How to keep a long distance relationship?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jeda30, May 22, 2019.

  1. jeda30

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    I've been into a long distance relationship for almost a year and as the day goes by it becomes harder and more complicated. Even if the two of you are exerting so much effort just to make your relationship works, it still feels like all your dreams and plans are beyond reality. A long distance relationship is seems to be a struggle for every couple because there are really lot of factors that may affect it specially the trust and time difference.

    But what else should everyone do to keep it for real?
  2. git531

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    Certainly long distance relationships can be very difficult. First of all you have to be positive and trust your partner. When i was in an distance relationship a few years back, me and my gf we used to play online games together everyday. We used to send presents and love letters to each other. Distance relationship mostly require dedication and lots of communication. Its not meant for everyone but you can certainly make it work. Good luck to you.
  3. itthomas

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    Long distance relationships can be pretty rough. If you and your partner are committed to each other, and there is an end to the "long distance" part of your relationship in sight, you can attempt to make it work. However if not, or if you are not able to meet with them in person every so often, I would advise you to not get yourself wrapped up in that relationship. For both people to keep that up for an extended amount of time would be next to impossible, and someone is going to get their heart broken.
  4. AprilDeOcampo

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    Commitment and constant communication is the key to a successful long distance relationship. Allow your partner to grow as individual, don't limit him/her to be online all the time just because you are not together. Learn to trust each other. Adhere to a common schedule for your "we time" and allow her to to spend time with his/her family and friends.
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    I am in a long distant relationship since one year. This is a very difficult situation everyday. But we just concentrate on our goals because there will be a day where we will be together. So that is what motivate me to continue and the relationship should be based on trust and honesty.
  6. Long distance relationship is a difficult situation. The only thing you can do is to trust and be loyal to your relationship.
    Because if you love each other distance is not a hindrance to your relationship. Have faith and let God be the center of your relationship. We all know that temptation is everywhere but remember this temptation is not a sin, doing temptation is a big sin. Have faith and be strong to your relationship. There are many ways to keep your relationship stronger, use social media to contact each other like facebook and messenger.
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    A long-distance relationship is difficult. But maintaining the love for each other is a choice. The only thing that you need if you are in a long-distance relationship is the trust and faithfulness to each other. Note! Loyalty and faithfulness are not the same when it comes to relationships. If you can maintain that, then you don't have any problem that your relationship might break. It also needed to inform your loved ones even he/she is far from you. You also need to maintain your closeness when he/she still by your side.

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