how to make forum ?

Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by RayQuaz, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. RayQuaz

    RayQuaz New Member

    hye !
    can anyone tell me how to create a forum ?
    I was depressed to find a guide on how to make a forum
    anyone can tell me ?


  2. Joshua Farrell

    Joshua Farrell Forum & Blog Owners

    Almost all forums have instructions IN the installation itself, and some others have FAQs covering a few points about the installation.

    What forum software are you trying to install?
  3. Andriolf

    Andriolf New Member

    I am unsure myself. You could use a site that hosts free forums, like ''forummotion''. Many tools to work with, and has an option for ''Simplified'' or ''Advanced'' for beginners / advanced users.
  4. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

    Finding a guide is making you depressed? :/

    Download MyBB and upload to a free host such as Freehostia, or paid host such as DreamHost.
  5. Andriolf

    Andriolf New Member

    I think he's looking for a guide on how to create one. (Im terrible with coding this kind of stuff). I just use forummotion until I get better using a forum, then I'll take the time from my busy Starcraft II / Warcraft III schedule to learn how to code. :p
  6. Spangle

    Spangle New Member

    He must be using Google translator, I think he means he wasn't impressed to being unable to find a guide to creating a forum.
  7. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

    He's done this on how many forums?
  8. K0Killer2

    K0Killer2 New Member

    You can you InvisionFree. It's a decent free forum software, and they host it for you.
  9. Jeddi

    Jeddi New Member

    just go to Documents of any forum's official website and you'll get installation instructions...
  10. Bureda

    Bureda New Member

    Free Forum with endless amounts of free skins and add ons!

    Free, but takes some effort to make it look good, also one of the earliest forum systems, so obviously, with fame, come problems. :O
  11. capgrased

    capgrased New Member

    With regard to creating my own forum, will I have to learn a code language?
  12. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

    HTML and CSS. If your forum gets big, PHP would also be good to know.
  13. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    You don't have to learn any coding languages to run a forum. If you want to go in and make any changes outside of existing plugins, then you will need to learn something...otherwise you do not.
  14. KennyC1139

    KennyC1139 New Member

    There are many sites that offer service for this type of thing for free. They make the whole forum for you and all you need to do is add the topics and so on. Basically it'll be your very own forum, it just won't have a domain (.com) until you buy it.
  15. iislight

    iislight New Member

    VB Forums I found were very good and easy to use.
  16. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

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  17. JustGfx

    JustGfx New Member

    I'd recommend that you start your first forum off in a free forum host like then later on develop into the more advanced things once you've gotten use to it.
  18. gabszzz456

    gabszzz456 New Member

    There are many Automated Bulletin Board out there that you can register and easily get your free forum :)
  19. Arlene Gonzalez

    Arlene Gonzalez New Member

    is it possible to make money with a forum?
  20. yoosuf

    yoosuf New Member

    Well, yes essentially, you can use advertisements if you have alot of traffic, and you can even use postloop. Get enough referalls and your site will slowly regain points, which you can cashout. Donations and competitions can generate income too. Linkbucks and sites like linkbee can generate views, but some people dont like sites that are cluttered with ads and backlinks.

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