How was journey when you decided to work online?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by youngjid, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. youngjid

    youngjid New Member

    Give us your hardships that you came across as a newbie in making money online
  2. Kristine02

    Kristine02 New Member

    It is really quite challenging. You need to have a lot of patience in order to get what you deserve and be on the company you wish to work with.
  3. Ric

    Ric Member

    It was challenging as any other realm of looking for work. The ironic thing to that is even physical work is first applied for online so the knowledge needed to be successful online can be found there as well. You just have to really ask yourself "why" and when you know the answer to that you will find what works for you confidently. Everything and everyone has a purpose. You will start through a company online as you would in the physical world and branch out to other puzzle pieces that will fit once you find the right piece first.
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  4. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    The general idea of working online gives me interest and challenge to pursue and test my capabilities as a person. The moment I realize that you can earn money online gives me a spark.
    Many questions popped on my mind:
    Why would I try it?
    How hard will it be?
    How much will I earn?
    Will it affect my studies?

    As of the moment I began to realize that these questions serves as an inspiration to break my boundaries and manage my times so I may be capable of ensuring the work that I'll be doing online. I slowly began to answer each one of them although working is really difficult and time consuming, I only hope that all these hardwork will pay off a good product. The challenge that I may be facing now will turn into strength on the later future, it's not about how we see the challenge and trials ahead of us, it is how we manage them.
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  5. TerryShorty

    TerryShorty New Member

    Most people choose to start making money online, because they think it is easy.
    Luckily, it only takes a few days to realize how hard this is and they give up.
    Let me give you some examples that I have tried myself and require many hours of working.
    Blogging need around 9 hours per day, if you want to do it for a living.
    Youtube needs a lot of time to complete the achievements, like the watch time and the subscribers (it took me two years).
    Online streaming platforms have a huge risk. Even if you invest time in them, nobody can guarantee that you will get partnered.
    In conclusion, it is better to be a waitress in a coffee shop. At least you get the money at the end of the day.

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