How was your experience so far?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Wilvelo88, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Wilvelo88

    Wilvelo88 Member

    Hello Guys !
    I am a newbie here I just want to share my experience here, it's been a week ago when I join postloop. I spend 5 hours a day during my spare time. I read a lot here and learn new things from different people. I enjoy posting and discover interesting topic. I'm so happy postloop created more power to the management. How about you are you happy to be here?
  2. kekeke

    kekeke New Member

    Well, I have just registrered to postloops forum, but I find a lot of interesting threads. I like that I can reply to other people and share my opinion about what I think in certain posts. I also like that I can share my knowledge of stuff that I know. The favorite thing about postloop is that mostly any question can be asked here. It is interesting to read what other people have on their minds and I can also learn from that.
  3. msimborio

    msimborio New Member

    A newbie here! I love how I can share my thoughts in topics that I'm interested in and I also love reading and learning from other people's point of view. I'm glad I joined :)
  4. emorej

    emorej New Member

    Newbie here also. Now i can share my opinion or thought as i can. This site is useful because you can ask everything. And members is also helpful with one another.
  5. athenareign

    athenareign New Member

    Hi, i'm newbie here and i enjoyed it so far. I love sharing my thoughts for every forum and I also love readings the opinion of others. Thanks to postloop because I gain new idea here aside from that I can also give my idea regarding the forum i choose.

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