How to make a good perspective poem?

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    First of all, I would like to say that I'm not a professional poet but they say I'm a good one. But I only write tagalog poems.

    Perspective poetry is said to be the form of writing feelings that you don't of haven't felt. In order for you to create a good perspective poem, first is that we have to define what is the difference between perspective and point of view.
    • Point of view focuses on the type of narrator used to tell the story
    • Perspective focuses on how this narrator perceives what’s happening within the story
    By my understanding, these two differ in the way that point of view of a poem is how the writer see's the situation being cited in a piece or in story, while perspective is how the writer puts the emotions and how he feels about the situation being written.

    For me being a perspective poet I suggest if you want to make a perspective poem is to use the following steps:

    1.Know your story. (be fully aware of what you are going to write for the readers not to be confused of the details)

    2.Clear you personal emotions. (given that these types of poems are suppose to portray other's emotion, you must be able to show or express your perspective emotion. It is really hard to write broken heart's story when your in love.)

    3.Create your own techniques. ( this step will help you in your next pieces since when you develop a technique you're comfortable with, words will just come out in your mouth delivering your technique.)

    4.Find the right words. (If your writing an English piece I advise to have a dictionary with you. Also we all know that rhymes make good poems so there you go)

    5.Put the proper emotions. (to show the feelings you want to show, you don't just put the emotion to the poem itself but you put feelings/ intonations word by word syllable by syllable.)

    6.Memorize. (this is very essential most importantly if you are planning to perform your piece at any open mic events. By memorizing everything, you will be easier for you to make your audience feel what you want then to feel)

    7. Be confident ( this is one of the problems of most of the non professional writers today. most seem to be ashamed of their work that when opportunity comes they are so afraid that others might find them weird. Don't be ashamed of your art because every art is a beauty.)

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