How to get free traffic?

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    Online advertising is perhaps the most basic way to get more people to visit your site. Social media, paid search, and display advertising are all excellent channels for PPC advertising to boost website traffic.
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    Having a micro-influencer publish a blog post on your site can help to increase your web traffic, as they are likely to share the post with their large audience. It can also help to add more variety to your content and show your visitors that you are active in your field. Alternatively, you could ask the influencer to mention your business in their own review or round-up post, or you could turn an interview with the influencer into a blog post that is likely to get traffic.
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    To be able to achieve increased traffic for your website, you really have to plan it. Make a roadmap. Knowing your audience is vital and it's the first step. Research on the topics that you would like to be included in your website. Proofread the contents thoroughly to ensure that the website will be of high-quality. When your viewer sees that your website is different from the other websites, they will be curious to give more time to assess your site. When they see that your website is valuable, the website earns recommendation from them.

    The second main task is to promote your website. There are lots of social media platforms that can help your website become popular. It's important to know the dos and don'ts when posting to avoid being flagged as spam. Providing newsletters and sales funnel can help you earn more page views and engagements.
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    Of course you also need to be a member to different community to share your Post. As a way to thanks your community you also need to like and share their post so that they will also do the same.
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    All one just need to do is redirect people from different online communities like Facebook, Instagram... A video review of the product can also be created and uploaded on YouTube. Other free social blog websites may also be exploited, sites like, Reddit and linkIn would accept free post; making it available to followers and their subscribers.
    On the other hand, for non-review oriented products like T-shirt, building an online community would be best. A facebook page and community can be built, gradually promoting and advertising the product. Also on instagram, influencers with high follower will advertise a product on their group for certain period, depending on agreement.

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    Great post Tommy ! Free traffic,is what I only get on my Facebook fan pages - from people that I don't have to pay Facebook to like my page and the posts on it . My biggest fan page ,is now close to 6,000 organic likes .By placing a retail shop on that page,I can now convert those followers to paying customers.Say, I sell a product costing only $30.00.If 1500 followers out of that 6000 buy that product, that's 45k in my bank account !!
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    9 Easy Ways to Generate FREE Traffic !!!

    Many marketers spend a huge sum of money trying to launch their website through strong advertising campaigns; however, lack of funds shouldn't be a setback as there are many ways to get traffic without spending a dime.

    1) Optimize your website for Search Engines

    To start with, submit your website to the search engine webmasters. I am sure that you all agree that the best way to get free traffic is by optimizing your web site for Google that holds more than 90% of search engine market share in India. However the competition is huge. So you need to have a great web site both in terms of content and SEO if you want to get huge free traffic.

    2) Viral Marketing

    Today, everyone wants to go viral. Everyone wants to have as many hits as Psy's Gangnam Style. Viral content is called so because it distributes like a virus – i.e. when users like your content, they send it to their friends, post it on various sites, and promote it for free in many different ways. Free products and services are great for getting free traffic to your site and one of the best varieties in this aspect is viral content. Viral content distributes on its own. Your only task is to create and submit it to a couple of popular sites. After that users will pick and distribute it for you.

    4) Forum Participation

    Start a forum on your website – An active forum can quickly begin ranking for long-tail keywords. They also reduce your site’s bounce rate while increasing time-on-site, as well as building a community.

    • Sign up to yahoo answers – Sign up to yahoo answers and leave great helpful comments to questions people are asking for, leaving a link back to your site with more helpful tips on it.
    • Comment on blogs - Visit other people's blogs on the topic related to your website. Most blogs allow you to add comments about the issues being discussed. Add insightful comments about the blog topics, and leave your website link. Your comment and your link will permanently remain on the blog website.
    • Post in forums - Visit the online discussion forums where your target audience is participating. Post useful responses to people's questions, and include a link to your website at the end of your post next to your name. Don't overdo it with your posts, otherwise other forumites won't respect you, and won't visit your site.
    • Join free safe-lists - These are lists of subscribers who have opted-in to send and receive emails to each other. You can instantly reach potentially thousands of people by sending out emails, and you don't have to worry about receiving spam complaints either because everyone on the list has opted-in to receive emails.
    5) Build Strong Social Network

    Social networks are also a great way to get traffic for free. If you are popular on networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, the traffic you get from there can easily surpass the traffic from Google and other search engines. It is true that building a large network of targeted followers on Twitter and supporters on Facebook takes a lot of time and effort but generally the results are worth it.

    6) Social Bookmarkings

    Submit your website to top social bookmarking sites to create a backlink to your website, which will increase you page rank as well. Some of them are Reddit, Digg, Delicious, etc.

    7) Use Offline Promotions

    Offline promotion is frequently forgotten for generating FREE website traffic. But it is also a way to get traffic for free. Some of the traditional offline ways to promote your site include printing its URL on your company's business cards and souvenirs or sticking it on your company vehicles. You can also start selling T-shirts and other merchandise with your logo and this way make your brand more popular.

    8) Exchange Links

    Create a 'links' page on your website that will contain the links to other non-competing websites in the same industry. Contact the owners of other websites with your proposal to exchange links. You will add their link to your links page, and they will link to your website in return. This will help build strong backlinks & enhance your search results. Trusted links are the best source of FREE traffic.

    9) BONUS TIP:

    Only 3 things works best:

    • CONTENT!
    • CONTENT!!
    • CONTENT!!!
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    It's often suggested that congestion may be solved with one big idea, such as:
    1. Widen roads.
    2. Narrow roads.
    3. Add bus lanes.
    4. Remove bus lanes.
    5. Build tunnels.
    6. Build a new ring road.
    7. Build a light rail network.
    8. Switch off traffic lights.
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    You can create click funnels..sales funnel builder it will helps businesses market, sell, and deliver your products online. This tool simplifies online marketing, selling, and delivery of their products and services by providing users with funnel options that are pre-built for a specific business, product, or service. Specifically online courses..
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    Social networking site is the best way to get free traffic to your website, but sometime I dont like free traffic because many people don't take it serious/important, they regards it as less important because money didnt spend on it, so its not good for product marketing compare to paid traffic.

    If you need free traffic then try traffic exchange program or you surf for traffic exchange.

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