How to write a book even if you are visually impaired?

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    Being visually impaired is very difficult. Your movements are limited. you get bullied by people Who couldn’t understand your situation. But, it shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams.

    I, for one, have experience that. It’s not easy, trust me. But I didn’t treat my limitations of hindrance for achieving my dreams. In fact, it motivates me to do so. How did I do that? Let me share with you some on my techniques in overcoming my situation. If you are visually impaired like me, this will be beneficial for you.

    1. Use gadgets or devices with accessibility settings. - with technology today, some devices are already built with accessibility functionalities such as zoom, Increase or decrease of fun size, And my favorite, screen reading. Those functionalities are present in various smart phones and laptops. However, in terms of being user-friendly, iPhone is on the top of my list. It has everything that I need to write. It offers different applications for writing, researching, and other stuff that I need. For example, the voice over capability of lie iPhone helps me to do normal tasks like reading books, Dictating text messages to my family, and reading emails. Other smart phones like android also has screen reader functionality but the phone usually works slower when it is turned on. iPhone or other Apple devices are still better.

    2. Just write- regardless of what other people say, go for your passion. Write anything that you want, everywhere if you wish. Let your creativity flow. Don’t think about criticisms. It will just slow you down. Just focus on what you can do. Soon, you will get rewarded from working hard.

    3. Find a strong support system. - Look for people who believes in what you are doing. Share your writing plans and ask for suggestions. Doing so will not just boost your confidence but, you will also gain more insights in your writing.

    Those are the things that help me cope up with my current situation. All of them can take time and effort but, Worth trying.

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