How to stay forever the relationship you have?

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  1. list on how to stay strong and forever relationship:
    1. Accept Them For Who They Are. ...
    2. Give Them Space Without You. ...
    3. Appreciate Them. ...
    4. Let Them Get Upset. ...
    5. Apologize When You're Wrong (And When You're Not) ...
    6. Keep Your Relationship Sacred. ...
    7. Take Care Of Yourself.
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  2. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    1. Accept each others perfection and flaws
    2. Always understand each other
    3. Be mature.
    4. Give space.
    5. Have individual goals, and then after that, you can have goals together
    6. Be patient to one another.
    7. Don't do things that will make your partner jealous
    8. Make him/her always feel happy
    9. Love each other. Love never fails, if it fail, then its not love
  3. RyanIsTrying

    RyanIsTrying New Member

    Best question ever asked,currently trying to figure that out now. We've been together for about 10 months.
  4. Lasheen123

    Lasheen123 Member

    First of all, you should act normal when you are together, being artificial will not help because the time will come and you will not bear it anymore. So being normal and showing your flaws is better than being artificial. Taking your time to know each other is also vital, so be patient.
  5. Eboy1354

    Eboy1354 New Member

    Appreciate the time they give to you. Don't bother to say the truth. Just love her with all of your heart.
  6. Shawty05

    Shawty05 New Member

    From the start to the beginning of a relationship both partner know exactly what they dreams, expectations and responsibilities together. So if you want to stay together just go back from the first time that you've met your love one. Always keep positive in all aspect of our lives. If your love one is weak then you should be one strong and source of strength to lift him up.
  7. raiwenkai

    raiwenkai Member

    There' s no perfect in this world but for me if you want your relationship stays forever First put God in the center of your marriage/relationship, trust, love, respect forgive and forget that's all
  8. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    In every relationship that I have, I've always think of forever. Forever with the guy, through thick and thin, ups and downs, happiness and sadness. But as I grow old, I realized that what I did in my past relationship didn't held to forever. Now, I realized that I need to act mature, be more open minded, that not in every arguments I'm always the winner. Theirs no perfect relationship but you need to work harder, have an open communication, thoughtful and responsible so it will lasts. Respect your partner, his/her pros and cons because nobody is perfect.
  9. fairnlove82

    fairnlove82 New Member

    In any relation trust is very impotent element but unfortunately trust is very ease to break now a days we do not communicate with our life partner friend and with any relation to verify any issue that's why relation are break. But if we make sure before take any decision then we can realize what truth behind the cine.
  10. junick1206

    junick1206 New Member

    to stay forever in a relationship you should always be loyal to each other and always trust your partner.
  11. jeszai

    jeszai Member

    Forever is a tantamount of perfection. I am not a believer of any perfection in this world because our God is the only perfection I know and will forever have.
    But with regards to a relationship to your significant others, I have a few points of view about how to make it strong. When you are about to enter in a relationship, you have to be whole.
    Never find someone that will complete you, you have to be complete.
    The only reason why some relationship fails is that, disappointment happens when the other one cannot comply the needs of the other. This is about being in a relationship that implies the idea that someone will make you complete. That's totally tragic! That isn't a relationship that binds two people to share the love or whatever, that is being together to comply the needs of one another.
    To sum it all up, love yourself first, know your worth and share that love to the one that is meant for you. And for that lucky one, you have to become the instrument for that person to know their worth.
    Mirror the good vibes to one another, spread the love.
  12. ai7aga

    ai7aga New Member

    I'm in relationship for 15 years old. In my experience, first :you have to love their Disadvantages. Second, love them what ever they did. Third, say sorry if you didn't do any thing wrong. Fourth, agree about every thing. Fifth, be calm in every problem. Sixth, always be honest. Seventh, always care. Treat the other like you treat your child exactly.
  13. MoCuishle4

    MoCuishle4 New Member

    Lo primero es conocerse a uno mismo y aceptarse, despues de querer y aceptar a la otra persona. Muchas veces volcamos nuestras inseguridades y dudas en la otra persona y eso repercute negativamente en la pareja.
    La confianza es vital, la confianza y el respeto mutuo, son cosas que si se pierden, es muy difícil aguantar la relación y llevarla a un buen puerpuerto.
    También es importante que ambos persigan un objetivo común, si hay uno de la pareja que busca algo contrariamente al otro, desde luego van a un chocar bastante.
    La tolerancia tambien es un pilar basico, todos tenemos cosas que nos gustan menos de nosotros mismos, defectos o cositas que nos irritan, y debemos comprender que no somos los únicos con ellos.
    En una pareja ambos tienen que hacerse bien, tienen que aportar y dejar de lado el egoísmo. Tenemos que pensar tambien en como se siente la otra persona con nuestras acciones, con nuestras palabras.
    Hay que ser honesto y sincero,tal como nos gustaria que fueran con nosotros.
    También debemos valorar los gestos que tiene la otra persona hacia nosotros, cualquier cosa que a esa persona le importa, tiene que informar para nosotros también.
    No podemos menospreciar a la otra persona o a sus problemas, quiza este confiandonos cosas que no confiaria a nadie más.
    La pareja debe promover un ambiente de amor, de respeto y de confianza.
    Uno deberia sentirse más que agusto en su relación, no debemos comprometernos enfrentamientos innecesarios ni decir cosas de las que luego vamos a arrepentirnos. Cosas que en verdad no pensamos ya veces decimos por hacer daño.
    Y ese es el problema muchas veces, si quieres a alguien, lo que menos quieres es que esa persona sufra.
    En una relación hay que dar de nosotros y no estar al ojo de recibir. Es la demostración de humildad, de amor incondicional, de autosacrificio muchas veveces, sin esperar nada del otro .
    Simplemente para que sea feliz y eso nos hace feliz a nosotros.
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  14. Alexis Sabino

    Alexis Sabino New Member

    I will know that we will survive and stay forever by having this characteristic
    1. God is Centered of our Relationship
    2. We have same dream
    3. Love
    4. Respect
    and everything will follow.
  15. Janner29

    Janner29 New Member

    How to stay forever in a relationship you have? Here are some of the things that must be present in your relationship;
    1. Communication - make time to talk with each other every day.
    2. Have an eye of love, an eye who sees only the good things about your partner or spouse.
    3. Go on a date - If you are married, continue your dating like when you are boyfriend/girlfriend.
    4. Appreciate and compliment each other even in simple things.
    5. Say I love you more.
    6. Practice saying the words "I'm sorry" first.
    7. Spell the word LOVE w/ T.I.M.E
  16. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    Actually, if I think about it, there really is no fixed formula for that. Just allot a time for your partner and make him/her special every passing day. Don't forget the little things.
  17. cathygagaa

    cathygagaa New Member

    Just always remember how did you start and how did you feel the first time you involve in the relationship. And of course, FOCUS. Focus on one person only. Stay faithful, keep your trust, and enjoy each other's company.
  18. mhatter47

    mhatter47 New Member

    Once you’ve gotten settled in your relationship, you have to maintain an honest flow of communication and to continue to cherish your time with your loved one. Making a relationship last isn’t always fun, but the benefits of maintaining a long-term and committed relationship far outweigh the difficulties that you may face.
  19. bayinnah12

    bayinnah12 New Member

    Treat others how you wish to be treated and be the best at showing you care. Its easy to break a relationship down but hard to build so you have to put something positive into it every chance you can even if only a little. You can never take a person for granted, you must let them know how much they mean to you and show them you care not just say it. We must show others how we wish to be treated and foster good relations.
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  20. Rijumon007

    Rijumon007 Member

    Appreciate Them.
    Apologize When You're Wrong.
    Grow With Them.
    Accept Them For Who They Are
    Don't compare your partner or relationship with others..

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  21. Tijintom

    Tijintom New Member

    * Take your partner's breath away..

    *Engage in a lots of eye contact

    * Learn what makes your partner happy.

    * Summarize and immortalize your loving moments..
  22. mayega

    mayega New Member

    Relationship is a union that brings two potential sinners together. We have to accept each other's weaknesses and be willing to complement each other. Do not try finding errors in a relationship because you will find them. Focus on each other's strengths and uplift each other in weaknesses. concentrate on what makes your partner happy and shun from what makes them sad.
  23. leogem123

    leogem123 New Member

    For me, as a married man. Just maintain to be honest with your partner and you need to have time on each other. That's the real secret in love to be followed.
  24. jendexayayra

    jendexayayra New Member

    Before you even start a life time and blissful relationship, you should never take for granted that personalities differ in every sense of it. So be prepare to understand, lengthen your patience, be honest, always praise or acknowledge small details that your partner puts an effort to it and never fail to communicate. Being in love means acceptance, supporting each other and you should have at least one thing in common that you can hold on until the very end.
  25. JTibIV

    JTibIV New Member

    To stay in a relationship means to forever understand that your partner won’t always satisfy your ideals. It’s not always that they will be a dreamy prince charming ready to swoon you off your feet. Sometimes, people can be annoying, they can face things that will make them a lot less appealing to you, but if you want to stay in that relationship you need to look past that. You need to tell yourself that sometimes that image you make for your partner isn’t necessarily what they are, and if they aren’t that; it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s bad. It’s okay to be idealistic but sometimes we expect too much from people around us.
  26. clairebalubal

    clairebalubal Member

    Forever is possible but sometimes even how hard you try, there are still times when it is not enough, people still leave you.

    But let's be positive, although there are people who leaves you after everything you did, there are still people who love you and value your effort in making your relationship a forever.

    To stay forever in a relationship, partners must
    1. Respect and love each others weaknesess
    2. Solve problems before the day ends
    3. Help each other improve their weaknesess
    4. Have trust to each other in all matters.
    5. Stay loyal
  27. Shadzwrite

    Shadzwrite New Member

    As a hopeless romantic, nothing warms my heart more than the idea of a 'Forever relationship'. It tickles everyone of my fancies and up until recently was what i spent most of my not so free time daydreaming about.
    At some point in my adolecent life, I came to have my first real relationship,and even through its ups and downs,I was still convinced that those kind of relationships exist,you know? The forever ones. I know i'm begining to sound a bit cynical,but that's only because reality has a way of humbling wishful thinkers. Don't get me wrong,i do believe that long lasting relationships are and should be the goal, but a lasting relationship is much more than compatability, blind loyalty and love.
    It is an active choice that you make every day to love and care for your partner. It is identifying your differences,your flaws and weaknesses,working on them as individuals and then again as a team.
    It is knowing how messed up your partner can be, and loving them anyway. Committing your time and energy to uplift,be there for and honor another human being.
    But most importantly, I think it's loving their person more than their role in your relationship,caring beyond the point of being stimulated by them, loving them,even when you hate them and knowing when to let go if you aren't willing to do what it takes to love them right.
  28. elaineeeeeey

    elaineeeeeey New Member

    I'll keep it short,
    for me to have a long lasting relationship.,
    - Be Contented and Happy
    - Always Put God in the Center of your Relationship
    - Don't compare your relationship to others.
  29. agasmen

    agasmen New Member

    Every relationship begins with the quiet hope of never letting go, the hope for being there forever. What is always? Till this thought remains? Or till you continue? No single plays on forever because forever is a period of time. Being in love is experiencing the ideal dream with your eyes wide open. You move yourself to being injured, trusted, employed, taken care of and enjoyed. People tend to have they love from their spirits, but I think we love from our People, those People which we were bare before our loved ones. You say the key to the psyche to the person and they end up embezzling every area of your world. And when the spirit may not cope up with this thought of betrayal it becomes to ease in these arms of lies. These long arms of temporary pleasure from the bottom of the rebound relationship.

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