How to stay healthy ?.

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    In the contrary, I find being healthy difficult and needs perseverance and hardwork. It is not an easy task. You must have balance in everything you do to achieve your optimal health. From the food you eat, physical activities, workloads and personal matters.
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    Being healthy sounds a lot more daunting than it really is. Once you realize that it only is beneficial to your body it really motivates you to eat clean. To avoid binge eating i would recommend the 80/20 approach. This means eating healthy 80 percent of the time and treating yourself the other 20 percent.
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    staying healthy is a really important matter as the saying goes "health is wealth" our body is also an asset to us it needs commitment,dedication and love to do it.
  4. Taguro

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    Just bear in mind that our number 1 enemy when it comes to health is food. Because that's the stuff we put inside our body and we should be very aware of it. What we eat is what we are, so eating all natural is the way to be healthy than eating junk which is junk food which goes the wrong or unhealthy way. So imagine you're in the time of Adam and Eve and all you can eat are veggies, fruits and God given meat like cows, chicken, beef and others. No sodas, deep fried burgers,fries,donuts,hot dogs,processed canned food and anything man-made food. It should be all natural, God given food. Always eat in moderation and drink water only. Fruit juice is also a good option. Luke warm water is the best. Exercise at least twice a week. Doing 30 minutes of exercise consisting of weights, squats and crunches is the best. 30 minutes to an hour of walking is good for your cardio and you can do it everyday or any day that suits you. Don't forget to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily to have your batteries charged And last but not the least is Be Happy. Don't stress yourself with too much earthly worries. Pray and be positive always. We only have one shot at this life with no replays so we better do it the right and best way that God intended it to be.
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    How to stay healthy, well you have to take care of yourself. You have to eat right meaning not a lot of sugars bread cholesterol or any of the bad stuff out there. Try to eat organic foods and try to stay away from processed food because they are horrible on the body. Have to exercise too when you stop moving your body will start to break down so stay active eat healthy and enjoy life. Remember a body in motion stays in motion.
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    For me in my opinion to staying healthy you must avoid first for being stressed person, because when you stressed all time your sleeping time is not enough because you are thinking for many hours. And second you must drink enough water I suggest 2 liters of water a day, for proper circulation of your blood. And third you must eat vegetable and fruits for the vitamins that we need, by eating healthy food your skin may glow and you looking fresh. And fourth avoid smoke cigarettes, for the real smoker must be controlled for taking sticks of cigarettes a day. And fifth avoid drinking alcohol too much because that will cause some real diseases. And last take some exercise, I suggest twice a week.
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    To stay healthy I recommend a light meal. Eat a little more than three times a day. You do not have to eat fats, sugar, salt, acidified juices. Bread may also be removed from the diet. Meat should be consumed in small quantities.
    Fruit or vegetable salads, natural juices, seeds can be eaten for good health.
    We also have to do daily sport and do regular medical check-ups.
    It is also important to sleep at least 8 hours per night.
    Positive thinking is very important.
    All the best !
  8. markedizon

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    to stay healthy is having exercise regularly drink lot of water so that you will not be dehydrated and eat helathy foods having a daily diet and physically fit
  9. ghelle

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    It needs discipline if you want to be healthy and also being healthy is means to quit unhealthy food, drinks ,unhealthy habbits and do exsercise and its daily routine.
  10. dessdlmm

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    • Exercise regularly. Teens should be physically active at least 60 minutes of every day.
    • Eat a healthy diet. Healthy eating is an important part of your growth and development. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, a variety of protein foods, and low-fat dairy products.
    • Maintain a healthy weight. Children and teenagers with obesity are more likely to have obesity as an adult. They are also at higher risk for other chronic illnesses, depression, and bullying.
    • Get enough sleep. Most teens need between 9 and 9 ½ hours of sleep every night. Many average only 7 hours. Sleep has a strong effect on your ability to concentrate and do well at school.
    • Keep up with vaccinations. Get a flu shot every year. If you haven’t gotten the HPV vaccine, ask your parents and doctor about it. It can prevent you from getting HPV and some kinds of cancer, including cervical cancer.
    • Brush and floss your teeth. Make it a habit now, and prevent tooth and gum problems in adulthood.
    • Wear sunscreen. Getting just one bad sunburn as a child or teenager increases your risk of getting skin cancer as an adult.
    • Don’t listen to loud music. This can damage your hearing for the rest of your life.
    Mental health – Taking care of your mind
    • Learn ways to manage stress. You can’t avoid stress, so you need to learn how to manage it. This will help you stay calm and be able to function in stressful situations.
    • Study and do your best in school. There is a strong link between health and academic success.
    • Try to maintain a good relationship with your parents. Remember that they want what is best for you. Try to see where they are coming from when they set rules.
    • Develop a good balance between school, work, and social life.
    • Don’t try to take on too much. Limit your activities to the most important ones and give those 100%. Overextending yourself can lead to stress, frustration, or exhaustion.
  11. Remziel

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    To become healthier you should ditch all the bad habits and starts a new lifestyle.
    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Sleep well. Eat healthy food ( vegetables-fruits). Exercise, go to the gym or at home. If it’s possible an early morning walk is the best routine you can do. Ditch smoking and drinking alcolohol if you do so. And most importantly, avoid stress and anxiety.
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    In order to stay healthy, one must strive to have balance in key areas of life. First off, self care is of the up most importance. There is only one of you so the time and focus you put in for caring for yourself is priceless. A healthy person is one who gets enough sleep. Seven to eight hours is optimal. Lack of sleep can bring on dis-ease within the body and cause the brain to lack what is needed for optimal thinking and functioning. Secondly, eating nutritious foods help fuel body. The saying,”You are what you eat” is so true. Your body will thrive by what you put into it. Complex Carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins are some of the building blocks that keep the body fueled and ready to function in the variety of ways in our day to day living. Thirdly, exercise is key to strengthening our heart which is a muscle. It’s important to exercise at least five times a week for 30 minutes to help strengthen your heart. If one strives for caring for ones self and their health, they will make sure they get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise. These key steps will take them many steps closer to a long and healthy life.
  13. naethan

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    For me, only EAT to be healthy.

    Eat organic foods
    Add some Exercise to your daily routine
    Try to sleep early and wake up early
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    There are many things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis, including incorporating more spontaneous physical activity, making relatively good food choices consistently, and finding better ways to manage daily stress.

    In order to stay healthy, you need to live an active and aware lifestyle. This means getting at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, eating a well balanced diet, and try and reduce stress in your lifestyle. Becoming more active will help with stress levels and eating a well balanced diet will help keep you healthy.
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  15. kentaidon

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    Do regular exercise, eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water.
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    Staying healthy needs our determination to avoid unhealthy habits. Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day, eating nutritious foods, having a complete sleep and exercising are the basic ways for us to be healthy. To stay healthy we should avoid alcohol intake, oily and salty foods, junk foods and avoid smoking. We cannot do this in an instant, but day by day we should encourage ourselves to do those, because we're the one who will benefit from those practices.
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    For me the most IMPORTANT thing to stay healthy is to have a clear VISION,GOALS that you want to achieve in life and TO LOVE YOURSELF, in that way of thinking and loving yourself EXCERCISE and EATING HEALTHY DIET will follow because in order to achieve your goals in life you need to be healthy in order to get it :)
  18. cula

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    To stay healthy is one of our responsibilities.
    Here are the 10 things you should do to keep healthy:
    1. Have adequate sleep.
    2. Eat healthy food.
    3. Do not eat over processed food.
    4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
    5. Exercise daily.
    6. Don't stress yourself.
    7. Do not smoke
    8. Avoid prohibited drugs.
    9. Stay clean and neat.
    10. Be happy always.Be happy always.Be happy always.
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    We all want to be healthy, some of us more than others. You usually hear the obvious - eat a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, minimize your sugary food and drink intake, get enough exercise every week etc. I wonder how many of us actually have time to perfect our lives! There are many great tips on this thread on how to do so, so I wrote a short beginner's guide for anyone looking to improve their lives.

    1. Salad = better? Not always. Dieting isn't a sustainable lifestyle for most but it's the first route we seem to go down. Put down the salad! Only joking. In my opinion, it's not ALL about the food you eat, it's how much food you're eating.
    - Try using smaller portions when eating
    - Research the Calorie In Calorie Out method
    - Eat healthy snacks instead of chocolate bars - try raisins, nuts, celery, dried fruit
    - Stop buying pre-made meals and ready meals for the microwave! Processed food is a no-no

    2. Drink the good ol' H2O! Buy a comfortable (metal isn't always the nicest to drink out of) and good quality water bottle. You're going to be spending a lot of time together. Aim for your bottle to hold 1 litre +. I use a Fuji water bottle that can just about hold 1 litre. I carry it around with me and refill it often.

    3. Exercise often and regularly. Simple exercise is way better than no exercise.
    - Aim to go for a walk outside once a week. Get out in the fresh air and breathe deeply
    - Try some light exercise. A few squats, push-ups and a plank or two every day only takes a couple of minutes and can be super beneficial
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    In order for us to stay healthy, we need to have a proper and healthy lifestyle. Exercise at least 30 mins to 1 hour per day. We need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Fresh juices would help too. One cup of rice every meal. Eat a lot of fish that meats. And have an 8 hour sleep at night. Don't forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Say NO to junk foods, sodas,chips and sweets.
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    I myself is an athlete, played basketball and volleyball during my high school years even in college i still play some sports myself i'm not telling you to find a sports that you will love or find it, its just the way for me to say that in order for you to be healthy you have to have a active lifestyle and then eat right as well everything too much in food is a big no. keep that in mind. as long as you exercise daily eat right and stay active, you will always be healthy.
  22. Leonard7

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    Staying healthy entails a series of actions that one takes/does to maintain the path of a healthy life which is a nice lifestyle indeed.
    It involves eating healthy by making the right diet or food choices, which involves a balanced nutrition. One should also includes a regular exercise routine which enables one to loose weight and burn the body's excess cholesterols. This combination of a healthy diet intake and an exercise routine helps to fight against diseases such as high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, among others.
    Staying healthy also requires one to reduce till one quits smoking and drinking habits because they expose our bodies to the risk of contacting opportunistic diseases and lowering our body's immune system. This lifestyle also requires one to check on his/her emotional and physical health through practicing safe sex and finding faith to worship/believe in.
  23. jjames24

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    In order to stay healthy, you need to live an active and aware lifestyle. This means getting at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, eating a well balanced diet, and try and reduce stress in your lifestyle. Becoming more active will help with stress levels and eating a well balanced diet will help keep you healthy.
  24. gamer015

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    Keeping your weight in check is often easier said than done, but a few simple tips can help. First off, if you’re overweight, focus initially on not gaining any more weight. This by itself can improve your health.
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    How to stay healthy? A lot of factors play a role in staying healthy. In turn, good health can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, some cancers, and injuries. Learn what you can do to maintain your and your family’s health.

    What you eat is closely linked to your health. Balanced nutrition has many benefits. By making healthier food choices, you can prevent or treat some conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A healthy diet can help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol, as well.

    Exercise can help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and colon cancer. It can help treat depression, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. People who exercise also get injured less often. Routine exercises can make you feel better and keep your weight under control. Try to be active for 30 to 60 minutes about 5 times a week. Remember, any amount of exercise is better than none. There is a price to be paid in order to be healthy.
  26. jasonhipolito

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    Staying healthy for me is a choice that is made. Diet and sports are great ways that people choose to do. I believe that health goals should be set in order to keep us motivated to stay healthy. This means sacrificing some bad habits that feels good doing such as drinking, smoking and eating unhealthy food that we have formed in order to achieve what we want. If we do not sacrifice these bad habits for staying healthy then our good health will be the sacrifice.
  27. mageziclague

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    I agree with the post. Eat healthy,we are are what we eat and sleep is a very important part of it. Eating healthy is also very important.I generally only eat natural foods and drink plenty of water
  28. JPAN18

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    Staying healthy is a simple task but requires self-discipline. Nowadays, there is a lot of products claiming that can help to stay healthy. But for me, regular exercise and eating healthy food is enough to stay healthy.
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    How to acquire a healthy body and mind? Yeah!Sound good right? Personally it's difficult for me to be healthy why? A lot of not healthy delicious foods that never to avoid, luck of exercise as now a days people want to stay at home with the gadgets.

    Maintain a good health by eating foods with the nutrient like vegetables and fish and avoid eating junk foods and soda. Exercise daily for better circulation of the body. Drink a lot of water as we know that water is good for us.
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