how to make a youtube video intro and outro?

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  1. nico.21

    nico.21 New Member

    i wan't to ask you how or what apps that i can make a youtube video intro and outro?and i wan't to know how to smooth the audio of the video.advance thanks for your answer.
  2. Joy Panganiban

    Joy Panganiban New Member

    You can check all available application for making Youtube video.
    You can edit the video.
    For intro you need to introduce yourself and the topic of your video tell something about it and make sure you let them know what they can get or learn from your video.
    For outro well, thank them for watching your video also ask them for any suggestions for your video topic improvement.
  3. trivs

    trivs New Member

    I am making youtube video using my iPhone. iPhone is best for making youtube video because of its good camera. The video quality of iPhone camera is almost same as the quality of digital camera. iPhone is very handy and is always in my hand ready to take video anytime. The only problem is the battery, it drains so fast.
    About video editing, there are so many apps that you can download from the Appstore but I am personally using iMovie because it is made by Apple and is available only for Apple products. iMovie is easy to use and has a lot of features that you can make an intro/outro and of course, the content of your video can be personalized using your iPhone music and photo library.
    Another good thing is that once you finished editing you can upload it straight to your social media account or save it to your phone.
  4. Nikki Anne Chua

    Nikki Anne Chua New Member

    To make the most effective intro and outro for your YouTube channel, it should have a few features. Definitely, it should be original, it should have an impact on your audience, and lastly it should be short and simple. If you've observed other youtuber, their intro usually is the greeting that's very lively. Here are several examples ; Janina Vella uses "Hey! Hey! Hey!" , Isha Boromeo uses "Hello Heiressloves" and another example is Wil Dasovich's intro which is "What's up mga Tsong mga Chang!".
  5. I had made a intro and outro video for my Youtube channel and I was only using my Iphone5s. The result was still amazing and entertaining. I only used 2 video apps for my intro and outro video of my youtube channel. You can check my intro video in my Youtube channel @Chamson Vlog and I can teach you how I made it.
  6. jimboyjenkins

    jimboyjenkins New Member

    For intros and outros, you should make something that will keep the audience on their seats and not be bored in the first 5 seconds of the video. For intros, I suggest you give a little tease for your audience of what your video is about. Remember to keep it short, because long intros never work. For outros, give thanks to your audience first for watching your video before asking them to like it or something and also suggest your other videos because there is a high chance that they will be interested since they sit through your video.
  7. dee yhosa

    dee yhosa New Member

    I have a Youtube account since 2007, before we usually upload videos that don't have intros and outros. I've watch so many youtube videos and they have these tutorial videos on how to make intros and outros. Intros are more like greetings from the viewers, your youtube channel, display or logo of your channel, some clips of the content, and mostly slides of who is the content creator. While Outros are like a closing remarks and thanking the viewer for watching until the end of the video and telling them to subscribe or click a thumbs up button if they like the video they've watched.
  8. RMariz

    RMariz New Member

    In doing my youtube or personal videos i used this app called " Quik ". It has Intro and Outro and very user friendly! It's an app intended for a Go pro device but it works with photos and videos captured with phone or other device such as Drone. You can choose your favorite photos and video clips then let Quik work its magic. In seconds, it finds great moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs everything to the beat of the music. You can customize your story with text, music and more then easily share it with friends. You can make a video with your smartphone but for a better quality i suggest you download the software itself on your computer, the downside is the software has a system requirement.

    You can also use the app called 'Filmore Go", Honestly i prefer this app that Quik , The only reason i mostly use Quik is because it is compatible with my Go pro which i usually use to capture videos during my trips. It's also user friendly, works in smartphones and PC. Go check it out!
  9. aboxparody

    aboxparody New Member

    There are multiple ways on making an intro and outro for your videos. There are free templates online that you can use. You'll just have to edit the text, and presto!, you have your intro/outro. If you want to make your own, you can use Adobe AfterEffects and Photoshop to create your own intro. There are lots of videos online, use them as your guide and utilize the intro or outro that suits you the best.
  10. Elune

    Elune New Member

    If you're not really into the greasy stuff of making videos. I'd recommend you to use video templates, or video editing app from playstore. You can use PowerDirector, and Vegas Pro for pc. They have user friendly interface. What do you mean to "smooth" ? If that means reducing the noise of an audio and enhancing the quality. You can use audacity, Power Director has a feature that can clean your audio. All these can be also done with Adobe Premiere, but it's a bit tricky than those software I've mentioned.
  11. kuyakoy

    kuyakoy New Member

    Intro and Outro videos are very important for running a successful Youtube channel. You can promote it by making a worthy content for your audience. All you need for this is video tool or platform like Renderforest. It offers you various ready-made templates that are Customizable and easy to use.
  12. kaykaywantstono

    kaykaywantstono New Member

    I made an Intro in PowerPoint. It turned out pretty good. I just save it as a mp4. There are numerous ways to make Intros and Outros. Good Luck!
  13. porkkyextra

    porkkyextra Member

    You can use viva video or other editing apps from playstore and app store. If you're using your computer, it would be easier. You can use vegas, movie maker or even power point! It is also easier to edit when using pc.
  14. rrefalcon9

    rrefalcon9 New Member

    First thing that you must set on your mind before making youtube intro or outro yuo must know what is the purpose of your video, what are the benefits and why you did that video. By those principle you can start making youtube intro by using different multimedia applications like windows movie maker or some video editing application like powerapp director etc. And Make sure that your introduction become more attractive to the viewers and you outro will left important things that your viewers can carry in their life.
  15. inahyalung

    inahyalung New Member

    I highly recommend Panzoid, just go and search it on Google. The good thing about this site is it is free and the video quality is really good. And also watch some tutorials on YouTube on how to use it. I always use this site whenever I wanted a new intro and outro for my video project and YouTube videos.
  16. hgenoso

    hgenoso Member

    You can hire a graphic designer or digital artists / videographers usually they know how to create creative intro's and outro i suggest you go to one.
  17. EscortPay

    EscortPay New Member

    I highly recommend using Blender or Sony Vegas Pro 15 (latest version). You may search on youtube on how to create intro and outro for your videos. Of course, you will find tons of information , guides and tutorial on how to do that.
  18. Edwin Montañez

    Edwin Montañez New Member

    Well I'll guide you how to be more efficient and effective in making you tube video for intro. The only thing that I want to suggest is to read first the terms and conditions for you to be able to not over think and be guided for what you will do. Secondly is to be patient for all the works that you will do. Third is take it one step at a time, don't be nervous and just do it with your heart. Fourth is be patient. And lastly is to believe in your self. And be nice to your Subsciber.
  19. LionGee28

    LionGee28 New Member

    It's easy, First download Kinemaster and PixelLab then you search the Top 20 templates for intro in Google then go to PixelLab you make the intro name then you go to Kinemaster you place the template and name you edited in PixelLab.

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