How to get higher rating.

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  1. Chakwaina

    Chakwaina New Member

    I see that some good advice has already been given. I have not been a PostLooper for long myself, but to be brutally honest--I see some poor grammar skills all over in the forums.

    Grammar counts!!!
  2. katering

    katering New Member

    Hello everyone. Quick question how do I see my rating here on Postloop? I have just recently joined here and have finished my 10 posts. Am I already accepted? I really am quite confused. Any insights are welcome. Thank you.
  3. joseph19

    joseph19 New Member

    Thank you for this thread, I have read through some replies and it has helped me also. What i have learned from people is that you need to respond accurately and thoughtfully. it helps to be able to relate or take interest in the topic. Anything meaningful and helpful are how you get good ratings along with how well worded and understood you are.
  4. carlirvine

    carlirvine Member

    I still don't have any ratings yet , this is actually my first time creating post . But when i see that I'm gaining $ on my postloop dashboard I'm starting to like this website and would definitely promote this once i would be able to withdraw so that i would be able to show some proofs that this is a legit website to LEARN new things and EARN through it while enjoying creating article's or even creating threads
  5. carlirvine

    carlirvine Member

    I also got a low rating but i do believe that we don't have to give up yet , specially for me . I am actually a beginner i don't usually post comments or even write article .. so i am still learning the basics so that i would be able to be good at writing or creating a article . We still have so much room to grow we just need to pursue what we want in ordee for us to achieve it .. i know its hard at the very start but of course nothing valuable comes easy . Lets just strive util we get higher ratings and hopefully the andmins of postloop would give us chance to prove ourselves .
  6. chrstnafd

    chrstnafd New Member

    Thank you so much for the tips. I'm actually having a hard right now since I am just a newbie here. This thread helped me to gain some ideas about how postloop works, and it really enlightens me. Although I already read their frequeny asked questions, it's still good to know it from other's who has an experienced.
  7. tamss

    tamss Member

    The difference between the almost right word and the rightword is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning
  8. lazydaisy

    lazydaisy New Member

    I already made 13 posts but I haven't heard anything from Postloop. I've never received an email saying that they are going to review my posts so they can approve my profile. Anyone here who got the same problem? What did you do to solve the issue? I don't know if I will continue posting since I already wasted a significant amount of time creating 13 posts. Please help!
  9. Soffy

    Soffy New Member

    Hello! I'm a newbie here and I'm trying my best to learn and know more about Postloop. About getting higher rating is everyone wants that all of us but I think in able to have that we must be true to what we are saying and make sure everyone understand our thoughts and words. Make sure also that all words we saying is related to topic. We all here not only to earn money but to express our ideas, opinions, thoughts and how we feel which is maybe related to our own lives that truly happening to us.
  10. jampong25

    jampong25 New Member

    for me make your post more longer and accurate meaningful to promote in to a higher rating be who you are whene in making a post think the best comment that you feel that fit in the topic.
    heres the tips choose a topic that you feel you can give a good comment and if finish choosing the rigth one
    give yuor best comment nail it down so walla your done make sure that you fallow my tips on how to make your
    rating in postloop more higher than your expec.

    hope you like my comment and dont forget to fallow my tips to get a higher rating in postloop.
  11. yuzupon

    yuzupon Member

    Somehow i'm wondering as well. I got 3.6 rating and I can't join any other forum. Maybe all my posts lack a lot but I have given all my thoughts about all the topics I replied with. I'm so sad. But I just joined yesterday so I hope someone helps me out. I've already been accepted to post at other forums yet they need 4 or higher. Best of luck to everyone on here too.
  12. sarinasasaki

    sarinasasaki New Member

    Hi! I am also a newbie here and after my 10 posts I immediately received an email saying my posts are up for review. Make sure you are subscribed to the postloop portal first. This is really important for you to move forward. Follow the instruction provided carefully. Best of luck!
  13. You just need to be true to yourself. Be confident for what do you do and what will you do. easy as that!
  14. Azraelvetis

    Azraelvetis New Member

    From what I have read and observed so far, the ratings depend on the quality of your posts such as the clarity and relevance of your responses. I would assume as well that they are very particular with the grammar you use as well as the punctuation. What I would like to know is if they actually change the ratings periodically or if the initial ratings stay. It would be nice if the posts can be monitored and the ratings re-appraised, specially for those who did not get a very high rating at the beginning. As we go along, I'm pretty sure that we would all improve in the quality and substance of our posts. I look forward to learning more about it as time passes and I'll be sure to share anything new so that we can all have a better experiences.
  15. mupdike

    mupdike Member

    I think to have a good rating your thoughts on forums have to be explained well and expressing yourself well. The more your ideas flow, the better the conversation is. I haven't got rated yet but then I just started a few days ago so I am quite curious myself to see how the ratings work in this site. I love conversation with different ideas of different subjects. I love to hear other peoples ideas as well.
  16. Rheaosumo

    Rheaosumo New Member

    Hi everyone. Hope you can also help me to get a higher rating here in Postloop. But still im just a new member here starting to post for atleast 10 post. Hoping the postloop will approve all my post here. Looking forward to post more here again in Postloop.
  17. Miraflor1997

    Miraflor1997 New Member

    I think for you to get a higher rating is to express broadly about the topic. But before you do something to your writings, you should make a simple draft in a way you can have a simple guide for your thoughts. This kind of job is not about profit/high paid employee, it's about the credibility of your writing.
  18. Prosper4ever

    Prosper4ever New Member

    thanks I'm learning, it's a good info. it's my 2nd day here@ postloop
  19. Johnstocks4416

    Johnstocks4416 New Member

    Guys, what if my ratings are below 4. Is their any possible way to change that? I didn't know that I have to make long sentences here. I'm sorry. I was expecting on commenting some of the topics here even with a short message or phrase as long as the idea was in it. And I was focusing on the topic given though. One user gave me 2.5 as a rating. It says.. "Too Short". So, can you guys answer me how could I possibly change that? It was my first time posting here in postloop and I don't have any idea yet. Although that was a total mess. I was happy I gained a little more points on this platform. It made me happy. So if everyone has an idea can you please enlighten me. Thank you
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  20. cjgwapa

    cjgwapa New Member

    To get higher rating you must type in English and must be readable.

    Don't use punctuation or capital letter carelessly.
    Be honest with your answer.
    And don't copy or search to google the answers that you put
  21. jessabumagat20

    jessabumagat20 New Member

    Hi! I am a new member here in postloop. I really thankful for sharing this helpful tips with us, I really appreciate it. Still I am writing my 10 first posts. Hopefully, postloop will approve my account here. I am hoping for that.
  22. Polham

    Polham New Member

    Hi! I'm new in this field. My suggestion will be first you just need to be true to yourself and love what you are doing in this field and everything will follow. Write things about useful information that would help others. You don't need to have to write long messages, you just need to write a short but brief and informative things that you think will help a lot of people and this will help you gain your reputation in general. Hope this will help. Good luck.
  23. I'm a newbie here, and I'm still in the starting line ;). Trying the best that I can to grab this opportunity. And for me the best way to impress is to be true.

    "Honesty is the best policy", this saying never fades. It is applicable wherever we are. We gain trust, value and respect if we are being true. And in that case, it is also one way on getting a high ratings. You express your positive or negative thoughts in a nice way. Give them your opinion and show them how opinion you are to others opinion too. Aside from that, it is a must also that you express yourself properly. Making sure that we are using correct grammar and spelling.:thumbsup:
  24. prescilla-go9i

    prescilla-go9i New Member

    For me since i am still new in this site, i am only reading your ideas, i want more information because i know i am not that intelligent as you are guys and so i am thankful that you shared also a lot of information for us to learn too.
  25. eroldlapore

    eroldlapore New Member

    I am also new here so I just want to thank those who gave great tips to improve our rating. I just want to share what I know to have a good rating and that is to make sense on everything you post. Use proper punctuation, grammar and spelling so others will have an easy time understanding the things that you want to point out to the readers. Post on the topics that are your main interests and do not post on threads randomly. Make your posts simple yet meaningful.
  26. enilanyer

    enilanyer New Member

    For me, to get a higher rating, although I am still new here, you should post meaningful sentences and not just type whatever words that comes in mind. Most people share our own thoughts, opinions and experiences in order to help others. I'm thankful and appreciative of others who share what they know because I have gained information from just reading these threads.
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  27. ArcApp

    ArcApp New Member

    I'm glad someone shares a similar viewpoint- I'll admit I was a bit concerned whether it was based more on grammar and structure or on opinion and perception. It is reassuring to read that others believe importance is placed on the latter, and that makes sense in a forum setting.

    Which would people enjoy more- a perfectly structured, well-organized set of paragraphs talking about essentially nothing, or a provocative, thought-provoking piece of prose with some grammatical errors?

    It's all about being memorable to the reader! The more thought out and interesting response, the more time people will spend on the site. It makes sense emotionally and financially =]

    EDIT: Formatting, cohesion and clarification
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  28. athenareign

    athenareign New Member

    I think getting higher rate in post loop needs your real thought and comes with your heart. Every single word that you write is the thought of your heart. You also needs to choose a forum that really makes you interested, so you can write a good opinion about the topic. Love what you're doing and you will never know how it's feedback you.Just be yourself.
  29. In addition, higher rating will be there if you have a compassion in what you were doing like this I am sharing my opinion that may help others. If you love sharing valuable ideas then for sure time will come and you'll have a high rating just keep in mind that "I'm doing this because it is my passion not because I just want to earn money". Post not only for your sake also consider the people who will see and read your post so make it credible. Like me, I am new into the Postloop team and I am in the process in introducing my self into all of you that I can contribute in giving ideals that will make you realize something. Thank you for spending you time reading my opinion.
  30. Postloop|Non Ref is a website that allows you to make money posting on forums. It's a global site, so it should work everywhere. This guide will show you how it works and how to maximize your earnings getting a high rating. If this guide helps you, please consider signing up under my referral. If you are already familiar with Postloop and you are just looking for advices on how to get a high rating, just skip to the last section of the guide.

    How Postloop works: The Point System

    The idea behind Postloop is simple: it pays you to post on certain forums about certain topics. The method, however, is quite complex: everything works via points. Basically forum owners purchase points from Postloop, and when someone posts in their forums the poster gains the points lost by the owner. The more points a forum has, the more points the poster can gain. On average a single point will give you 1,4 points, and the amount gained depends on your rating and the forum points.

    The minimum payout is 100 points. The conversion ratio is 0,05 cent per 1 point, so the minimum payout is 5$. You can't withdraw money if your score is under the average user rating, 3.18 right now, but unless you are costantly receiveing bad ratings you shouldn't worry about not meeting the payout requirement. Proof here, 5,58$ for 70/75 posts. Postloop pays daily via PayPal, and you will receive your money a few hours after the request, the maximum is 24 hours.

    Getting Started - The Postloop Portal

    To get started, you need to qualify for the site posting 10 "example posts" on the Postloop Portal. This is not a mere test because, if you are accepted, Postloop will give you a rating depending on many factors, and having a high rating is crucial to make decent money on Postloop (more on that later). You won't receieve another rating for a long time, so try your best to get a good score here. Don't take this test lightly or you'll regret it! First of all, you need to follow the instructions given by Postloop and subscribe to the Postloop Portal. Let me repeat that: before starting posting, you need to subscribe to the Postloop Portal. It's the most common mistake, since your posts won't count unless you are subscribed to the Postloop Portal.

    After subscribing, start making some quality posts following these rules:

    • Double check your grammar. Making too many mistakes means getting rejected or having a low score
    • Write long posts. The minimum is five sentences, more is better
    • Write quality content, always stay on topic and add something to the conversation. There are a lot of different forums, so choose wisely.
    • Don't write only replies, but** create new threads as well**. Something like 7 replies and 3 new threads should be fine, but you can get penalized for not creating enough new topics.
    • Interact with other users, for example quoting their replies, and look as natural as possible.
    • Double check your grammar again. I can't emphasize how important it is to get a good score at this test.
    Now wait a little for your approval, up to 24 hours.

    Why the rating from the Postloop Portal is so important.

    Following my advices you should be able to get a rating of 4,5+ quite easily. Congratulations! This will give you two advantages: 1. Some forums require a minimum rating to subscribe. A 4,5+ will give you access to most forums, except a few specific forums with higher standards. 2. You get a fixed amount of bonus points depending on your rating. With a 4,5 rating you will get 0,50 bonus points per post, with a 5 stars rating you will get 1 extra point per post. More info here. Everytime you post more than five times on a single forum, the owner can decide to rate you, so your original rating may increase or decrease. Keep in mind that most of the forum owners won't bother to rate you at all if you are doing at least a decent job. If you are making terrible, short, low quality posts, expect a low rating (or a ban from the forum) quickly. If you do an average or above average job, don't expect a rating. If you do an excellent job, you can hope to be rated and even to receive a bonus for your content. In short, unless you make a terrible or an excellent work, you will keep your initial Portal rating for a long time.

    How and Where to Post - Maximizing your earnings.

    First of all, choose a forum from the list you are given. The top forums on the list have more points and will give you more points, so keep that in mind. Before starting, register to the forum you chose and then subscribe to them from the Postloop site. Lastly, check the requisites. Every forum has different requisites, but usually they include:

    • Don't mention Postloop
    • 50+ words per post
    • Only post on specific boards
    • Don't be rude, don't spam, don't post referrals unless allowed, just use common sense
    • Interact with other users and be as natural as possible. It's easy to spot other Postlooper if you are a regular, so try to reply to them and they will reply back to you.
    • Upload an avatar, sometimes a picture of yourself is preferable, but again it depends on the forum.
    Even if they are not specified, follow these rules and you shouldn't have troubles and eventually you will receieve another positive rating. However many forum owners, as I already wrote, will never rate you, so don't waste too much time making mini-essays on those forums. Instead write shorter (but not too short) posts of a decent quality and focus your attention elsewhere. Let's be honest: you are not getting paid a lot of money for the posts you make, so decide how much time you want to invest in a single post. On the other hand if you find a new forum you are more likely to receive a rating or even a bonus, so it's always worth to give it a try and focus on that. Write longer, higher quality posts and see if the forum owner recognizes your effort with a 5 stars rating or a bonus. If it happens, keep posting there, otherwise move to different forums or make "average quality" posts. Never, never write short posts, one liners and so on. Not receiving a rating doesn't imply that your posts are not being controlled.

    Other general informations:

    • Usually there is a daily limit to how many post you can create on a forum. Sometimes the limit is 5 posts per days, sometimes 10, sometimes there isn't a limit at all.
    • Posting on forums with more points means getting more points
    • Some forums have a star close to the Subscribe button - it means that you get extra points for posting there.
    • There are a lot of forums to choose from, so focus on the topics you like. Your posts will be more natural.
    • If you feel like you have received an unfair rating, try contacting the forum owner.
    • You will earn the 20% of the points of your referrals.
    • Postloop is a global site, so you can post from everywhere in the world.
    • If you think that you are not making enough money for the time you are investing, change your posting style. Maybe you are writing 200+words posts when a 100 words post should be enough. Understand when it's better to aim for the quality and when for the quantity. If you have more questions, feel free to ask them here or via PM. If this guide helped you please consider using my referral.

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