How to increase blog traffic with free traffic sources?

Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by mohit aggarwal, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. mohit aggarwal

    mohit aggarwal New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am doing blogging 4 weeks ago. can you please help me out or suggest some free traffic sources to generate free or organic traffic to my niche blog. and which traffic source you use to generate free traffic to your blog.
  2. muhammadabdullah

    muhammadabdullah New Member

    Firstly you should have written your blog in the best way, your blogs SEO must be the best and most important is the keywords which you choose. Keywords are most important because someone searching for your blog will type something and those words should match with your keywords of blog. Share your blog with friends, relatives. And share your blog with other bloggers and give those bloggers reviews about there blog.
  3. oishari

    oishari New Member

    What are some techniques in putting keywords? Is quantity a good technique? If I put a lot of related words in the tags would it help to increase my reach? I have a blog but I only post once a month. Should posting more frequently help too?

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  4. muhammadabdullah

    muhammadabdullah New Member

    Keywords should be according to your blog like if you have written a blog on fashion than keywords must be like latest fashion, fashion techniques, man and woman fashion etc.
    If you put a lot of related words in tag than it may or may not work because it will depend upon your keywords, Well it can also help people to reach your blog.
    If you post once a month than it is not that bad but point what you have to remember is that you should frequently post a blog according to your time duration and don't stop blogging.
    And lastly I want to tell you that blogging takes time, because everything in this world takes time to grow. So your blog will become a popular blog if you give time to it, work more harder and harder.
  5. Zeroszero

    Zeroszero New Member

    Don't forget that now a days people are always using social media. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Etc.

    Instagram is one of the largest and most popular platforms out there and there may or may not be a lot of people who might come across your account and find interest in what you produce which is why people pick niches. Niches are groups of people who have the same interest in a certain thing

    for example: fishing, painting, sport cars, luxury houses, quotes, etc.. Many people have found success advertising their products on there. I takes a lot of commitment to see progress though, but at least it's available and free to use to your liking.
  6. J.leka

    J.leka New Member

    To increase the traffic source in your blog for free is the best way with social network. Facebook Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vk, Xenzoo, YouTube ect. Everything depends what type of blog you have, what is on it and because not all the social network is adopted for that traffic that you wan to get. Good luck
  7. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    You should invest some time in developing your social media accounts, start with Facebook, it has the largest numbers. Share your content or post it along with your link. You can also tap Facebook Groups, so try to join as many relative groups as you can. It's best if you would create your own group also. By doing this you can now use Social Media to effectively funnel traffic to your site for free.

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