How to write a interesting blog?

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    what is the guidelines to write a interesting blog?
  2. Noxius

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    First, you must find a topic you are interested in. If you are bored, the reader will be too. Find a topic that you are passionate about. It doesn't matter what it is, someone, somewhere, will want to read about it.
    When you find your topic, think about ways to make your blog stand out. There are thousands of traveling blogs, but how many blogs are about traveling as a vegan and dealing with the local cuisine? Or make a food blog, but focus on budget food or fair trade or making everything from scratch.
    Once you found your topic, be sure to make new blog entries continuously. If the readers have to wait months for a new blog post, they will find another blog that posts more regulary. Make sure you don't run out of content - at best, you should have some blog post prepared in advance and have some back up.
    You can look at other blogs that post about similiar topics to find out what the readers currently want to read, just make sure that you don't just copy whatever the other blog has written. Creativity is key.
  3. Gjunio

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    Blogs can inspire, inform or incite. They can be used to document the smallest detail of one life or the largest, most urgent issues of the entire human race. No matter the topic or the writer this avenue of self expression is open to everyone. If you want to start a blog, you may check out these trends first:
    • Informative Blogs: I commend the time it must take to research and write informative blogs. Some cover topics in history or current events; others relate detailed information on hobbies, techniques or procedures.
    • Creative Rants: Rants are posted everywhere and I understand that it must feel good to get the frustration out. But some bloggers have made the extra effort to make their rants entertaining, informative and even funny.
    • Company Weblogs: Companies are beginning to see the benefit of projecting a more human or approachable image and are publishing blogs. I have seen some blogs that do a good job at educating customers about products or even frustrations and accomplishments involved in developing a new product.
    • Personal Accounts: Often news broadcasters/ publishers do not have the time or space to relate the whole story. Some writers are taking it upon themselves to document the daily details of an event, like a political race or a natural disaster. This has added a ground level, human voice to pivotal events.
    • Cultural Introspectives: Some people are using their blogs to help others understand their culture, history and social views, in hope that understanding will inspire improved global relations and altruistic action.
    • Pioneering Ideas: Many blogs start a buzz or promote original ideas before they are realized or marketed to the general public. Since most blogs are not motivated by monetary goals they are free avenues of discussion of innovative or alternative thought.
    • Niche Notching: Blogs are cheap or free and readily available, so even blogs that cover obscure or unique topics find readers. No matter what your interest is, you can find a blog on that topic.
    • Family Blogs: Staying in touch is hard and there are always schedule conflicts. Some families use a blog to share family news and pictures and the blog is available to the entire family anytime of day.
    • Creative Writing: Getting published is hard; publishing a book takes a long time and comes with challenges. Some writers are skipping the traditional publishing route and just writing. Blogs can get a writers work out to the world in a hassle free manner. I found many well composed and thoughtful posts originated by talented writers.
    • Travel Blogs: I discovered interesting travel accounts. Some bloggers write about vacationing, others about their tour of service or their research and humanitarian efforts in an impoverished or developing country.
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    As for me the main thing for a succsessful blog is well-written articles. I can suggest you to start looking to a popular blogs and look on construction of text. Also you can get your first few articles here and follow those texts as a example of good articles. I wish you good luck, hope to hear about your blog some day!
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    Blogs can inspire all the viewers.

    Tips for a good blog
    1) Content is the priority.
    A blogger is a writer. Even if it does not require a person to be a professional writer in order to start blogging, it does not mean that you can write anything you want without considering the quality of your blog post. You need to make it sure that your blog contains helpful information to make it more attractive to your readers.
    2) Select the best niche.
    When we say best niche, it means a topic of your interest or the trending scope. What is important is that you will be able to sustain creating blog posts for that niche you selected. It could be ideal to pick the topic of your interest so that you will not lose motivation in creating articles.Exerting more efforts for Effective Blogging
    3) Promote your blog.
    You need to make the world know that your blog exists. It is not enough that you will just keep on writing without making efforts in promoting your blogs to millions of potential visitors all across the globe. Social networking sites can help you a lot on this matter. In addition, you can submit your blogs to blog directories to meet other bloggers in the community. Blog hopping can be effective too.
    4) Aim for high page rank.
    Blogs with high page ranks have possibilities to attract direct advertisers. Bear in mind that direct advertisers have a high paying rate compared to other blogging opportunity sites.
    5) Do some SEO strategies.
    This makes blogging a complex thing. However, the basic knowledge of SEO is a combination of 1 to 4 blogging strategies given.
  6. Azraelvetis

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    If you wish to create an interesting blog, the first thing you need to consider is the theme of your blog. Write something that you are passionate about. If you are genuinely interested in something, it will reflect in your work. If readers feel how passionate you are with your writing, they will want to learn more, they will be interested too. This is what a lot of people miss when they create their blogs. You can try to blog about popular things and be fairly successful about it, however, if you yourself as the blogger has little to no interested on the topic, the readers will catch on to that. Make sure you settle on something that drives you, everything else is secondary.
  7. MirelaElena

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    The first thing you should know when you want to start a blog is that you should totally know the topic you want to talk about in your blog. If your blog will be about sports, you can't write about fashion.
    A blog is like a community of people gathered by the same interests.
    Also, you should promote your blog. Try to find sponsors.
    It is really hard to bring your blog to succes by yourself.
  8. bethy

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    Here are some tips I can share as for my experience:

    1. Your blog title must be appealing or must catch the attention of your readers. You will make your readers to be curious about your blog through the use of the following:
    a. You can use a question as your title. e. g. Why Saving? How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market?
    b. Use number in your title
    e. g. 7 Ways to Get Out of Debt

    2. Write your blog in few paragraphs with at least 3-5 sentences. It's more pleasing to the eye of your readers if they see some blank white space after each paragraphs.

    3. Put some related pictures that describe each points in your blog . That also adds color to your blog that pleases anyone.

    4. Use simple words to easily understand your blog content . Avoid jargons.
  9. Jhie

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    Plan your blogby choosing a topic. Craft a headline that is both informative and will capture readers attention. Use images to enhance your post, improve its flow, add humor and explain complex topics. The content should provide valuable and useful information to the reader. It should teach them at least one or two things or answer at least one question they have. The information can range from general information like you might find in a blog, strategic information like you might find on website.
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    It all depends on how creative writer you are when I joined an articles writing company I was not pretty sure if I be able to write an interesting blog post but with the passage of time, It's all look like a piece of cake. I will advise you just start writing and over the time you will be able to grasp on how to write an interesting blog.

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