How would you describe music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by cevu22, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. JanizeAD

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    For me music is my friend and my refuge. It is very important in my life because it helps me to relax my mind and soul.
    Every time I'm down and lonely, music is with me. Music has helped to create certain emotions whether happy, calm, sad, scared, angry etc. Music can also help to heal a broken heart. Some people usually listen to sad music when they are heartbroken to release all the pain inside. Yes , sad music makes us cry but it helps our mind and soul to be calm and lighter. I considered Music as Moonlight in the gloomy night of my life.
  2. joanarc321

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    Music is LIFE! I am really fond of listening to music even if I am going to take a sleep. Music is like a FOOD to me. I cannot live without it. I am dependent of it everyday. It helps improve my mood, reduces stress and anxiety, provides comfort and can create happiness in everyday life. When I am down, frustrated, discouraged and stressed, I just listen to music, either R&B, religious songs, 80's or 90's love songs hits so that I will feel better and forget all the frustrations I feel on that day.
  3. klynne18

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    Music defines our soul and emotion. Through music we express our feelings towards a thing, people or even situation in our lives. Music might symbolize a moment, a feeling, emotion or a situation.
  4. userhichou1

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  5. John213

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    I describe music in many ways for example , it can be a friend, medicine,or even passion. Well it can be a friend in a way that it will always be there for you and not leave you behind , it will be with you through thick and thin just like a friend will do. Now it can medicine in a way that it soothes your soul and relaxes your mind and helps you think straight
    Lastly it can be passion because it is the one that burns within us anyone can play an instrument but not anyone can know how to feel the emotion within and relasing music as their passion. Now that you know how I describe music.
  6. chugchug1

    chugchug1 Member

    For me its make you chill and relax depends on your genre.
  7. Catutzy

    Catutzy New Member

    I would describe music as something that comes to your aid to meet your mood at that moment. It helps you find your feelings ...
  8. AlexTheFreshWizard

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    I would really like to know how people are really setting up their questions because I've tried, I really have and I've not been able since I've been on here.

    To answer your question. I would actually find it rather difficult to describe music. I mean, it's hard enough to measure in the first place, let alone describe! Well...actually, it's pretty easy to measure.

    Well, I would like to consider what music's purpose was in the first place, our ancestors did before they could even speak. Now I've only heard this, so don't quote me on it, but our ancestors had supposedly used music to communicate with each other. Using crude instruments, they would send each other signals and messages for whatever reason. Since then, the way we interpret music has evolved, there are many different uses for it in today's time and there's certainly no shortage of it.

    Considering the very beginning though...I honestly don't think that the purpose of music has exactly changed. As I've said, the way we interpret and use music has evolved but it is still used in pretty much the same way. Through the evolution of mankind, we have managed to make astoundingly beautiful musical instruments, we've learned to measure it in scale and pitch, we've made it a vocation, just like any other craft, we've even gone as far as being able to record it. I don't think our purpose has changed for making music has changed.

    If you consider it, we always try to convey different emotions in our music, different stories, messages, whether it's simply a composition or the production of a pop song, there's always something being "expressed". I'm aware that in this era, there are those (unfortunately, a vast majority) that make music with the intention of making money, and although they go through, what is blatantly a dishonest procedure of creating the music, they still try to resonate with people using emotional portrayals in their music.

    Throughout the history of popular music, be it rock'n'roll and the epically vivid and palatable portrayals of aesthetics in the music of Led Zepplin, or Hip-Hop and the immeasurably surreal and sobering experience of the lyrics of Tupac Shakur, or even the heartbreakingly beautiful compositions of Frederic Chopin. We've always shared a part of something in any sort of musical endeavour. Whether it be a part of ourselves, our culture or simply a message to another part of our society. These things cause us to experience intense states of understanding and empathy, allow us to be introspective in a way that we perhaps have never been before, allow us to commune with each other in large groups that, without the influence of music, may most likely have entered chaos.

    The purpose of music, since our ancestors, in my opinion, has never really changed. We still use it, primarily, to communicate with each other. We share a lot through music. I think this is how I would define music. A tool we use to communicate the experience of existence to each other. I think that, even with this profound technological advancement, it will be one of the only things that will solidify, mark, and proclaim the human existence on this earth
  9. beckertani

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    According to the saying. "A lover will leave you but music will not." The moment you are sad, listen to music, sometimes it will give you strength, the moment you're happy, listen to music. Even the forest without electricity, there can be music because you can sing. You can also sing in the bathroom if you wish you don't want to be heard by anyone else. MUSIC IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU.
  10. khristinebea07-YQQg

    khristinebea07-YQQg New Member

    Music is my stress reliever. When I'm sad and alone it makes me feel better and relieved. It's also my alarm clock in the morning and it gives me happiness and energy to get up and start the day with a beautiful smile. Music makes us one because every people listens to music even though we have different taste in music. My favorite genre in music is pop. I listen to it every time especially when I am cleaning the house, washing the dishes or taking a bath. My speaker is always on for loud music and it keeps me feel happy and determined to do my task . I also listen to music even if I'm studying, or doing my job, answering all the inquiries in my online shop. I always have my earphones on while I'm walking and going to somewhere. Music is my life, it is colorful and it is important to me. :)
  11. Warren1967

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    It is inspirational and soothes the soul. It is something that you can identify with and relate to. It makes you feel good and sometimes pumps you up with adrenaline. It weaves a very good tale about life. That is what music is to me.
  12. veradan

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    Music is a part of life. It reflects and invokes ones emotions.
    It also connects people regardless of language(or even lack thereof).

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