How to get your first writing job as a new freelance writer

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Challenges' started by Shasmile, May 8, 2018.

  1. Shasmile

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    Apart from being a good writer who has good grasp of the English grammar rules and stipulations, you know that it is pretty hard for a new writer to easily get jobs from employers especially when the site is a bidding type that has so many old writers with amazing reviews.

    When I started as a freelance writer, it wasn't easy and what made it worse was my color but aside being black, there were no previous jobs or samples to show potential employers so, I was stranded. Then an idea struck me....create a blog and start writing. Wow, that was it! I created a free blogspot and started writing. The good news is it yielded positive results. There was no employer that checked my blog that won't come back hiring me except those in technical niches.

    If you are planning on trying out freelance writing jobs, you may consider creating a blog with engaging contents you can easily refer your potential employer to. Good luck!
  2. fanakw

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    Thank you for the advice. As a stay home mom, any extra income for me is a big bonus. I also feel that writing is something that I can do for myself, to define me as an individual. You're so right when you say that actually getting into the market is very difficult. I am going to try setting up a blog and hopefully, the sun will start shining on me too.
    Thanks again.
  3. bella55

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    I think writing as a freelance writer can be challenging. I am just at the beginning. I will find a way to create a BlogSpot
    for writing.
  4. Serifina_Lovelace

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    Aside from writing blogs, writing inviting cover letters worked wonders for me as a new freelance writer.

    If you know how to properly write a cover letter, then that usually works wonders, as generic as it may seem. You also have to read what they want and show them through the letter that you can provide such requests, and answer any questions they may ask.

    I have found out from other fellow writers that most clients reject informal and rushed letters from them, which is a common mistake for new freelance writers. Sometimes new writers even submit a generic letter to the client, which also ends up rejected.

    Their reason is simple, of course: if you can't write a proper cover letter, then you're not the person for the job as you don't know how to write properly, no matter how good your English is.

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