How to stay healthy ?.

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by zoubida belkheir, May 29, 2016.

  1. zoubida belkheir

    zoubida belkheir New Member

    Stay healthy is not difficult as it sounds, you just abide by certain rules, basic, nothing comes for free, some of the rules that I know such a diet is the foundation of good health and then sports, do these things and you will be the best form.
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  2. Sara Wilkinson

    Sara Wilkinson New Member

    Yes, I agree. One needs to also be consistent with one's eating habits and exercise on a regular basis. It is still a challenge for me but I am getting better. I have started to drink more water instead of too much juice and the difference is amazing.
  3. Rockette418

    Rockette418 New Member

    This is very true, but when picking a diet, people tend to fall into the latest fad. The important part is finding a balanced diet that is sustainable for the long term. Don't force yourself to eat green beans if you hate them. Find another vegetable that provides the same type of nutrients. I lost 25 pounds with portion control and viewing food as only sustenance. That was my downfall. It wasn't viable for long term. That, and it's difficult to bicycle in the winter! I need to get back on the wagon.
  4. arunava basu

    arunava basu New Member

    Staying healthy is a habit that you need to acquire through practicing a proper lifestyle. Diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart conditions, anxiety, irritable bowel etc., which are common factors that make us unhealthy, are called lifestyle diseases caused by the modern lifestyle that we lead in general. So,by acquiring certain habits and sustaining them to have a proper lifestyle, we can avoid such ailments and stay fit and live a long and useful life. Guys, there are certain things you can do to live well and they are: abstain from smoking, drink less, avoid junk food at all costs, do not eat oily food, sleep well, do not party till morning, hit the gym regularly or work out at home on your own, do some meditation and spare some time for yourself once every few months by taking a holiday. Living longer isn't worth it unless we live to be useful to others and remain strong and energetic.
  5. hype88

    hype88 New Member

    There is no doubt that people over complicate being healthy. It is a very simple thing and you either want to or you do not. Most people just want the "easiest" route possible. You do not even have to join a gym or eat 100% healthy foods all the time just be smart and active.
  6. TooMuchLean

    TooMuchLean New Member

    The most important things are pretty simple, luckily. Get your heart rate up everyday, and stick to food you can visually identify all of the ingredients to, for the most part.

    Everything else is just fine-tuning. Maybe a Mediterranean diet is cool for you, or maybe you want a paleolithic diet. The important thing is to stay away from junk, hit your calorie sweet spot, and get all your nutrients. The rest of it, eh, worry about it when you can manage the basics.
  7. skushisbrown

    skushisbrown New Member

    One of the most basic health tips you must need to know before adapting a healthy lifestyle is to identify the three basic components to living healthy. These components are good nutrition, workout or exercise, and engaging in healthy activities. The secret of staying healthy consist of infusing preventive measures incrementally such that it will benefit you in the long run. Your ability to make small changes will be acquired as part of your system.
    Also proper sleep is also needed to keep you healthy. Proper-Sleep.jpg
  8. bdlj

    bdlj New Member

    Being healthy requires a change in mindset about how you want to live. Starting with how you think about food and the emotional component, and then thinking about how you can keep your body moving. Then you can focus on exercise, mobility, posture and other things that really dictate your quality of life and how you feel.
  9. chelle26

    chelle26 New Member

    For me sleep enough hours is one of a way to be healthy..drink more water,and eat always healthy foods..
  10. Alicerav

    Alicerav New Member

    You may drink at least 1 liter water per day, walk 1 hour, and laugh! Happyness is the key to a healty body and mind.
  11. Dilasmith

    Dilasmith New Member

    Staying healthy is one of the most important things in life, not just physically but also emotionally.
    Staying mentally active is emotionally rewarding. Being social also keeps you healthy, surround yourself with people who enrich you life and make you happy. Self disclosure should also be practiced, pursuing your passion also makes you healthy. Learning to understand your emotions is a key part of having a good mental health. A having enough sleep and eating healthy will guarantee you excellent health.
  12. Acme writer

    Acme writer New Member

    spend more time on exercise because the more time spent exercising the more vigorous the exercise, the more calories you will burn.
  13. Domingotarlejr

    Domingotarlejr New Member

    How to stay healthy? Then you should do these.. eat healthy food, eat more vegetables and fruits, limit yourself in some fatty meats.. white meat is better than red meat.. dont overcook your vegetables it will loosen its nutrients and make it more acidic.. drink plenty of water and do some exercises that you enjoy, not those exercises that stress you out. Have a good sleep depending on your age.. have fun and always stay positive and see things on there bright side... because I believe being happy makes you healthy.
  14. Rhodz

    Rhodz New Member

    You can stay healthy for eating heavy breakfast , having a light dinner, you may also drink 8 glasses a day and have an exercise atleast twice or thrice a week, like jogging or walking,stretching ,have a nice sleep everyday And always be happy.
  15. Jcat

    Jcat New Member

    Sleep well, eat well, take care of your hygiene, make yourself feel good and have fun. I think that's the simple way to be healthy.
  16. Racqualc

    Racqualc New Member

    Healthy gut is the root to being healthy. I have found that drinking plenty water and take probiotics makes the difference in how you feel. Monthly detox is also necessary if you still eat processed foods. I can always tell when I don't take my probiotics. I start feeling tired and bloated:( Your body has to be able to flush the toxins daily:thumbsup:
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  17. hemanthrmj

    hemanthrmj New Member

    I believe staying healthy is the biggest challenge today for everyone. People should stop over thinking and just concentrate on what they are actually doing. Instead, we think somewhere else. Mental health and Physical health are equally important. We should sleep enough and follow good food habits which include eating the right things at the right times. These small things keep you healthy.
  18. josephpanes02

    josephpanes02 New Member

    Well, the achieve optimum health, you will need to achieve enough sleep. You have to monitor important numbers of your life, the blood pressure, blood sugar, heart beat, waistline. You will also need to ensure that you are getting sufficient amounts of micro and macro nutrients. Avoid stress, and just have fun. Of course the most common thing is to exercise and have a healthy spiritual aspect in life. Live life to the fullest. Prevention is better than cure so if symptoms persist you will need to consult your Doctors right away.
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  19. Vivekananda

    Vivekananda New Member

    To stay healthy is to be in the pink of health! Bubbly face with burly pinkish cheeks indicates happy healthy personality! Well, if it isn't make-up. Yes, there are many things that contribute to a healthy living and being healthy for as long. Not just drinking enough water, not just exercising, not just eating "healthy" foods, not just sleeping well and what not all, but it is the healthy mind with healthy thoughts that also contribute to a healthy living. So to say, mentally fit is also part of the equation for a healthy living.

    How much water to consume, how much of exercise, how much of food, how much of sleep is not what matters. Anything and everything that satisfies at a point of time is sign enough to halt. Overdoing may lead to serious health issues that may drain oneself by the pockets (due to the doctors' visits and medications) and thereby lead to endless worrying and weariful thoughts. In turn, health takes the beating to a sulking figure unmindful of such happening.

    Drink water to fulfill thirst. Exercise to keep the body flexed and not frigid. Eat to satisfy the hunger and not the tongue. Sleep to wake up at the first instance of coming to senses from sleep and not laying lazily upon the bed. Work to earn and learn to work for working it out. Buy what your money can and be happy with what you have. Do good to others and feel that eternal happiness. I tell you, with all the experience thus far that you and I can live healthily for long by following these simple steps. Else, fall for the health fads and bother yourself to the brim of grim staring into your face. Wishing you all a healthy living and staying healthy.
  20. NicholasMukuha

    NicholasMukuha New Member

    Well, rather than repeat the much that has been said above, I will just expound on a few. Just like a machine requires maintenance, whether it has broken down or not, so do our bodies. I think that it's good manners to visit the doctor for regular checkups whether one is ill or not. This will help in early detection of any illness that may be sneaking in through the backdoor.

    Another wise thing to do, is to keep smiling. Smiling initiates the release of hormones called endorphins that are natural pain killers, and others called serotonins that are anti-depressants. It also helps boost immunity. The good news is, as complicated as the brain is, it's not able to differentiate between a real and a fake smile. Therefore, just smile and the brain will initiate the release of these human helping hormones.

    Last but not least, it's advisable to maintain personal hygiene. Brushing of teeth helps prevent cavities, and body washing helps prevent build-up of infections causing bacteria. Avoid drugs, and if you must drink, drink milk.
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  21. Thamara888

    Thamara888 New Member

    Being healthy at all times would make you do more things in life. Inorder to be healthy ofcourse we need to exercise regularly, eat some fruits and vegetables.
  22. Thamara888

    Thamara888 New Member

    Have a good balance diet. Drink atleast 8 glassses of water that helps you flash all the toxins inside our body.
  23. Thamara888

    Thamara888 New Member

    Staying healthy is the most important thing in life. Why, even for rich people. Yes they have lots of money. But if there someone in the family who is sick, their money will be used for medications, operations and burial if the patient wasnt able to survived. So the most important in our lives is that to stay healthy and live to the fullest... Its priceless
  24. L'opiniondeDavid

    L'opiniondeDavid New Member

    In order to stay healthy, you need to listen to your body. We all have basic needs.
    For me, it's always important to listen to my need for exploration.
    Force yourself to get outside your comfort zone. In order to stay healthy you need to challenge yourself to grow daily.
    Journaling is dry important, as it gives you the chances to document what works, and what you could improve on.
  25. Gethsemane Geling

    Gethsemane Geling New Member

    To stay health we should go to the gym atleast 4 times a week, eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, eat nuts and milk for our bones and get a sleep for 8hrs, drink plenty of water, and avoid stressful things to come in your mind, its an spiritual cancer . Always pray and have some time to meditate and relax.
  26. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly Member

    There's loads of advice going around on health at the moment and I think it gets too fine grained. For example, there are people who stock up on whatever the latest trendy superfood is, but then never do any exercise and go out binge drinking on weekends. Don't worry about the details at first, just get the foundations in order.
    1. Avoid processed foods, especially sugar, eat plenty of vegetables and fiber.
    2. If you're overweight, lose weight.
    3. If you smoke, quit.
    4. Don't drink alcohol, or at least cut down.
    5. Don't use recreational drugs.
    6. Exercise at least 3 times a week, ideally with some resistance training in there as well as cardio.
    7. Be active, walk a lot.
    8. If you're a desk worker, stretch out your chest and hip flexors every day.
    9. Get 7-9 hours of good sleep each night.
    10. Avoid stress.
    If you can do all of the above, you're doing well.
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  27. Dr_Faustus

    Dr_Faustus New Member

    Staying healthy is a matter of turning health into a habit. I'm constantly rewarding myself for making healthy choices. I also remind myself how hard it can be to get back into shape. I remember how uncomfortable it was to begin my habit. That keeps me motivated.
  28. xagiate

    xagiate New Member

    The most important thing to stay healthy is nutrition. You should eat healthy. Apart from eating healthy you should try to make some exercise to your body not only practically but also mentally. Ancient greek people said "νους υγιής εν σωματι υγιείς" which means that you have to practice your body but also your mind. These two things are connected to each other. You can't be healthy if you practice only your body or only your mind. What you drink is also important and the only thing you should definitely drink is water! Most of our body consists of water and that keeps us healthy.
  29. Winkry15

    Winkry15 New Member

    Well it's a matter of firmed dedication to become one. Although a lot of common advises out there seemed to be effective, maintaining to be a healthy individual was a lot more challenging than being said. So as for me, I'll always do what seems to be natural, so that my body can slowly adjust to it like;

    • A rule that I should at least sleep 6 to 8 hours a day.
    • A balance diet of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.
    • Water intake of at least 6 to 8 glasses a day.
    • A meditation to calm my mind during stress days or attending church gatherings.
    • And an simple exercises that keeps my body fit and well.
    This method doesn't backfired to me for the past 8 months now and seemed to be effective as long term plan.
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  30. Anne Yarih

    Anne Yarih New Member

    Staying healthy means quitting our unhealthy habits. We may not notice it, but we do all have our unhealthy habits. Some sleep only 4 hours, some smoke cigarettes, some love eating junk foods, some don't drink enough water, some love dining out at fast food chains, and some sit in front of their computers all day. So if we quit these unhealthy habits and do the opposite like having enough sleep, quit smoking, eating healthy foods, and exercising, we can start our journey to a healthier lifestyle. We cannot do this all at once, but taking small steps is better than doing nothing at all.

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