How to get Reddit traffic to your forum

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    They call Reddit the front-page of the internet for a reason. Reddit is a huge social platform with billions of visitors and there are all kinds of ways you can share a little bit of the traffic.

    1. Find Relevant Communities

    Don't go placing your links around Reddit thinking you won't be penalized. It's important you find communities that are relevant to your niche and create attractive topics to reel in visitors.

    Here are some example Subreddits that focus on very specific and popular topics with lots of subscribers
    You can begin your search for the right Subreddits in the top-right Search Bar

    2. Creating Your Post
    Once you find the right community you're looking for, it's time to post your topic. Since your goal is to link people to your site, be prepared to write a short summary of your website and engage with other Redditors replying to your submission. Get creative and include a simple list of questions for feedback.

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