How to survive from breakups.

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  1. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    For those people here are expert in love i ask you for helping me.
  2. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Be realistic and accept it. You have to accept the fact that it is over. Give yourself some time to heal. Once you get it out of your system, go and face the world again. It's a part of life. Maybe there is someone out there who is better than the one you broke up with so go find that someone.
  3. Jaaypee

    Jaaypee Member

    Woman and gentleman have their own ways of moving on from a heartache. Ladies usually burst it out (as in all out) through crying, telling or sharing it to some people, cutting hair, and traveling. This is what a woman usually do as a sign of moving on and after that, she's ready to face a new chapter of life. My mother told me that women are emotionally stronger than the men because the way they handle the pain is right. On the other side, boys are spending most of their time with friends and alcohols. They say that it is the time they can be bold enough to be honest with themselves.
  4. Pineapple112233

    Pineapple112233 New Member

    Well, I guess breakups isn't just for people who cut connections to you though. However, in your case, I highly suggest that you go for travel and disconnect from social media, though I haven't had experienced painful breakups but breakups from school and jobs are painful too. So basing from my experience that I got to travel (the place I traveled apparently doesn't have signal so technically I have no choice to be connected with social media lol which is a good thing hehe). So yeah, maybe try that and bring friends too so it will be extra fun :)
  5. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    Just have this thought in your mind, you didn't end up with that guy or girl because he or she wasn't the right one for you. You haven't found yet the one who's meant for you.
  6. mayimayi

    mayimayi Member

    You just have to accept the fact that you and that someone are better off without each other. That there's someone out there who will compliment you, that both of you will be a better person.
  7. kirbycorpin02

    kirbycorpin02 Member


    Here are The Ways on How to Ease the Pain of Ending a Relationship.
    1. Let the tears flow in your eyes. It's healthy to release the pain.
    2. Do something to change your mood. Keep busy. You can do exercise at least 20 minutes everyday. Watch a TV show or a movie. Learn to know the things that will make you fun and beneficial for you.
    3. Talk to your friends or family. Find emotional support from your loved ones. Don't go it alone. It's better to talk to someone too.
    4. Think before finding a replacement. Don't mask your pain by entering into a rebound relationship. You may unconsciously use another person to fill the gap. It will be only for short term and doesn't mean that you can give your full commitment to the other one.
    5. Don't rush. Take your time little by little. You have to be patient. At the right time, you will feel better and find love again.
    6. Read inspirational stories or positive advises. There are some great books and blogs on how to survive from heartbreaks. It will help you to change your perspective in life.

    Always remember that true love will find its way. Hope it helps. :)
  8. emax2000

    emax2000 Member

    I would say by keeping yourself busy with books and other forms of entertainment. Try as much as possible not to think about your partner. Time heals all.
  9. janeluuuh

    janeluuuh New Member

    I think you you have to keep a tight schedule, meaning you won’t be having a time to just lie down and cry your heart out. Also let your friends and family help you throughout, it would be great knowing someone cares you a lot.
  10. AprilDeOcampo

    AprilDeOcampo New Member

    There is no easy way or shortcuts to survive the breakup. You just have to follow the process.
    *Embrace the pain - cry your heart out
    *Take time to heal - trust the process of moving on. It is only you who can tell that you've moved on and that you are really ok. There is no standard length of time. It is your own decision.
    *Accept that the relationship has ended - Just accept that it is over, don't dwell or the what if's.
    *Reflect on what happened in the relationship - check your yourself-- what could you have done wrong and learn from it and carry the right things you've done to your next relationship
    *Forgive your ex and yourself too
    *Spend time alone for a while - stay single for a while to love yourself more and get to know what you really want. Surround yourself with friends and family. This would recover the loss time with them when you were too focused in your relationship
    *Be a better you! - Go out, have fun and enjoy a life! You are great and you get the love you deserve with the right person in right place and time, so prepare your self and your heart.
  11. valentinja

    valentinja New Member

    my motto in life is people bring lessons.
    You were obviously not a good match and wasn't your forever so take a step back and remember what you did to them and what they did to you. If you didn't give them enough attention and neglected their feelings then keep that in mind in the next relationship. If you realized that you don't like the way they were choosing their friends over you then keep that in mind as a red flag for the next significant other. Take break ups as learning experiences that better yourself for the next person. These experiences are just leading you closer to the one you'll wake up to for the rest of your life!
  12. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    Breakup is a pain and a stress but it is always a learning. Learning to let go of someone that you really love and finding someone that deserves your love. It can be very hard at first that your emotions are carried away by this kind of problem like the feeling of anger, shock, loneliness, sadness, fear, and desperate but sooner you'll be realizing that everything has a reason. This breakup could be an ordeal for your next relationship. You'll have to work for it for you to overcome the pain like being open to your family and close friends about how you feel, be with people that bring you up and do things that keep you motivated and encouraged like outdoor activities, hanging out with friends or listening to music. Just bear in mind that there is someone who is destined for you that God allocates.
  13. devincci

    devincci Member

    Breakups are one of the hardest things in life, it means it is already part of our life you just need to accept it. It is hard but that is the reality. Accepting is also hard when it comes to breakups but don't mind what you feel just think for another day. Everything has a reason why it happened to you. Just surrounds yourself with smiles and happy vibes, do all the things you want, think about the positive happenings in your life but not including him/her, like your family the friends that are still by your side even the worse of your life. Breakups are just meant that he/she is not for you there are some people that you might encounter and maybe one of them is destined for you.
  14. yhanmar08

    yhanmar08 Member

    I survived break ups by drinking and hanginhnout with my friends. That is when i was in college. When i was a teenager a have three break ups experinced and i overcomed it. But i did not regret all of it because every failures you can learned something to it and it can make you more stronger person. When i am hanging out with my friends thats when i met my husband and me and my boyfriend that time just broke up. I always spend time with him and developed my feelings for him. Now we are happy with three kids.
    Always remember that every thing was happen for a reason.;);):)
  15. Teambits

    Teambits New Member

    Surviving breakups may seem abit hard and hectic to some extent but you have to forget about it and move on with your life.When you remain stagnant, everything around you will start to change including the most important things like your family and even your friends.Your life in general will be affected negatively.
  16. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    turn to Jesus and surrender to Him and all will be okay.
  17. vanessadv

    vanessadv New Member

    The time I broke up with my five and a half years boyfriend, I did the things he forbid me like traveling, hanging out with friends, and wearing sexy attires. And then I found myself in traveling, though it cost me a lot of money, I still feel so happy going into new places I've never been into. I met different people during my journey and improve my socialization skills.
  18. vikramsri

    vikramsri New Member

    Firstly the most important thing is to move on completely and forget the person. Give yourself time and appreciate yourself. Try to keep yourself engaged in activities such as games, movies or reading. Just divert your mind and stop thinking about it because that will make situations worse.
  19. jhezz20

    jhezz20 Member

    The first thing i did is to accept it. Yes, it hurts. I cried a river. But i stood up after, picking the broken pieces of myself. I put it all back. And i slowly turned myself back to who i am before i met him. Do things without him until i forget about him and loved myself more as if nothing more matters than myself. And I learned a lesson from a wrong relationship. Now, i am not still ready to accept a new relationship. I will just wait for the right time and right person.
  20. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    Dealing with breakups is so hard. It will take you a lot of time to fully move on from a breakup. But if you are still in the process of moving on, keep your self busy, and make your self happy. You deserve all the happiness in the world.
  21. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    Talk with people who really care about you. Move forward
  22. Tonio2017

    Tonio2017 New Member

    Let your self cry and feel the pain!But don't talk or open an argument when you are angry,cause you cannot take back what you had said to anyone once it is said and done!
    Second, take time to soul searching,find yourself and talk to GOD!
    Third, learn how to forgive!
    And last but not the least "Stand up and be brave to face the one who caused you pain"!Give him or her a big smile simply saying that they cannot let you down!!!


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