How will you say Sorry?

Discussion in 'Writing for Stage and Screen' started by thresher, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. thresher

    thresher New Member

    Sometimes you're Pillows will understand you and serve your buddy.

    Dear pillow

    I am sorry for all my teardrops. Hope you understand it feel likes something inside you isn't functioning properly. People keep on saying that you should always follow your heart, but when your heart broken in so many pieces. Tell me, which piece you should follow? I'm so lost and I hope one day I will able my find way to get back home.

    Please Dear Pillow please try to understand me for all my teardrops.


  2. zupbuddy

    zupbuddy New Member

    I'd rather say promise to don't do that again that say sorry. Because for me it feels more truth and also having an assurance
  3. laiza2019

    laiza2019 New Member

    For me, there are so many ways to say sorry but the most important thing is that make sure that when you asked forgiveness it should be sincere, that the person you are sorry for would feel your sincerity and that he/she should have an assurance to you will not again commit the same mistake.
  4. Victorolamide

    Victorolamide New Member

    the way I can say sorry I somehow ridiculous ,but I have yo say it ,when o find out I have offended someone I see that the person is angry ,the only way I can say sorry to the person is to wave my hand at the person
  5. gwennuuuh

    gwennuuuh New Member

    For me saying sorry nowadays is an understatement... People say sorry but still do the same thing over and over again. If I am to apologize to a person the best way to do it is to change the ways you do things differently and know the actions you've done. Be more careful next time and say sorry like you mean it.
  6. fpzriqat

    fpzriqat New Member

    Perhaps the hardest word to say these days is SORRY. People have so much ego and pride. One thinks that he/she is above the other. Some thinks that he/she doesn't commit mistake. Mostly, shall I say are so unapologetic. To me, sorry is just a word if you would say it without coming from the heart. Saying sorry must be done wholeheartedly. It must be told in a way that the person you are apologizing to must feel the sincerity, truthfulness and honesty.
  7. Leenvel

    Leenvel New Member

    Tell the truth. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to say sorry but the first thing you need to do is to tell them the truth, because sincerity will always come with it. Never feed them with excuses and reason.
    Don't lie. Never come up with a story that can save you, always give them the reality that they deserve.

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