How to subscribe postloop portal Image in order to connect my account?

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  1. AmosM

    AmosM New Member

    Am a new member to postloop and I just missed a point when I then signed up to postloop portal.kindly assist on how to locate the connect image button
  2. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Are you looking for the subscribe button to postloop portal? Then just go here...(see attachments)

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  3. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Then you'll see this screen(see attachment) and just follow the instructions and then you'll see the subscribe button. Took me days to find it also.

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  4. Nettie

    Nettie New Member

    where exactly is the subscribe button?
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  5. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    It's the small one at the end of the site
    The Postloop Portal hit the + sign then input your user name and email then at the button you'll see the subscribe button.
  6. UnAngst

    UnAngst New Member

    The issue I am having is an inability to subscribe. Following the instructions per step2; when I click the forums/all link to subscribe I am consistently brought to a screen with a rocket wallpaper background and an error 404 not found message. I do not see any plus + signs or any way to ensure I am subscribed so that my posts are counted.

    DANNICAANN New Member

    Every time i follow the instruction given, it just always say 404 not found. Someone please help
  8. newlife

    newlife New Member

    Help!!! I cannot find the + sign.... Can somebody take a screenshot . Thank you in advance
  9. EngDiya

    EngDiya New Member

    I noticed that I can unsubscribe from the portal and I never see the "+" sign. I made 10 posts and no notification I have got since that. Please, If somebody can help?

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