How to forget and move on?

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  1. michpiong

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    How to forget and move on?
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  2. rovs01

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    How to forget and move on from break-up? Many of us, encountered from being broken not just in love life but also in some other ways. The first thing a person should do from moving on is to cry out loud within one day , be with yourself unwind and think of all the things that you've done to the person who broke you, think of the sacrifices you've made but it the end they didn't still see that or appreciate it. After the day, stand up and say it to yourself " I DON"T DESERVE ALL THE THINGS THAT I AM ENCOUNTERING RIGHT NOW, IT IS NOT WORTH CRYING FOR". Make yourself busy so you can forget the problems until you didn't realize that you've already moved on.
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  3. Denscabs101

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    Inorder for you to move on is first, you must accept the fact or reality, mend or forgive, and move on.

    You cannot move on if there's boa acceptance from you.
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  4. romilda

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    Just pray and meditate or make yourself busy in order to forget and move on.
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  5. nikiii23

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    First you need to accept that is over, to leave behind that part of your life. Then to see how is that good for you and to make the best out of it.
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  6. Loopdan

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    Its true that we need to accept the reality that it happen to us. But still its not the end, we need to move on. First we need the guidance of our lord and saviour through Jesus Christ. We need to pray to help us in our life in order to move on. Seeking first his presence will encourage our life to go on what ever happen.
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  7. Allanjohn30

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    I love this question. Before, I was one of those people who got a broken-heart and I knew how it feels and how hard to deal with it. Actually I judged those people before because I was thinking they are so weak and overacting, but one time I just cried unexpectedly and I felt so down then I realized the feelings of those people who suffered from any kind emotional pains.

    How I forget things and move on? First, I prayed to God to heal me and renew me, I know He is my first choice for He listens and answers unconditionally. Next, I helped myself by doing things that I love for me to become busy and smoothly forget those bad things happened. Lastly, I am not fully forgetting things, I used them to move on and used them as my motivations.

    "After all the struggles, you will realize how strong you are and how meaningful your life is."
  8. janangelo18

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    The only one who is responsible for you and your actions, is yourself. You should accept the fact the it is over. And by accepting the truth, be grateful. You have to find the strength to embrace life’s changes. Learn as you go. Let your past make you better, not bitter. We can't change the things happened in the past so you better focus of the present and invest in yourself for your future. Life must go on. Focus on your goals, your dreams and the people around that truly loves you. We all know that it's hard but it needs to start on yourself.
  9. jjhanlyn

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    Acceptance is the first step in moving on. Accept that it's done and learn to look to what happened positively. Like maybe it happens because there is something good or better ahead. Second is self love. Embrace your self more, love your self give yourself a worth by that you will realize that you are worthy than anything. Third don't hesitate to open you heart and mind to a new world. Life is beautiful don't stop on things that will only cause you heart ache there is lot of things in this world that can make us feel happy and loved. When a door closed it means there is another door for you. Keep moving!
  10. Emther

    Emther New Member

    One of the hardest thing to do in life is moving on from something that you love. I have been in this position in a 10- year relationship. We gave it our best for the relationship to work but whether we like it or not, somethings are not meant to be in the end.

    At first, I was unable to eat and sleep properly. I find myself missing the person and crying most of the time. I cry because of the sweet memories that we had together and of the times when we were there for each other, knowing that all I can do is recall and that I can no longer have those in the future. I wanted to feel the pain and not deny it. I was thinking that if I feel the emotion and not mask it, I would be able to heal myself and recover from the failure of the relationship more efficiently. That is what I did for a month. The next month, I planned to take care of myself physically. I began eating a healthy diet and of course started to run for an hour in the gym. The exercise was so therapeutic I find myself able to release all the pent up emotions and after the session, I was so tired, I barely had time to think about anything else. I was able to sleep soundly. For the second month, all I did was love myself. For the third month, I started praying to God. I told him every hurt that I felt, my fears and of course I asked him to help me deal with the pain. Eventuallly by the fourth month, I had accepted the fact that we are no longer together. I was happy again, I started going out with friends and I was able to perform well in work.

    Five years later, I am still single but very happy and fulfilled. I keep on hoping that someday I would get to share my life with a special someone but if God does not will it, I'm okay with it. God has given me a lot of things to be happy about like the love of family and friends.
  11. claraysabel

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    Forgetting about a traumatizing or heartbreaking incident is never easy. It's always a struggle to move on from something or someone that you used to love.

    The best way to move on is to surround yourself with people who love you. Don't lock yourself inside your room and cry all day. Make sure to hang out with your friends, share your feelings and do things that you enjoy the most.
  12. Twinklebisnar

    Twinklebisnar Member

    You can move on but you can't forget. The feelings and emotions will always be there but you can move on by accepting that the things you want is not for you. By moving on you can forget the hatred and anger you felt but the love will remain in your heart but not like before of course.
  13. markjames1054

    markjames1054 New Member

    The reality does not mend the way we want it. Same thing about "How to forget and move on". The reality tells us that we can not forget the things that we have done in the past but we can "FORGIVE AND MOVE ON".
    Since the central idea of the question is about moving on, we need to accept, embrace and forgive the things that were once our greatest mistakes.
    "FORGET AND MOVE ON" is essentially the almost the same idea with "FORGIVE AND MOVE ON". This thing is applicable to all circumstances and does not rest in a relationship matter only.
    If you want to move on, then recognize that you have done something wrong and learn to forgive yourself and other people. In that way, it will make you a better person as a new chapter of your life has opened its new beginning.
  14. janeabiquibil

    janeabiquibil New Member

    How to forget and move on? I think one of the most important key to moving on is acceptance. Accepting that this situation had happen and it’s over now. Also, accepting that being happy does not mean putting it in someone else’s hand. Instead, it comes from yourself. I also believe that you don’t forget the person, it is the feeling of being with that person. Worst comes to worst, you’ve been happy with that person even once in your life.
  15. tinatinay

    tinatinay Member

    People tends to say that we need to forget in order to move on. mine is we need to accept in order to move on. ACCEPTANCE plays a big part in move on. But I am telling you its never easy, especially from great grief or heart aches. However, CHANGING YOUR MIND SET will help you to move on and try to think of something that will divert your attention and focus on something positive. life gets shitty sometimes but still there are hundred ways to be grateful for.
    FORGIVENESS, forgive your self and those people who cause you pain in the past. Forgiveness is a long process give your self a time to heal and soon enough forgiveness will follow. You may not forget those things happen in the past but its okay, scars of our past signifies as a sign of bravery.
  16. jonahclarus1994

    jonahclarus1994 New Member


    REALITY CHECK? We can never forget the things that had happen in the past, unless if we have a brain injury which resulted to memory loss or the like.

    HOW TO FORGET? Well truly, humans naturally can't undo a memory (except for memory loss tho). Thus, we can never forget a painful or happy memory. It is how we are wired to be. In relationship matter, experiencing things and journeying with a significant person, whether it be bad or good memory, it will always and always be remembered. The question left to be answerable with a solution is HOW TO MOVE ON?

    No one is an exception to the dreadful truth of MOVING ON stage. It may be moving on from a painful breakup, or moving on from a sad death of a loved one. But the question of HOW TO TRULY MOVE ON is answerable by ACCEPTANCE OF A PERSON OVERTIME. It is never taught by someone to that certain individual, it is never a rebound thing, but it is plainly about INDIVIDUAL'S ACCEPTANCE of the FACT that the significant other is no longer there to journey with. and that ACCEPTING POSITIVELY the memories good or bad will yield to a TRUE statement that: I HAVE LEARNT FROM THE GOOD AND BAD MEMORIES, and I HAVE TRULY MOVED ON.
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  17. aycee21

    aycee21 New Member

    How to forget and move on?
    While time is the best healer, there are 5 concrete steps you can take that will facilitate the process:
    1. Cut off contact.
    2. Let go of the fantasy.
    3. Make peace with the past.
    4. Know it is OK to still love them.
    5. Love yourself more
  18. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    How to forget and move on?
    Unsuccessful people think in the past, so change your mindset and rewire everything as a positive.
  19. BigEyes

    BigEyes Member

    How to forget and move on?
    Well it depends on the situation. But of course moving on is hard.It takes time.For me base on my experience I just learn to accept that everything happens for reason though sometimes that reason may hard to understand.I just embrace the pain until you'll get used to it and you will never know that you already move on and forget what happen.
  20. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    People say it is very important to keep in mind things you’ve done in the past so that you can have evidence for what your life turns out to be. I say history is nothing but history. What you have done in the past has absolutely no role to play in your future. We have all done things or been through situations that we are not so proud of or happy with, which is part of life.

    I will be discussing 5 simple ways you can forget about the negative things that had occurred in the past and move in with life.

    1. Change your mindset
    If your mind focuses on the negative things that had happened in the past, your life will move in a negative direction. Your life moves in the direction of your dominant thoughts, so whatever you set your mind and focus on is what your life and emotions will follow. Instead of setting your focus and thinking about all the negative things that had occurred in the past, all the heartbreaks, all the things you’ve lost, all the not so proud of situations.

    Start to recycle all those thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts like: “I am going to be great, I am very intelligent, my history is nothing but history, what is ahead of me is great, nothing will stand in my way, I will be successful, I will not let my past tie me down.” If you wake up every day thinking and saying things like that loud and boldly, then you are getting a hold of it. Before you know it, no one will be able to use your past against you because you are starting to actually let go.

    2. Cut off some friends
    There are some friends that we keep that even we ourselves know deep down that they are doing nothing but slowing us down in life. It is not a crime to cut off friendships once you feel it is delaying your purpose in life. For you to occupy your focus with positivist, negative friends have to go. You need to set yourself apart so that you can be where you desire to be. You must stay away from friends that always remind you of the wrong things you’ve done in the past.

    When I say set yourself apart, I mean tuning yourself completely out of what is going on around you and focus on yourself and your vision. Doing this can be very lonely; in fact, it is a lonely situation, but that is just a price that you can afford to pay in order to be where you desire to be.

    3. Set goals for yourself
    One of the most important ways you can forget about the negative things that had happened in the past is by setting goals for your future. You need to acknowledge the fact that it is not the end of the world and you have full potentials of achieving greater things in life. Start to imagine yourself doing big things in the future, going to school, getting that job of your dreams, starting new businesses, finding your soul mate, and more. Set both long and short tram goals, give yourself deadlines and follow up with your progress.

    4. Learn to forgive
    One of the things that kill us emotionally and mentally is the spirit of un-forgiveness. Holding a grudge against someone is like eating poison and expecting someone else to die. We all do this thinking we are doing ourselves a favor, but it does nothing but break us down emotionally. The only way you can forget about the past is by forgiving whoever has done you wrong. It doesn’t matter how bad they have broken your heart, If you can look at them and say “I forgive you” with a smile (this can be hard), then you are releasing yourself from the cage you have locked yourself in. Replace the spirit of hate with love.

    5. Stop trying to impress people
    Have you ever felt like no one understand you and why you make the decisions you make any more? If your answer is yes, then it is because they don’t see what you see. You don’t owe anybody an explanation for doing what you feel like doing. You need to stop seeking approval from people and start giving notice whether they like it or not. You cannot please everyone; it is impossible.

    Trying to please everyone does nothing but leads you into frustration. We all might have grown up thinking the best way to live our lives is by getting everyone to like who we are. It is just not possible; no matter how good of a person you are, there will always be people that just won’t like you for the sake of not liking you; which is also part of life.

    You cannot move forward if you are still thinking about your past. Can you imagine a track athlete attempting to compete in a 100 m dash with a heavy backpack? Yes, he’s most likely going to finish the race but he won’t finish it at the appointed time that was supposed to. Many of us are ready to run our race, we are ready to shoot for the stars, but there is one thing that we need to do first; we need to drop off that backpack full of shame, regrets, unhappiness, mistakes, failure, broken hearts, grudges etc. When you drop that backpack, I promise you that your race will be much easier to run in life.
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  21. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    Accepting that its over and you can do nothing about it. Focus on making your self even more better and focus to your dreams later you wont realize your doing fine.
  22. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    Many get the wrong impression about moving on. It is our ability to accept reality and the ability to move past those bad experience. It is not about forgetting something but taking notes of the lessons learned during that experience. Using that heartaches and disappointments to make your next relationship better.
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  23. nunox33

    nunox33 New Member

    The best thing is to deal with the situation right away, but if you can't or didn't you just need to accept for what it is and move on. Learn from your experience to do better later in life. There is no perfect code in life when you can always win.
  24. Geofrey93

    Geofrey93 Member

    If its love! I always try to let things go by finding someone else but am afraid to say that if you want you want to forget someone you love, I'm sorry you will never fully forget. Your heart might stop yearning and your dreams no longer be haunted, then one day you might even be convinced you're done with missing and your wounds all healed.
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  25. neneth

    neneth New Member

    Her suicidal tendencies aren't your fault at all. You are right, kids make mistakes. That is a normal part of growing up. This is 100% her thing to handle. I am sure she has been offered treatment and has not decided to pursue it yet.
    It has to be up to her to work on this, and things will change.
    Hopefully, you are receiving counseling, as her ways put an awful lot of pressure on you and the rest of the family.
  26. jamomandre25

    jamomandre25 New Member

    Their are 5 ways to forget and move on
    1.Let go all the memories that you have, Erase all the picture in your phone.
    2.Give all the materials to the poor people that he gavin to you.
    3.Learn to forgive all the mistake that he did to you.
    4.Remember that you fave a family and friend that well always their for you.
    5.Enjoy every with friends and family

    Because in the end of the day only your Family and Friend can give you joy and happiness.
  27. Jilian

    Jilian New Member

    How to forget and move on? You SLEEP! Sleep and forget. Eat and sleep. Play and sleep. But most importantly --- face the truth and just go on. Moving on is not just above love. It can be a failure in your career, a dream that can never came true, a heartbreak that goes beyond that of what erotic love really is. Anyways, life is short. We can't just forever indulge ourselves in the forever sorrow of downers and pathetic cries. Stand up, wipe your tears and shout out ---" I am strong ,and therefore I can move on."
  28. lakhdare

    lakhdare New Member

    There are some ways to forget the past and start a new life
    try to adopt a positive way of looking at different things.
    setting goals for the future setting personal and future goals is one of the most important things that helps people overcome the past and their mistakes and try to achieve greater things in life.
    forgiveness, the person must determine the things that tire him and affect his feelings, and the negative things he carries to someone like hatred and indignity, and then he must try forgiveness and forgiveness with him so that he can replace the spirit of hatred has the love to release himself and breathe freely.
    look for a better future.
  29. Diethermarcelo

    Diethermarcelo New Member

    You have to forgive and in order for you to forgive someone/something, you have to accept it first. Take time to think of your personal value by thinking of your experiences, accomplishments and including people you helped. Next is by doing something for yourself by having self-development, making yourself grow and/or do your passion. Talking to a friend/s or having new friend/s will also help you to move on. Think things wider and know that this is not the end of the world or your world.
  30. jaykenth

    jaykenth Member

    Eat. I learned that eating gives you the satisfaction that you want whatever you are currently feeling. Even if you are happy, you can even be more happy after eating. If you are sad, you can eat sweet things because it can help you feel happy. I believe there is a scientific explanation for that that I have read, I just can't remember. For moving on, I can would advise you to travel and go to beautiful places. But that would require you to have a lot of money so its your choice if you want to do it.

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