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Discussion in 'Managing your Online Community' started by JAnnBowers, Jun 11, 2018.


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  1. JAnnBowers

    JAnnBowers New Member

    I wanted to share this thread idea with you all. I know we all have our own personal choice of social media. Mine is Twitter! As a writer, I use social media on a daily usage for promoting my own books and poetry. When I really stepped deep into the light of social media I favored Facebook until I recaptured the glory of Twitter. At that moment my following base was 780 people, now a year and a half later my following base is over 12,000 and counting. I wanted to share you the tips I learned over the last year that really helped me build my Twitter base.

    1. Ride the shirttails of authors- If you are a writer and really want to get your foot in the door. Start following and supporting all the Indie Authors you can on Twitter. These guys will in return help support you 100% and beyond. Grab their shirttails and learn from them how they do their promos and watch their followers too.

    2. Create a good, solid pinpost and clip it at the top of your Twitter page! Swap it out every other day! Also while you are there see how many retweets you got on your last pinpost and retweet everyone who has retweeted your post. If you have time pick out ten people to do a shoutout for the retweets. Let your followers and their followers know that you appreciate their hard work.

    3 Follow up to 100 people a day for the first five thousand followers. Follow your followers back especially if they are in your niche. After a while, you can slowly cut back and be a little bit pickier on who you follow. But, until then, just remember everytime someone follows you, that opens the door to their followers because if they are following you then obviously they enjoy your tweets which means they will be retweeting you a lot which their followers will see.

    4. Participate in #MondayMentions, #WednesdayWriter or #WW, or #FF (FridayFollows) also take advantage of trends such as #MondayBlogs, #TuesdayThoughts, and #ThursdayMotivation.

    5. If you really feel that you need the extra boost in help in growing your Twitter base then you may want to download the Crowdfire App, I personally do not like the services but some do choose to use it. I prefer, I received more growth using them.
  2. chloeydd

    chloeydd New Member

    Increasing your twitter following is very easy with little and not complicated steps.

    1. To begin, start following other twitter accounts that post the same content as you. If you follow other twitter accounts that tweet similar content the odds are greater that they will follow you back. If they follow you back there is a high likely hood that they could like and retweet you content allowing their followers to look at your account.

    2. Be active. If you post multiple times a day, accounts will see you are active and you have a higher chance of getting noticed than if you only posted weekly.

    Following similar accounts to yours and being active are the two steps you need to increase your twitter followers.
  3. quenhva

    quenhva New Member

    When I'm deploying growth strategies on Twitter, I try to be mindful of the quality of my followers over the quantity.

    Ultimately, I want the people that are following me to be FOLLOWING me. This means wanting them to engage with my content/tweets in a way that not only provides them with value but also cultivates a relationship.

    I feel that if I treat my followers as friends, I'll be able to have genuine and meaningful interactions with my audience. In regards to the "mass following" approach, I see that as a powerful growth strategy when used with your target audience in mind.

    The people I follow are always in line with my target market, so when I'm following people in troves it's always in the demographic I've singled out.

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