How to find quality forum posters for my forums?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Tommyhara, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Tommyhara

    Tommyhara New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I needed some forum posters to write content for my forums and I tried some sites but no luck, I can not find a few good writers for my forums.

    Can you share me your experience on how to find a good forum posters for my forums? where are the best place to find some quality writers?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. olaryeankarh

    olaryeankarh New Member

    The first question to ask is:

    "Is there an incentive tied to your offer"?

    Sure you'd see a ton of 'writers' from the least capable to the very best ones. However, in order to 'find' and retain the good ones, there has to be an incentive to keep these guys coming and staying. Here's what I in few points:

    • Engagement: Your forum has to offer me some form of engagement before I can even think of posting content. If I look around and see a dead area then your guess is as good as mine. I'm leaving!
    • Fun! Fun! Fun!: Of course this is closely related to the first point above. I need to stress it however....
      Where there's fun, there's life. That's the internet for you. Jokes, quizzes, trivia and all. You know, these things make the internet even sweeter.
    • Return Value: It's okay if I dish out content for your forum but then, is there a marketplace where I can sell my old stuff? Is there an available board to rant? Is there a hookup board? These are just examples of possible value-giving incentives your forum can offer writers.
    Those are the few incentives I could pull from my brain rack right now. I also want to add a few tips that would help attract good writers.

    #1 - Keep registration simple
    #2 - Once in a while, do giveaways. As much as you can handle
    #3 - Have a friendly site design
    #4 - Tolerate zero spamming so as to tidy up the forum environment
    #5 - Keep on doing a great job. Hard work pays :)

    Lastly, keep in mind that most writers would be on your forum with this mindset:
    "If I write for your forum, of what benefit would it be to me?"

  3. Bellarod

    Bellarod New Member

    Whet it comes to finding quality forum posters for your forums, I'm pleased to inform you that you've come to the best arena of high quality forum posters. These are forum posters that work with passion and are always ready to make unique posts to your forums. Be rest assured that you can't get better forum posters elsewhere than here.

    Postloop is the answer to all of your needs and aspirations as far as getting quality forum posters is concerned. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Try Postloop out and confirm it yourself.
  4. raddpojk

    raddpojk New Member

    One thing you could try Tommy is to write a Little bit yourself on the forums. I Think in forums people usually respond more if the people who own or operate the site stay active on the forums.

    Or you could try to offer some kind of competition for everyone who stays Active on the forums.

    One reason people write on forums is to find jobs, so if you can have a section about possible job openings, it might draw some people too.
  5. Rachel2017

    Rachel2017 New Member

    As part of the steps to become a successful forum owner, getting quality forum posters is crucial. While starting out as a forum owner, you need series of traffic driving strategies to build up your forum. These strategies include hiring writers with a wide range of skills and experience in writing. In order to make your forum visible to the target audience, a genuine platform must be set up for writers and writing compensation must be commensurate. Such a forum must be run on a rating system to check against spamming. The implication is that some writers are better rated than others based on a measurable standard. This ensures and guarantees high writing quality from posters.
  6. Ricky Steele

    Ricky Steele New Member

    All these answers are solid answers and if you want to seperate the average from the creative, humorous, and knowledgeable writers then you have to provide compensation and an inviting platform. You can base compensation on the quality of content being written. This way you don't have to deal with assholes who think since they've had good success freelancing then they feel entitled to a certain compensation. Just like the NFL, you dont consistently show up with your A game then you don't play.
  7. potentialwriter

    potentialwriter New Member

    You can get thousands of quality forum posters from online advertising platforms. Advertising your newly launched forums will definitely yield great results in no time with Facebook Ads, Google Advertisements and other related platforms. Facebook is a giant social networking site with millions of users from all countries of the world. Facebook blasts your forum advertisement to hundreds of its users across the world with just a dime. You need a free Gmail account to sign up for Google advertisements. You create an online campaign for your forum at a budgeted price and results start coming in minutes. You can choose up to 50 targeted and related keywords for each of the campaigns created and can create multiple campaigns daily.

    An alternative way to get a lot of targeted and quality forum posters is advertising with forum posting platforms. These platforms work things out perfectly and can help deliver instant traffic to any forum whether new or old. As a forum owner, you simply submit your forum and order advertising credits. Forum posters get paid from these credits for every quality post made to your forum and you watch how traffic grows every hour.
  8. eevieway

    eevieway New Member

    I think that if you go to certain sites that hire freelancers like Fiverr or, you may be able to hire people to be forum writers and get the ball rolling. If you have quality, engaging material that attracts other serious and intellectual forum users, it can set the tone for your forum and get the ball rolling.

    Or, you could go to sites that are specifically for forums to gain writers such as Postloop or another option is Paid Forum Posting. There are also content writing sites like iWriter, but that focus is more for blog and CEO writing. Hope this helps!

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