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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by hitek06, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. hitek06

    hitek06 New Member

    Hello Everybody, I just want to introduce myself. I am New to this forum site and willing to learn something new by giving me a chance to reply or post to your threads. I am a Filipino Hispanic origin, 28 years of age, married and living in the Province. I am here to to learn and to share new things that i had learned from my daily activities. I am willing to cooperate with someone who needs my help in understanding things that it is hard to understand. I am also willing to learn things that i missed to understand in the past. So thank you for your time reading this and hope everybody will cherish. Thank you.
  2. orozcojessamae

    orozcojessamae New Member

    Hi everyone , I also want to introduce my self Im Jessamae from Philippines 25 years old and im single. I am gere to learn and also interested to earn at the same time. I am willing to cooperate to everyone or anyone who will need my help in any aspects. I also want to ask all of you to welcome me and support me as a beginner or new bis.
    Thank you all for your reading and looking forward for more sharing ideas and thoughts to all of you.
  3. BRUCE25

    BRUCE25 New Member

    Hi everyone, my name is Bruce from the Philippines. I am new here and willing to learn. I have heard about this site on youtube and from there I was willing to in and try something new. I used to work in UAE and in Angola for 4 years but I decided to stay here in my country. I am currently self employed and now part time freelancer online. Working in other countries was really though. I was a warehouse and logistics manager for 2 years in Dubai and 2 years also in Angola same position. It was really hard in day to day life at first but when I used to it everything was smoothly follows. I have learned to speak basic arabic and purtoguese language. There is no other better place like home. I am currently in a relationship and I am so happy. We are living together and building our own family.
  4. Kwesi

    Kwesi New Member

    hello everyone, my name is Philemon and am new to this, I learnt of this platform on youtube and I would like to try my hands on something new, from which I can learn and earn from. am still in the process of posting my ten post and this is my third post for today. I am a university student and looking to earn some money before we reopen for the semester. I still in my parents house but I will be moving out to my own apartment. I joined Postloop to earn some decent money but after being here I am proud to be here with you guys. I am still in the learning process and I would love it if you support me in this step I have taken. I am sure we will have fan and enjoy ourself as we post and earn. thank you for your time reading this post.
  5. bearpanda

    bearpanda New Member

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