depression becomes a natural emotion within all of us, and takes a toll on human beings. Once we declare that depression is a natural process, there is no way out. When you were a child, being joyful was natural to you, not being depressed. So do not declare that depression is natural. Depression means we are unable to maintain the exuberance of life in you. It happens even in our body. If you are depressed, even the physical body flops. Life within us is not exuberant – it has just gone down and lost its exuberance (energy) because you are not doing the right thing with it. You are imposing too much outside nonsense upon the inside. You have not done anything to keep your life energies high.

    Depression is a kind of agony. If we have become agony and not ecstasy, it is because a large part of our life energy is happening compulsively, not consciously. It is happening as a reaction to external situations. Once it is happening compulsively, becoming depressed is very normal, because external situations are never hundred percent in our control. There are so many things happening in the world; if we compulsively react, getting lost and becoming miserable is natural. The more exposed we are to life, the more miserable we will become.

    Fixing the Inside
    People can cause depression in their mood in so many ways. If we take away what they think is precious, we become depressed. The tragedy with a lot of people, especially in affluent societies, is that we have everything and yet we have nothing. Depression means somewhere, a certain hopelessness has set in. If you go to some very poor village in India, we are really impoverished, but we will see joyful faces because they have hope – it is going to be better tomorrow. In affluent societies that hope is gone. Depression has set in because everything that can be used externally has been fixed. There is food, there is housing, there is clothing, there is everything, but still there is something wrong. They just do not know what.

    A poor man may think, “Tomorrow, if I get a new pair of footwear, everything will be fine.” If he gets a new pair of footwear, he will walk like a king with great joy on his face because he has hope; the outside is not yet fixed. In affluent societies, the outside is fixed, but the inside is not fixed, so there is hopelessness and depression.

    As we work on the outside, we must also fix the inside. Then the world would be beautiful. What we call as a spiritual process is just this – not just fixing the objective aspect of your life but taking care of the subjectivity of who we are. If that is not taken care of, we will have everything, and we will have nothing.

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