How to monetize your blog?

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  1. Jeff Zod

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    One of the best ways to monetize your blog is through Google Adsense.They pay arounf 5$ per 1000 views or per ad click.
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    Blogging is a labor of love for most bloggers. On the other hand, there’s no rule demanding that you can’t do something you love and still get paid for it. The trick is figuring out how. Chances are, anything you’re saying is already being said. The web is world wide, after all, and the world is a very, very, big place.

    How do you make it happen?
    The first thing you’ve got to do is get your blog started right: Make it a really nice blog, one that works well, and appeals to your market. Not sure how? I’ve got you covered there – use my guides to learn to blog and level up your webmaster skills! If you’re using the popular CMS to power up your blog, learn more about WordPress. After that, though, you’ve got to figure how to turn potential into dollars.
    There’s no one right way to do this, and sometimes the best way is to do something that hasn’t been done before. . . either way, though, the best next step is to find out how the people who have already succeeded are doing it. One look around, and you’ll notice they’ve taken a lot of different paths to success. I’ve brought a whole bunch of them together to tell you how they get it done, so listen, learn, and then go make money!

    foolow this seven steps:
    1. Google AdSense

    Hands down, Google AdSense is still the most effective way to monetize a blog. But it can give you decent money once your blog start getting massive traffic.

    Let’s say you are getting 1,000 visits a day, you can easily expect 200$ to 300$ a month by leveraging your blog traffic. Place your GA ads wisely to get more clicks. After all, it’s all about more clicks = more money!

    Note: If you don’t have Google Adsense account approved, then you can try Infolinksas it is a best Google Adsense alternative.

    2. Banner ads

    If you are not interested in placing Google AdSense ads on your blog, showing banner ads is the finest way to make more money. Use Buy sell ads services to post your blog details. If your blog is receiving potential traffic, you will get many opportunities from other people to place their ads on your sites. You can contact to some big brands in your niche for direct advertisement. It’s one of the profitable method to earn from blogging.

    3. Product reviews

    I know few people who are making $100 to $500 just by publishing 2 to 3 product reviews a month on their blogs. Posting product reviews is the effective way to make money from a site. If your website has loyal readership it works like a charm. You can charge $100 to $500 per review depending on your site.

    4. Blog services

    If you are a beginner and have a passion towards selling your skills, this is definitely for you. You can sell your writing services, logo services, theme creation or plugin generation services on your blogs to make money.

    The good thing about this monetization model is, you don’t need huge traffic to make more money. But you do need quality exposure from the RIGHT people to take your services. The more clients you have the more money you can generate each and every month.

    5. Affiliate marketing

    Want to make money even while you sleep? Affiliate marketing is the right choice for you then. But you do need to have some skills to sell others products on your sites. Remember no one likes to buy stuff from strangers. So according to me if you have an email list of hungry people you can make lots of money from affiliate marketing. Patience is the real key in making more money from affiliate marketing.

    6. Sell your own products

    If nothing works for you to make money online, sell your own products. It can range from selling eBooks, information products, plugins, themes etc. It totally depends on your skills. Figure out where you are good at. Are you a better writer, developer or speaker? Launch your products after analyzing your skills to maximize your revenue.

    7. Build an Email List

    One of the best ways to make money online is to build an email list.

    Email list is the way to go if you want to make decent income from your blogging efforts. Money is in the list. If you are not building an email list, you are definitely losing money on the table. Start building an email list from day one of your blogging career.

    If you are wondering how to get more email subscribers, this is for you. We will discuss the effective ways to grow your email list. Let’s dive in.

    1. Drive more traffic: No matter how good your offer is, you won’t get more email subscribers without driving quality traffic to your sites. The more traffic you have the faster you can grow your email list, it’s as simple as that. Use guest posts,blog comments, PPC ads etc. to drive more traffic to your blogs or landing pages.
    2. Offer a freebie: If you want to quickly build an email list, give away something for free. Online readers don’t sign up to your sites just because you are building a list. They want a reason to subscribe to any newsletter. So find out your target audience and write specific reports or eBooks for them. You can also give away videos, podcasts etc. The tip here is to make sure your freebie is something worth reading.
    3. Use a best autoresponder: I use and recommend GetResponse. If you are serious about building an email list, use services like GetResponse, AWeber, Mad Mimi etc. Because email list is a business and every business needs investment. I hope you are getting me.
    4. Use landing pages: Blog pages are a big distraction in general. If you want more conversions on your email lists, try using landing pages. Landing pages give less distraction to the users and they often get more conversion rates. You can use the tools like OptimizePress, Thrive Landing Pages etc. to build landing pages.
    5. Use effective call to actions: Don’t use the words like “subscribe” “get free updates” etc. on your websites. People are just fed up of seeing them. Use effective call to actions like “Get your freebie now” “download your report” etc. to easily convince your visitors to subscribing to your mailing lists. Be creative while creating call to actions.
    6. Use social media sites: Social media is the powerful way to get more email leads. Social media is only growing bigger and bigger. If you are not spending quality time on engaging with others on social media, you are definitely losing many people visiting your sites. Create Facebook fan pages, be active on twitter and get in touch with other people on G+ to grow your network.
    7. Pro tip to making money online: Before using any monetization model from above, always be sure to test every model one after the other. Don’t try to monetize your blog using all the methods that you come across online. You won’t make even a penny if you focus on every monetization method.
    So what are your thoughts on monetizing a blog or website in 2016 and beyond? What are the proven methods that helped you to make money online? Please share your thoughts in the comments.
  3. Smith

    Smith New Member

    Hi guys,
    I want to monetize my blog with affiliate marketing since my adsense is not generating that kinda revenue that one can say IS ENOUGH.
    Actually i write on multiple categories of stuff and recently i have been getting a lot of audience on my blog which makes me think it might be the right time to integrate with affiliate program.
    The Only problem with this decision making is that i have no idea which program to go for. I mean, should i join some local UK affiliate program or should i go US or international?
    I've asked some bloggers who are involved with such monetization method but never the same answer. I did my research but also confusing.
    There are local programs which i searched and found great with the commission plans and approval methods but i have no insight on this one or any other program for that matter of fact. This revglue program that i came across via google seems to offer good stuff but it comes after you subscribe to their stores data feed. A bit different from others it seems. these are the tools that they are providing, can anyone help me out that is it worth the try or there is something else that i need to consider?
    I'll wait for a response.
  4. profc

    profc New Member

    In case you're creating an decent amount of traffic, you may be drawn nearer by a business hoping to support your site. There are typically two solicitations you get in these cases:
    1.Paid surveys or sponsorship posts
    2. Flag promotions ​
    Paid surveys are the point at which the business sends you their item and pays you to compose an audit about it, yet you are not committed to compose a positive survey. On the other hand, a few organizations will support an explicit post in return for a connection back to their site. It is a moral practice to unveil the sponsorship to your readers.
    Banner ads are exactly what they seem like. They're advertisements you put in "banner" style, for the most part in your sidebar. The business supporting the advertisement will frequently pay you month to month to keep the promotion up on your site.
  5. luklinder31

    luklinder31 New Member

    One other thing to think about is driving traffic to your website. You will need to drive enough traffic to your website to make money. In a recent reading, you would need about one thousand visitors a day to really start seeing some sort of earning.
  6. Danabby

    Danabby New Member

    Hi Dusan,
    The best tip I can give you is to not wait any longer and just start your blog. Domain: GoDaddy or BlueHost are good options. Monetizing comes with ads that you plug to your blog and also you could offer a digital product. I don’t know much about fitness, but have you thought of writing a fitness guide or a small e-book on dieting? You could sell this through your blog. The most important is to get traffic to your blog, so get active promoting it, and good luck!
  7. tommylacroix

    tommylacroix New Member

    Hi Dusan

    If you are just starting out in the blogging world I would recommend opening a blogspot account. There are a few advantages to this, first being; it is free! The second advantage is blogspot (or Blogger as it is also known) is a product of google, so it is viewed favorably by their other services like Adsense and Google search engine. This is to your advantage when you want to open an AdSense account (they show preference to Blogspot users) and when you build your SEO (Google is the largest search engine and gives higher SEO to it's own affiliated services like Blogspot) The other advantage is it is very simple to use, you can create quite attractive blogs on it easily, you may purchase the domain from GoDaddy without losing any of your google search ranking or visitors, and you are free to open as many different blogs as you like under one account and if you are already approved for AdSense they are all able to host ads under the same account. This can be of great advantage because I know of people who opened a blog about their own personal interest/area of expertise and it did not make much money, but they opened several other blogs on different subjects and a few of those made very good money, often much to their surprise. One woman I know had a gardening blog that most months made zero, but she opened a blog about car rentals, which she knew only a little about, but it payed out up to $500 a month. So cast your net wide and increase your chances.

    As I said Blogspot is free, and this is very important. Building a profitable blog is a huge learning process. you need to study your stats and adjust things daily until you can see results. The Blogspot dashboard is very good, offers detailed information about your traffic and is updated very quickly. Once you have AdSense, there is an even more detailed dashboard, updated in almost real time (I believe the info displayed is under one hour) as well as you can adjust your ad prefrences to target certain keywords that people use to search your blog, and more importantly that advertisers use to distribute the higher paying ads. So if you have targeted a high paying keyword like say "Keto Diet" and you have written articles about and using the term "Keto Diet" you will start to see ads related to "Keto Diet" on your blog. If Keto Diet is a high-paying keyword, the clicks you get on those Keto Diet ads will be significantly higher than some random unrelated ad that will appear if your targets are not locked in.

    Sounds complicated, right? It is at first but with all the tools and resources google, blogger, and AdSense offer you can figure it out after a few weeks. Another reason it is good to not lay out any money at first... The first few months could be lean.

    Anyways, I don't want to scare you off. Start your blog, but keep your eyes open and put a lot of work into the fine tuning. In reality the most important thing is finding an audience. You want lots of visitors, repeat visitors, and visitors that stay on your blog for longer than 5 minutes... traffic, time spent, unique views, repeat visits.... all these affect the value of any potential clicks on the ads. Think of a highway billboard. Would an advertiser pay more for a billboard on a deserted dead-end street or a busy super-highway? AdSense works the same and its all calculated by google and they show you the stats in the AdSense dashboard. You'll get the hang of it pretty quick.

    So I recommend you start with the free Blogspot... build up your blog before applying to AdSense or they will reject you... blog needs to be at least 6 months old with at least 10 posts but I recommend at least one post per week... then when you have AdSense up and running you can branch out into all the affiliate marketing and stuff, but I have zero experience with that so I cant speak to it. Just think that if you have Adsense up it is potential money coming in while you can pursue everything else.

    OK, good luck with your future empire and happy blogging!
  8. MusclePalace

    MusclePalace New Member

    Hello Dusan, I see that you are interested in blogging about fitness so I can share some of my experience with my fitness blog. It all began in 2017 when I started thinking of making my own blog and fitness and bodybuilding were my passions at that time. I made my own blog with Blogger and started creating articles every day, sometimes even 5 articles per day. After some time I realised I need to buy a domain so that I could get accepted by more ad networks, and of course, earn more money. I was doing good, I got visitors from social networks and through organic search but my problem was that I applied for Google Adsense too early and I wasn't accepted. I tried with many Ad Networks but none of these are so good as Google Adsense, so my advice to you is to write every day, share your blog, buy a domain (.com preferably) and then apply for Google Adsense. If you get approved it could make you some cash, if you have enough traffic to see and click on ads. Just be patient and work on your blog every day, that is the main thing. Don't think too much about earnings at the beginning but focus on doing everything to make your blog looks great and attracts a lot of visitors. Good luck!
  9. Pedong

    Pedong New Member

    As far as hosting is concerned, I can give you a couple of recommendations:

    NAMECHEAP - Pretty low investment and solid customer support team.
    INMOTION - A little more expensive, but also provide you with A LOT of premium solutions.

    When it comes to monetization, this has been the path for the people who earn the most in the blog world:

    ADS - Start with Google. Once you have enough traffic, there are more profitable networks you can join.
    2.MARKETING - Excellent margins, as it's pretty easy to implement once you have traffic.
    3. Your own products or services - You need not only traffic, but credibility. You'll need to invest some of your own money, but you'll also earn more.

  10. Prachipriya

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    As I can see from the previous replies to the original query, that most people are suggesting Google AdSense to be the one that new bloggers should try. But that's not entirely true. I have personally used other platforms as well which in some aspects are better in terms of fill-rate and even pay per impression compared to Google's ad platform.
    One of them would be to post ads of high-paying formats like pop-up, interstitial and rewarded-video ads, all of which are readily provided by PropellerAds. It is gaining popularity among new bloggers, and also has lower risks of getting banned for clicking on your own ads by mistake. So, if you are new, I would recommend you to give it a try.
  11. AronDhooge

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    The easiest way to monetize your blog is by putting Google ads on it. This way you just have to write interesting things so you get a lot of visist to your blog and this will result in revenue through those ads. A more complicated way is blogging about for example a way to repare something on cars and while you are writing about it, you can put links in your explenation to shops to buy the tools you are talking about in your blog. This way you can get a lot of money if you are able to convince your audience.
  12. Ashfaq007

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    Hello friends
    If you’re already teaching your visitors through your blog, why not create an exclusive learning opportunity by building a paid online course? A common way to sell these courses is by setting up an 8-week course through automated email messages or releasing the full package all at once so students can work at their own pace. Just some examples of online courses include:
  13. An awesome way to further monetize your blog other than the usual using ad networks such as Adsense, Bidvertiser, ect.. Is to look into some CPA Networks. Find an offer that has something remotely close to do with what your post is about and embed a CPA offer next to it. CPA offers are a great way to make a good amount of money online!
  14. Rexway4

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    Making money with blog is not that too hard or simple but there are things that need to be done, first you need to design your blog properly host it and promote it well.
    Now let's look at something here : Do you think you can promote an emty blog? The answer is no if you promote a blog with only write-up the readers will just come and read the blog post and go and won't archieve anything.

    So you need to monotize your blogg with google adsense or any ad-network ,this will make you money when a visitor or readers navigate through your blog content and click on some google ads that display on it, this will make you money while you sleep so its better than promoting an emty blog
  15. subhan456f

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    1. Affiliate marketing. One of the most popular methods for monetizing a blog is to leverage affiliate marketing. ...
    2. Advertisements. ...
    3. Email marketing. ...
    4. Sell ebooks. ...
    5. Sell courses. ...
    6. Sell digital products. ...
    7. Sell coaching services. ...
    8. Secure sponserships

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