How to make your blog more popular?

Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by sspi, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. sspi

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    I have been putting off starting a blog for a long time, mainly because of lack of time. However I finally tried to start one on WordPress, and while I am a long way from making anything that good, at least I have started. I was wondering if any of you have been in my position - very new at blogging, and hoping to make your blog a decent success. One of the main reasons why I have done this is to increase my exposure, and try to do better at affiliate marketing. Are there any tips you could possibly share? Thanks in advance!
  2. Carmal900

    Carmal900 New Member

    You have cross the first and the hardest hurdle in launching your blog, there are numerous tips to aid your blog to be a well known and reliable blog. Some of the reasons are: quality articles always.
    2.endeavour to post consistently
    3.try and register to different forum to share your blog.
    4.above all your blog design matters, you have to keep it simple as possible, easy to navigate for readers, easy to load. etc.
    Hope it help!
  3. Lucadwong

    Lucadwong New Member

    While I certainly am not a popular blogger by any means, my two blogs get a decent amount of views. I think the thing that is key is consistently posting quality content. You can publicize this content on social media, forums, and elsewhere.

    As you get more views, your SEO will improve, and you'll start to see more and more organic traffic. Growth is going to be slow at first, but it snowballs, growing exponentially as you continue to write.

    Good luck!
  4. smarthands

    smarthands New Member

    You need to define why you are blogging, is it for fun or to make money. Whatever your motive for blogging is, you need a good followership to get gratification. How do you get followers? Traffic. Nothing drives traffic to a site better than quality and original posts. Publishing recycled and plagiarized content is a sure way of getting poor results. Whatever topic you choose to write on, ensure it is relevant and valuable (solves a problem). Also endeavour to make your posts interactive; respond to comments on your posts.
    Other tips include; share your posts on social media and forums, understand the use of keywords in your posts (SEO), and ensure your blog is user friendly.
    Never forget that there are billions of sites on the Internet, so the competition is real. However don't be discouraged, you may not have it the way you wanted initially but with persistence and dedication, you will get it right.
  5. Ademola Adeosun

    Ademola Adeosun New Member

    I seem to be in the same situation that you find yourself at the moment. I have read a couple of write ups, watched some videos and attended a couple of training on blogging. Let me share some of the things I learnt with you.
    • You need to know why you are blogging and structure your blog to reflect this from the word go. Are you doing it for fun or to make serious money?
    • Traffic is the currency that spins the income for bloggers, your blog posts must be on interesting subjects that are original and they must add value to subscribers.
    • Using a platform like WordPress allow you to access several plugins which you can use in promoting your blog to get traffic.
    • There are specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugins that you can take advantage of while writing your posts in order to make such posts rank high when their subject matter is being searched on the search engines such as; Google, Bing, and so on.
    • WordPress also have several share plugins which allows for easy sharing of your posts across the various available social media platforms.
    • It might be a good idea if you allow guest posts that are of very good quality in the same subject area being dealt with by the blog.
    • Allow subscribers to comment on posts and respond to such if necessary.
    • Continuously research new plugins which will better enhance your post sharing and optimization drive.
    • Having a library or resource center with other multimedia content such as; video, podcast, audio, downloadable pdf reports and the likes, which allow subscribers to be glued to the blog site for longer duration is very helpful for search engine ranking.
    • Regular content addition through posts is also key to having a high search engine ranking.
  6. Mallory Whitaker

    Mallory Whitaker New Member

    I'm not a blogger myself, and can't offer as solid of advice as the above, but you could always use sites like this one to pay people to comment and bring some more traffic to your site. I will echo Carmal900: blog design really does matter. Keep it simplistic. I've seen too many blogs that will take forever to load each page because they've tried to do so much on their site at once that I give up on reading them, even if I find their content engaging.
  7. potentialwriter

    potentialwriter New Member

    Making a blog more popular is one of the most serious challenges faced by hundreds of online entrepreneurs today. To others, techniques to blog popularity are really figured out and making money online is as simple as the first three letters of the alphabet. These categories of people have a lot of testimonies to account for while addressing online marketing issues and how to resolve them. Without performing all necessary search engine optimization tasks, a blog remains visible to no one. It isn't visible to the world yet and remains like that for as long as nothing is done to optimize it for better search results.

    Performing online marketing activities to make a blog more popular and visible to the target audience can be done in a number of ways. Every blogger must realize that content is king as far as popularizing a blog is concerned. Writing a huge number of quality articles included with fresh images makes a blog search engine friendly. The act of publishing duplicate content must be avoided. It seriously harms a blog and makes it enunciating to the search engines. Every successful blogger realized this fact initially that plagiarism is strictly prohibited and never attempted it.
  8. vhinz

    vhinz New Member

    Here are some things that you need to consider to make a blog popular

    The content
    Decide what contents you want to deliver to your readers and regularly update your blog. Create a compelling title to your every blog post. Provide valuable contents so that you reader will remain loyal to you they would be willing to share your blogs their friends. Build a good relationship to your audience by knowing their interests, passions, experiences, or even struggles, and create contents that about it. You also have to speak in their language and in a way that your blogs will resonate with them. Talk more about them, rather than just talking about yourself. Do not write in a very formal way, instead write in a conversational why that everyone could relate to what you are saying. And if you allow your readers to leave comments on your posts, make sure that you respond to them even by just saying thank you, for them to know that you value their participation on your blog.

    The Design
    The design of your blogging website also affects the retention of your readers. Just create a simple but professional blog website. Use text styles, size, and text color that doesn’t hurt the eyes of your readers. Readability is crucial in creating contents. No matter how good your contents are, only few will read if the text and color is not pleasant to the eyes of the readers. Add necessary picture to your blog post to make it compelling to read. Picture helps to capture the attention of the people browsing for blogs. Just use appropriate picture to make your blog post interesting.

    Create a SEO-friendly content so that your blog will be easily found in search engines. And use different social media websites to drive traffic to your blog. You could also offer ethical bribe such as a free ebook, free video, or free podcast in exchange for their signing-up to your updates so that they will stay connected to your blog and be able to receive notifications for your new blog post.
  9. Adrienne Lessie

    Adrienne Lessie New Member

    I can relate, when I first started blogging I had no idea the amount of time and effort it would take to get my blog to the point it is now. It has been a little over a year now since I published my blog site and I have to say even now it experiences spikes of popularity then drops heavily when I haven't posted anything in a while. My advice is to keep it filled with the content that excites you and post often while advertising through all the social medias you can think of. In a way, it's like a part-time if not a full-time job.

    GABTECH New Member

    How to make your blog popular??
    Honestly its require a lot of time u need to consider what kind of blog are you going to do.Focus on what kind of topic or subject for example you love playing computer games.If you going to make a blog subject i suggest do what youre love to do what are your'e passion so you can not feel that you are working becouse you already love what your'e doing.Second The concept design of your blog it is one of the critical part of blogging.How are you going to design your blog not just design a unique one that make's the view's interested to your blog content it's .Last you have to think a good online strategy to advertise your'e blog this one of the important .I suggest use the Social media to increase your'e viewers .
    Finally Have the mindset to finish your'e blog . The willingness to succeed on your field of choice.
  11. wengertzz

    wengertzz New Member

    Blogging is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. The key is having an interesting topic that the general public will have an interest with. That way your blog can land into major search engine and traffic will flow to your blog. Of course there are a lot good writers over the internet and the competition is stiff. As an advice you should write what are you passionate about. That way you will express yourself and later on people will lurk to your blog especially if the topic is within their interest.
  12. inkoglyphics

    inkoglyphics New Member

    Blogging is all about providing feedback, insights or comments on a chosen topic. It's a freedom of expression that most of us can relate into. More of like a voice of the society in different fields of discussion. Now, most of the bloggers want to monetize their pages and before that happens, of course, that page should have lots of followers or subscribers so that advertisements may flock into it. Now, aside from a no-brainer SEO optimization one easy and best way to market your blog, given that you have pretty good contents and some few believers that testify to your great post, is through popular pages or people. These people already established their markets and all you have to do is ride along with their popularity. A quick mention of your blog or better if it will be written to their post is a witty strategy and this same goes to those popular pages online too.

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