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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by hitek06, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. hitek06

    hitek06 New Member

    Hello Everybody, I just want to introduce myself. I am New to this forum site and willing to learn something new by giving me a chance to reply or post to your threads. I am a Filipino Hispanic origin, 28 years of age, married and living in the Province. I am here to to learn and to share new things that i had learned from my daily activities. I am willing to cooperate with someone who needs my help in understanding things that it is hard to understand. I am also willing to learn things that i missed to understand in the past. So thank you for your time reading this and hope everybody will cherish. Thank you.
  2. orozcojessamae

    orozcojessamae New Member

    Hi everyone , I also want to introduce my self Im Jessamae from Philippines 25 years old and im single. I am gere to learn and also interested to earn at the same time. I am willing to cooperate to everyone or anyone who will need my help in any aspects. I also want to ask all of you to welcome me and support me as a beginner or new bis.
    Thank you all for your reading and looking forward for more sharing ideas and thoughts to all of you.

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