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  1. Richelle Monique

    Richelle Monique New Member

    Living a meaningful life doesn't always mean that you have to live it to its fullest. But for me, living a meaningful life means getting to do the things that is right and the things that make you happy. Involving and engaging yourself with a lot of people that you encounter can have a great impact not only to you but for them also. I'd say that as you plant a seed to grow yourself, you must also plant a seed to other people for them to grow, and eventually all the good things that you've done to other people will soon be something that will return to you, a good karma :)
  2. eds21

    eds21 New Member

    Living a meaningful life for me is what you really want to happen in your life that you wont really regret becoming what is the output will be. Just to feel free of the world and not letting somebody stop you from the best you can ever be and just trust your inner self out because that's what you truly are. To make a reunion to family friends every good occasion is a good thing to life for cause we only live once you better share your best memory to your love once right. :)
  3. cristine santos

    cristine santos New Member

    In My opinion, Living a meaningful life is living with a purpose. And sometimes it is kinda hard Because a lot of people took a lifetime to find the purpose of their life.
  4. Princessi092

    Princessi092 New Member

    First of all start it with God. God is the prime reason of everything. Living your life meaningful starts with faith. All the other stuff follows.
    You have to know the purpose of your life.
    Value life
    Set goals
  5. Erasto

    Erasto New Member

    Surround yourself with loving and positive people. Eat healthy and exercise. Try not to take yourself too seriously, life should also be an adventure so try take the time out to travel if you can, it will help you gain a better perceptive on things.
  6. CuddleMonster

    CuddleMonster New Member

    Learning or knowing the meaning of life will take forever to discuss and explain to a crowd. It's a question with no correct answer and accept explanation to anybody or anyone from different paths of life. But for me, the true meaning of life is acceptance. Accepting anything or anyone is simple deeds and very easy to do. Some people forget that life will not ask for luxury, things that will make you happy or a new iphone x. Life only want you to accept that every one is a human being that cries when get hurt, beg for freedom and ask for respect.
  7. Jsteph

    Jsteph New Member

    A meaningful life don't exist, it is a mirage that have deceived people over time, there is nothing like getting yourself together. My reason is because society has giving their own definition of what having meaningful life should be like, they tell you to do a whole lot of things, follow rules they can't follow.

    Having a meaningful life is you being you, there is no special ingredients, have fun and be creative. Do those things you wish you did, because there is no much time to keep thinking, live your life and have no regrets.
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  8. Jsteph

    Jsteph New Member

    A meaningful life don't exist, it is a mirage that have deceived people over time, there is nothing like getting yourself together. My reason is because society has giving their own definition of what having meaningful life should be like, they tell you to do a whole lot of things, follow rules they can't follow.

    Having a meaningful life is you being you, there is no special ingredients, have fun and be creative. Do those things you wish you did, because there is no much time to keep thinking, live your life and have no regrets.
  9. keithleeey

    keithleeey New Member

    I guess the best answer to that question is that in order for you to live a meaningful life, you should live in a way that you satisfy your existence. You will not find your life meaningful if you yourself don't know its worth
  10. Shamimbilha

    Shamimbilha New Member

    To me living a meaningful life implies opening up yourself to the spirit of God. That is giving all of you to Christ or nothing at all. I believe that when we do this then we can confidently say that we 'lived a meaningful life'

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  11. Evz1417

    Evz1417 New Member

    Take the time to appreciate the little things in life. We tend to over plan which keeps us super busy. We never stop to just be in the moment and enjoy what we have in life -whether it be an amazing cup of coffee or the company we keep. It is these little things that are what truly brings us joy and happiness in life. When we learn to live in the moment, we realize we are truly blessed.
  12. Msplayer

    Msplayer New Member

    Meaningful itself suggests a subjective narrative. I wouldn't say, one can determine what has meaning and what does not. Unless we're talking about a literal human-made interpretation like a word's definition. It just goes back to nature vs nature, which isn't something that can be effectively discussed. I would say a simple formula provides a great negotiation...But still doesn't make it right! For example. If we're all energy, existing on a plain of energy on our own paths. I'd say the only thing to worry about, is making sure your energy, or your path doesn't interfere with another's without their voluntary will. Will, being the one distinguishable aspect that has subjectiveness in that scenario. Because depending on someone else's "Will" yours might not matter.

    Long story short:Do what makes you happy, for you. Don't hurt anyone else doing it.
  13. mcnave

    mcnave New Member

    To live a meaningful life is to live in a positive way. I know it may be hard with all the unexpected circumstances that randomly comes along the way and staying positive may sometimes hard to grasp. To be able to live meaningfully we have to look at the brighter side and choose to be happy always. Surround ourselves with people worth having and deal politely with those who aren't. Just know that we have greater joy and wonderful life knowing that God is watching us always in all the ways. At the end of the day we define who we are and we give meaning to every aspects that we do.
  14. vooa2828

    vooa2828 New Member

    I find really uplifting that many of this answers mention God. Right know I feel that I am at this dry river, trying to reboot my life and start building it from the ashes. I don't know which way to take, but i'm confident that God knows the answer. But in order to give God control of our lives, we must let all our pride go. It is only on him that we find the best version of ourselves.
  15. Mona Fe Parrenas

    Mona Fe Parrenas New Member

    Many people may question the importance of the meaning of life and how it would help someone through the journey of life. Meaning in life gives a person a purpose in life, it motivates people to do something they love. Meaning can be extracted from anything, it can derive from a person's job, hobby or family and we are free to choose. It can also reduce the suffering we experience in this world. Everything we do in life is for the future result of happiness. Similarly, finding the meaning of life potentially makes people happy. There are questions that arise when talking about this subject such as, can you have a meaningful life without being religious? Or is there life after death? The answer to these questions may differ from person to a person. A religious person might answer the first questions by saying that the purpose or meaning of their life is to serve God and an atheist might say that the purpose of their life is to improve. Still Life Is by Choice.
  16. Felansel

    Felansel New Member

    Living a meaningful life doesn't mean you have to be the most successful or richest person in the world. Living a meaningful life just means you've been true to yourself by doing things you really wanted and becoming a positive person in your community and at some point you are contented on what you have and what you have become through the years. Only the person who is living himself/herself can say if he did lived a meaningful life, and no other person can judged you by living your life the way you wanted it.

    We can live our meaningful life in many ways it's either by having a successful job that provides your family foods and things or just to be a good person who helps and give joys to others. But in the end, only you will decide how would you rate yourself if you live with satisfaction.
  17. KIMIAN

    KIMIAN New Member

    Life is meaningful when we are able to live life to the fullest. However, we experience failures and challenges so that we are able to find our purpose in this world. A purpose that makes us a better person to the society.
  18. simplymommy

    simplymommy New Member

    I can say my life is meaningful if I serve my purpose well. And that is to become the best parent to my children. Not everybody is given this opportunity to become one. So when you receive this beautiful gift treasure it and make the most of it.
  19. Andrea Leila

    Andrea Leila New Member

    Living a meaningful life starts within yourself. When you create something with your own will and decision it is the start of your life giving your life a meaning is also making your life worth living, Remember that our life is something to enjoy, have fun , make new friends discover something new. Cherish your own life reflects to others how good you are to yourself it will inspire them to be good to themselves too.
  20. kwwrites

    kwwrites New Member

    I think living a life where you try to do the least harm is the most important thing. It's not possible to live a life free of harm - from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, the processes often exploit and harm others, but deciding where your own boundaries are and sticking to them is one thing you can do. Also, accepting that your idea of 'meaningful' is going to be different to mine, and not worrying about what other people think. As I get older, I find myself valuing more what my close friends and family think, and less what strangers may think. Good luck!
  21. bubbledie

    bubbledie New Member

    To live a meaningful life is to live by the God's purpose. Because I believe each of us has their own purpose in life, and it didn't stop. some of us are still struggling and still asking yourself like "why we have to be born on this earth", "why this is happening to us", ". everything is according to a plan and even we are not born yet. The answer is in the Bible by following HIM we can live the life meaningfully. :)
  22. Cathyikay12

    Cathyikay12 New Member

    You only live once.Live your life to the fullest. Spend your money on purpose. Help people in need. Organize outreach program to give help for those who suffer from calamity and poverty. Travel more with your family make memories if you can.
  23. riane

    riane New Member

    I asked this myself a thousand times and until now I am still not certain how to do it. I personally think it does not have a secret formula, or rules or standard procedures. We were given free will; all have been laid out for us and it's up to us how to live our life.
    In my opinion, to have a meaningful life takes great courage and acceptance. Life is really unfair; all things are difficult before they are easy. Your plans don't work most of the time. Some people have choices; others don't. Some people live lavishly; some trying to make ends meet. But at the end of the day, you have to deal with it.
    Life is a never-ending journey. It takes curiosity, bravery, endurance, love and plus other recipes to get through it. We have different perceptions of how to live life.
    As for me, life becomes meaningful if we take, accept and learn whatever it'll throw at us. The choices we make matters most.
    The people I chose to be with, the scars of my past, the memories I chose to keep, and the time spent with my loved ones define my life.
  24. Mia D.

    Mia D. New Member

    For me to be able to live a meaningful life is to be happy and thanking god for waking you up everyday. Even if you're struggling at the moment don't lose hope. You will solve your problems in no time.
  25. Mia D.

    Mia D. New Member

    For me to be able to live a meaningful life is to help other people. Helping them (either financially or emotionally). Be a role model. Also be HAPPY. Blessed are we for waking up each day.
  26. ace008

    ace008 New Member

    To live a meaningful life is a philosophical quest for me. First of all I have to address life itself and its definition before I can even attempt to embark on making it meaningful. In philosophy, being involves two things: structure and substance, and for the purpose of this discussion thread perhaps meaning can be attributed to the substance of our bodily or structural existence. In other words, without structure, without our body, there will be no substance, and therefore no meaning - at least on philosophical grounds because theology says that our body is just a manifestation of our spirit or substance. Not to worry though because philosophy eventually leads to that kind of theologizing.

    Take a part of our body for example: the eyes. By itself our eyes can give us sight, it can make us see. It has meaning when we are able, among others, to appreciate beauty in nature or in other people. Thus our eyes become meaningful because it is able to do what it was meant to do and that is for us to see. If we pluck our eyes and play it like marbles then our eyes loses its meaning because it was used for the wrong thing. The example may be a bit shocking or absurd to many but probably unknown to most of us there are things in our life that we possess that are not being used for the right purpose. In a subtle way for example, we can use our eyes just for looking at the defects of others and/or intentionally see only the evil things. In this respect, our eyes loses its meaning.

    Meaning therefore is our life lived for the right purpose. The greek philospopher Socrates aptly described this quest for meaning when he said, " the unexamined life is not worthy of living." And so if I ask myself if my life has any meaning, perhaps I can examine myself if I live too selfishly or do I give a part of myself; am I able to do my very best in everything I do or do I just live a mediocre existence? Just the mere asking already sets us in the right direction, in our quest for finding meaning in our lives.
  27. mariacarlapozon

    mariacarlapozon New Member

    Many people keeps on searching on how to live a meaningful life, but many times people find it hard to find the real purpose in life. Let me share a quote from Ecclesiastes 12:13 "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man". From this quote one can really say that our life is not solely our own and that somebody owns it and that is our God Lord Jesus Christ. We are His creation and we have a duty and responsibility first to our Creator. We don't exist for our own purpose but for the purpose of God. We are not free to choose what we want to but we are free to choose between good and evil. Then, if we choose God than evil, happy are we for we have found the purpose in life but if we choose the evil way we don't have purpose in life.
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  28. joyvera

    joyvera New Member

    How to live a meaningful life, makes real sense, as we get older, as we become more mature in life. It is when one is able to contemplate on the kind of life he or she is living everyday. I believe that God has given us this life while He has given us the freedom on how to live it. Yes, He has master plans for each and everyone of us, however, it could not be fathomed easily in just a snap. As for me, I do believe that all that God allows to happen in our lives are written on His master plan and I think the most important value God wants us to know and learn is to always love and care for one another. Be it our family member, relatives or not. Life is spent meaningfully when we know deep in our hearts that we are doing good to others not because we can gain something for ourselves, but because we know that it is our obligation to take care of others. Moreover, it is a meaningful life being spent when we are living each day as honest as we can be to ourselves, and not pretending to be someone we are not, just to submit for others applause.
  29. iceiceice

    iceiceice New Member

    To live a meaningful life, you need to be an optimistic. Inhale the positive thoughts and exhale the negative one. Do the things that makes you happy. Do it now before you regret it and you will realize your life become meaningful because you follow your heart and happiness. We can only live once, so be positive and thankful for the life that we receive.
  30. Clarkson

    Clarkson New Member

    Nowadays, people are too busy with their lives. Living a meaningful life maybe hard to others. In my point of view, touching the lives of others will make our lives meaningful. It's not how much you earn,it's not all about money, but it's about humanity. I think sharing our blessings to the less fortunate people is a good way to have a meaningful life. There will always be lesser and greater people than us, but it is essential to touch the life of other people by doing good deeds.

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