How to Increase Your Energy Without Caffeine?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Melissa McNamara, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Melissa McNamara

    Melissa McNamara New Member

    I wake up in the morning and crack open a soda or enjoy a nice iced coffee. I've tried to quit caffeine, but I get terrible headaches and I start craving the taste of soda later in the day. It is definitely an addiction, but it's an addiction I'm scared to give an honest effort at stopping since my days productivity depends on the caffeine boost throughout the day. I exercise, eat healthy (usually) and I sleep around seven hours per night, but I still feel exhausted. Any suggestions would be great.
  2. emgrange

    emgrange New Member

    Have you considered a taurine beverage, like Red Bull? That may be killing an ant with a sledgehammer, but if you are addicted you might think about going cold turkey. The secret to kicking affine is lots and lots of water.
  3. NatalieS

    NatalieS New Member

    I keep a strict schedule, and I find that to be helpful because I sleep better at night and am ready to get up in the morning. Also, I would never survive off of only seven hours of sleep; I get nine to ten each night. I exercise right after I wake up, and that keeps me going throughout the day. If I feel sleepy later, I take a walk around noon, or I dance a little bit in the evening.
  4. marife0126

    marife0126 New Member

    Even without caffeine, i can increase my energy by having enough sleep. Then, i would wake up early in the working , take a bath, be free from any mental stress. I should be enthusiastic everyday, be positive-minded all the time and live my life fully. I should not forget to put a smile on my face.
  5. Melissa McNamara

    Melissa McNamara New Member

    I wish I could get 9 to ten hours of sleep, but considering my current schedule, I don't even know if that's possible. I'm usually studying until after midnight and then my son goes to daycare at 9:30 a.m. Unfortunately, the daycare is like 20 minute away, so we're always scrambling out the door at the last minute. Even if I drink caffeine until right before I go to bed, I can still fall asleep without a problem. Usually if I feel sleepy, it's more like a mini coma where a walk might work a little bit...but it's usually a walk to the gas station to get some caffeine. :laugh:
  6. theinvoker

    theinvoker New Member

    Eat an apple instead of drinking coffee. It is a fact that an apple can actually energize your naturally in the same that a regular cup of coffee will, and it much more healthier. I need to stay up always because i am a law student, and i tried doing all kinds of stuff just to stay awake, and one thing i tried before is drinking coffee just to be energized, but it did not work. I tried eating apple, and voila! It works. Eating an apple charges me up, better than coffee. As the saying goes: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.. Don't settle for the energy drinks as advertised, they are only full of sugar.
  7. FishRD

    FishRD New Member

    Eating healthy, exercising, and plenty of sleep are all excellent ways to feel energized and well rested throughout the day. Overtime a caffeine addiction will only cause us to need more and more caffeine to produce the same effect. While weaning off of caffeine is very hard, most people actually feel more energized after they altogether stop drinking it.
  8. Meka Jones

    Meka Jones New Member

    The best and most effective way to remain energized throughout your day is to engage in at least 150 minutes of aerobic, or cardio, exercises weekly, as recommended by the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults. A brisk walk each morning will work wonders to rev up your metabolism and provide you with energy. Exercise also improves your sleep, which increases your energy levels and raises your awareness.
  9. playadc

    playadc New Member

    I agree with other posters, keep a strict sleep schedule of no more than 7-9 hours, with a regular bedtime. Try stretching in the morning -- basic yoga stretches always help me wake up and get my blood pumping. Once I have stretched I walk my dogs, and getting outside for a quick brink walk always gets me ready to start the day. Once I am physically and mentally set for the day I'm less likely to feel tired or lazy.
  10. nikki0

    nikki0 New Member

    I agree with others about keeping a schedule. I have also found that getting outside, even for a few minutes, helps me feel better.
  11. francescurrit

    francescurrit New Member

    My doctor recommends taking a sublingual B-12 supplement daily for energy. According to the National Institutes of Health, if you don't get enough B-12, you may be susceptible to anemia, fatigue, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, and even weight loss.
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  12. disasters

    disasters New Member

    Eat organic food, if you don't do that yet. Or at least, no GMOs, no artificial stuff, no fructose corn-syrup, etc. Artificial and genetically modified food seems to be taking a toll on people's lives every day. Energy decreases, depression arises, unhealthy hearts, diabetes...etc
    Teas are a great way to replace coffee. Some have caffeine some don't. They have antioxidants and tons of good stuff for you. Of course, if you choose organic tea, even better.

    Just remember, naturally we do not need those chemicals in the morning.
  13. badette

    badette New Member

    I think you can increase your energy, by simply getting enough sleep. The recommended amount of sleep for adults per day is 8 hours. Eating the right amount of foods all through out the day can also help with your energy. And if you want to take vitamins, you can also do that. All in all, a healthy life style is the foundation for getting the energy that you need to function well!
  14. ShellyA

    ShellyA New Member

    Vitamin B12 is great for energy. I take one every morning, and also a vitamin B12 shot. Of course eating right and getting enough rest, also play a big factor.
  15. quercitron

    quercitron Member

    Basically, you just need to consume anything that gets you an adrenaline rush. This may be anything from exercising regularly to vitamins and even by a simple mint. Caffeine functions as a stimulant. It simply gets you a head start to have a full energy for the day. Things that triggers your, that stimulates you would help in having a supple amount of energy.
  16. cfulton33

    cfulton33 New Member

    This topic drew my interest as I am a caffeine addict! I now get caffeine withdrawal headaches in the morning if I drink too little coffee or wait too long before having any. I do know that drinking at least 64 oz of water will really improve my energy. The simple healthy principles that doctors recommend we do routinely really impact energy too. Regular sleep schedule and sufficient sleep helps so much!

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