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    Running a business can be an all-encompassing thing that takes you away from your other interests and important people. None of us do it on purpose, but the business can become the main priority for a while because you want to succeed. Then one day you look up and realize you haven’t invested time in close relationships outside of your business buddies.

    I believe that having business friends and keeping up your relationships with non-business friends is important. People you grew up with, went to college with or built a rapport with one random day at the coffee shop keep you grounded and can even provide some of the most objective advice as an outsider looking into your business.

    If you’ve found yourself talking a lot about your business and your friends are disappearing, it could be time to bring some variation to your conversation. It’s great to share exciting news with the people you care about, but a conversation is a two-way street where you talk and listen.

    Hearing about your business all the time can even make certain people feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Friends who are stuck in a position they hate may feel awkward when they hear you constantly raving about your passion projects, especially if you aren’t showing much interest in what goals they’re working towards.

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