How To Manage Your Anger?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by happybear, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Onof

    Onof New Member

    You need to think first what happen if you feel anger in small reason or big reason? What happen to you if you feel that? Your getting old stress,ugly so you better think it first before you do your anger.Its not good.
  2. Rixxie

    Rixxie New Member

    The Best way to manage anger is Breath in slowly and breath out slowly. Avoid the person and think first before you speak. Sometimes when we can't manage our anger we tend to say bad things or hurtful things that can cause a trauma to someone. Most importantly words that are said in a temporary emotions can leave a big scar and hard to take back. Some people are having a hard time managing their emotions, I can greatly recommend to exercise or have some sports to have an alternate way in releasing your anger maybe do boxing and Yoga. Also, it is better to do meditation as it will greatly improve your well-being and also your life in all aspects.
  3. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    How I manage my anger? Simply, I count 1-10 and I breathe in and breath out until I am fully calm. And I also talk to myself by the way. I may look stupid or crazy but it really helps me a lot when I'm very mad.
  4. uno143

    uno143 New Member

    Anger is a powerful force that can jeopardize your relationships, your work, and your health, if you don't learn to manage it effectively. To manage anger, acknowledge that you have a problem, build a support network based on trust. Also use techniques to interrupt anger, listen, empathize, be assertive with others, and learn to relax, as well as laugh at yourself. Finally don't let anger get in the way of joys in life, and learn to forgive people who make you angry.
  5. hiezelms

    hiezelms New Member

    For me, the best way to handle anger is to control yourself and think. Whenever I get mad, I cry to somehow relieve my feelings. Then I think of the reason why I got mad and think of what would have happen if I hurt someone physically, if I say bad words to anyone or if I break things. And after thinking, I would come to realize that I cannot gain anything from doing any of those. I would rather lock myself in my room, shut my mouth up and won't talk to anyone while I am angry. With that, I can at least make myself calm until I fell asleep. And when I wake up, the feeling of anger in me might be gone.
  6. Kathryn Brock

    Kathryn Brock New Member

    I think the main thing I do to manage my anger is to pray and meditate. Through prayer and meditation I am able to calm down and assess the situation without coming from a place where I am running on high emotions. I look at anger as fear, frustration, or pain so I will sit down and identify which true emotions I am feeling.
  7. Kingmeezy

    Kingmeezy New Member

    Instead of focusing on what made you mad, work on resolving the issue at hand. Does your child's messy room drive you crazy? Close the door. Is your partner late for dinner every night? Schedule meals later in the evening — or agree to eat on your own a few times a week. Remind yourself that anger won't fix anything and might only make it worse..
  8. Andrew Leith

    Andrew Leith New Member

    I agree with your post. Anger can make us commit terrible, atrocious crimes. I have learned to control my anger. I do not generally get angry at all but if I do I just sulk and/or meditate. I may even curse but I never lash out in anger I have never ever hit a person in my life or smashed things or throw something against the wall. It's wrong. I don't do that. I check myself and do the mature thing. I think before the anger gets better hold of me and I make sure I am always in control.
  9. Jepoyrains

    Jepoyrains Member

    I'm a martial artists and I manage my anger by releasing the heat inside me. As a martial artist first thing to learn about martial arts is discipline. The purpose of martial arts is to protect your self from others. But do not abuse your knowledge about martial arts. Do not apply it to someone who are weak because you can kill them. So control your anger and do not let it to swallow you, because if you let it, you will wake up and see that the person your applying the martial arts is dead already. So control your anger or the heat inside. You can control it by inhaling oxygen to mix with the heat and make it cooler, release it by exhaling to reduce the heat inside. That heat is a chi energy. Just do it inhale exhale. Next is do not bite your teeth. It will stop the releasing of heat inside. Lastly is do not close your hands, closing your hands increases your power and strength. Shake your hand until you calm your self. Avoid a physical contact to a person who are your enemies. Keep away from them to avoid trouble.
  10. mrnndsyrfbc

    mrnndsyrfbc New Member

    I manage my anger by taking breaths like inhaling and exhaling. After that, I take a break and pray to let time pass and calm myself down. Sometimes I eat to forget all about my anger and usually after eating it just goes away and I get to continue my day.
  11. P-Scarlet

    P-Scarlet New Member

    I have created a rule for myself - when stressed or in anger, before doing or saying anything pause for a second and think it through. Acting on impulse won't do any good and that one second of thought can change the whole situation.

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