i want to gain weight

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by GirlieTM, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. GirlieTM

    GirlieTM New Member

    I'm honestly desperate to gain weight...but everyone else thinks it's a bad idea.
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  2. wezegan

    wezegan New Member

    Well it depends, I'm a medical student and you have to know your BMI or Body Mass Index, that index will tell you if you have underweight, overweight and obesity. Another fact is that you have to know there are two kinds of gaining weight, you can gain weight by doing exercise and eating proteins (Increasing your muscle mass) and you can gain weight by eating a lot of carbohydrates, sugars and gain fat! That is not healthy! But you can always do exercise and eat proteins to gain muscle mass and that is actually very healthy!
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  3. FatManXX

    FatManXX New Member

    If the weight you're gaining comes from body fat, then yes, it is a bad idea to gain weight. A high body fat percentage can cause health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, and many other problems. But if you want to gain muscle it's a completely different story. An increase in muscle mass you'll give you more bone density, make you stronger and more athletic in general. Just focus on gaining muscle and keep your body fat at around 10% to 15% and you'll be good! Hope this helps!
  4. PlayfulPage

    PlayfulPage New Member

    Being underweight is a tremendous pain to suffer and wanting to gain wait is naturally a good solution to that. Despite the comments provided above, it is important to have some fat for warmth and body stability. Too much attention is brought to loss of fat, gaining weight can be a big benefit! Regardless, talk to your doctor. Your scale and your index are loose measurements that aren't reliable measurements, but a medical judgement on if your body needs more or less can be much more useful.
  5. Tyrone Spears

    Tyrone Spears New Member

    If you are a vegetarian you can try adding higher fats in your diet. Cook your vegetables in avocado oil, add coconut oil or olive oil to your salads. Eat nuts/seeds and nut/seed butters as these are high calories. Instead of snacking on celery sticks, grab some raisins or any other dried fruit. It is simple really when you think about it!
  6. Eat fast food.
  7. Varun Bharti

    Varun Bharti New Member

    The most healthiest way to gain weight is to gain heavy muscle, increase bone density, and eat more carbs/healthy fats/protein. To gain muscle you can either go to a gym and begin lifting free weights, of course you should first make sure you know what you are doing and workout different body parts each day. Another way to gain muscle is to do body weight exercises which include doing activities such as push ups, pull ups, squats, and dips. By working out, playing sports, and doing cardio you will naturally increase the density of your bones and gain weight. Lastly, another method to gain weight is to eat a whole lot of carbs(bread, bagels, e.t.c), healthy fats(cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, fruits, e.t.c), and proteins(chicken, beef, protein shakes, e.t.c). If you complete everything I listed above you will definitely begin to gain weight soon.
  8. calebchoke

    calebchoke New Member

    It depends on your current situation now. If you are in a shape of a circle, then gaining weight is of course a bad idea. If your are a skinny dude that can be knocked over by the wind, then gaining weight is a "ok" idea. If you are an average guy and want to bulk up, then just bulk up! Eat more, go the gym, lift some weights. Search on youtube or google what to do. There is huge amounts of information on the internet.
  9. CJ Deala

    CJ Deala New Member

    When you lift weights, or any workout that's not cardio cause cardio makes you lose weight. Whenever you lift, do heavier weights and lower reps. This will quickly build muscle and that's the natural way to build gains. (Heavy weight, low reps. Or if you dont care how you gain, haha yes Patrick Gilbert fast food will give you gains. (Not healthy and something I dont recommend doing).
  10. ForumSpammer67

    ForumSpammer67 New Member

    First, go to a trained medical professional (Doctor) and get your BMI, Check if it is Underweight or Normal. Try to gain body weight by muscle. If you have a very low percentage of fat I would suggest eating more regularly with normal food, Not Fast Food, That will negate some of the effects of dumping crap tons of Carbohydrates into your body.
  11. tyknee

    tyknee New Member

    I can honestly say that I understand the feeling. I have been wanting to gain weight myself for some years now, but have yet to gain a pound. I have been told by numerous people that I don't need to gain weight and that it'll come when my body is ready for it. Gaining weight can be a bad idea based on several different factors. If you are planning to gain just fat, then this may lead to many health issues. If you are planning to gain muscle, then this may be a healthier option for you. Also, consider your age at the time of wanting to gain weight. Remember that the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. You wouldn't want to be trying to gain weight when your body is naturally trying to lose it, and vice versa.
  12. MsDivine

    MsDivine New Member

    I am someone that wants to gain weight also, and have started doing things to do just that. I had a few things occur in my life over the years and don't have a problem losing weight, but this time I've lost too much weight and want to gain weight but not too quickly. I also want to gain weight but not make my face fat. This seems to be working so far. I do eat healthy, but of course I have my fattening foods. I include boost or ensure one or two times a day. I try to eat every three to four small meals with snacks in between sometimes. I have also incorporated some toning exercises I want weight not flab, ya know?.
  13. Jeffear

    Jeffear New Member

    Easy - just be in a caloric surplus - meaning you need to consume more calories than you burn throughout your day, combine this with working out and eating a protein rich diet you will be jacked and fluffy in no time.
  14. Joeyrich

    Joeyrich New Member

    Gaining weight is simple but it is not an over night journey. Eat loads of calories over 2000 per day, most of those calories should be healthy carbohydrates and heathy fats, also you want to be eating plenty of protein and also do lots of slow excercise, like heavy weight lifting with plenty of rest between your sets.
  15. danieli silva

    danieli silva Member

    Exercício, levante pesos para ganhar massa magra, aliada a um
    dieta saudável.
    Aumentar a ingestão de líquidos
    Coma menos ..
    Coma do jeito certo
    Comer muitos legumes e carnes saudáveis ..
    Coma gorduras saudáveis ..
    Essas dicas funcionaram muito bem para mim.
  16. dulcimo

    dulcimo New Member

    In order to gain weight in a healthy manner it is important to eat several smaller meals per day, about five or six servings from the 8 in morning until about 8 at night with additional snacks. This is a technique used by body builders, they eat many times per day and supplement with additional protein shakes and power bars. This can be a challenge for some people who are not accustomed to eating a lot or healthy eating habits or who don't like to cook. Increase your intake amount of oats, rice, pasta, add loads of veggies and add a chicken breast once or twice per day. Supplement with lots of fruits and make smoothies that you can add a protein powder to if you choose. It is beneficial to prep/cook a lot of food (for example the next three days of chicken, rice, steamed broccoli) and put in tupperware to be stored in the fridge, that way you can take out the ready portions and eat right away instead of making five individual meals per day.
  17. Chubbard88

    Chubbard88 New Member

    Why do you want to gain weight? Gaining weight can be unhealthy. If you post why I would have a better reason to help and not speculate on ifs. I can also say everybody has a certain way they are built. Look a Snoop Dogg he hasn't gained any weight at all and look how old he is but, that isn't every skinny person has a metabolism like that and this comment is based on the spectacle of having that type of body
  18. In order to gain weight is easy you must eat food that is rich in carbohydrates it is the number one factor that, makes you gain weight too much especially rice, you will gain weight fast for sure with rice.
  19. km-g

    km-g New Member

    If gaining weight is your goal the best advice I can give you is that you see a nutritionist that can put you in a weight gaining program and teach you about good nutrition. Also, there are some great body builders on Youtube and probably at your local gym that have attained their muscle weight through proper weight training and good nutrition. They post their videos on a regular basis and anyone can follow their advice if they check with their physician first. You might want to consider looking into that.

    Muscle weights more than fat. This is a fact and apparently proven by all the scientific studies and all the top professionals in the health and fitness community. There are numerous ways to gain healthy fat, for example through a proper exercise program, good nutrition, and I have also heard that sleep is a factor in gaining or loosing weight. Having made that statement however, I know that there are different types of weight gain that one can attain, not all weight gain is healthy weight. There is an obesity pandemic in North America which comes from bad food choices and not enough physical activity.

    Personally I was in the same situation years ago trying to gain some weight. I was so adamant at gaining the desired weight that I did not care where the calories came from! someone advice me to start eating late at night which I did! Needless to say that always gave me indigestion and I ended up with high cholesterol. In the end it is up to you, I hope you make the right decision as to where these extra calories will come from to achieve your desire goal. Please keep in mind that staying healthy while you gain this weight should be one of your top priorities.
  20. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    I used to be really skinny and no matter what I ate, I just could not gain weight. What worked for me was to relax more because for some people stress can cause weight loss.
  21. Rakesh123

    Rakesh123 New Member

    Gaining body weight can be done in two ways. One is by building more muscle and second by gaining more fat. The first one is healthy way to gain weight. Muscle gaining acan be done by doing gym regularly and eating protein and carbohydrates in appropriate ratios. Eating more carbohydrates and less protein can gain you more fat which can be unhealthy for your body.
  22. Lukevukovic

    Lukevukovic New Member

    Weight gain all comes down to how much energy you eat. If you gain fat or muscle all comes down to the ratio of macro nutrients you consume and training efforts. For healthy weight gain you should increase caloric intake by 200-500 calories and keep to a 50/25/15 percent ratio of carbohydrate/fat/protein calories. Go until you feel better and don't over do it or else you cross into higher body fat percentage.
  23. Dean Angel

    Dean Angel New Member

    This post reminds me of me about 15 years ago so I will share my experience. I was also a skinny non muscle 6 ft featherweight so I decided to gain a few pounds. The way I went about it is by weightlifting and I tripled my calorie intake. The first 6 months were very hard but eventually I started gaining proper weight. I went from 140 to 170 pounds in about a year. My advice to you is: As with all thing in life take your time to exercise smart and not to injure yourself. Try to balance your calorie intake not just with high protein but with a combination of all foods, just try not to go overboard with sugar and transfats. You are not am olympic athlete so having a really strict diet is not necessary. Even if you want to have a pizza or a burger you can have it just not the whole time. What worked for me was eating healthy during the week and on the weekend I would treat myself to whatever I fancy. Do not give up. Results take time. And the most important part besides food and movement is rest and water. The body needs sleep to regenerate. 8 hours and a galon of water per day should be enough. I hope my advice helped. Stick to your goal and you will achieve it. I wish you all the best
  24. Rakesh123

    Rakesh123 New Member

    Gaining body weight can be done in two ways. One is by building more muscle and second by gaining more fat. The first one is healthy way to gain weight. Muscle gaining acan be done by doing gym regularly and eating protein and carbohydrates in appropriate ratios. Eating more carbohydrates and less protein can gain you more fat which can be unhealthy for your body.
  25. robin82194

    robin82194 New Member

    I am guessing you want to gain weight because you are underweight which is probably the result of eating food with poor nutrition. Before telling you the techniques I highly recommend you go to a doctor because being underweight or overweight can cause health issues that you might have for the rest of your life.

    First eat more frequently than one big meal because people underweight can feel full faster, so try spreading when you throughout the day. Second eat food with rich nutrients like whole-grain breads, pastas and cereals; fruits and vegetables and drink smoothies and shakes instead of soda or coffee, which have low calories and almost no nutrients. Talking about drinks, make sure not to drink before a meal because it makes you feel full faster. Finally, make sure to exercise which can help you gain weight by building up your muscles and stimulate your appetite.
  26. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost New Member

    Protein is definitely the key to weight gain. It is however, difficult to obtain sufficient protein during the course of the day. It may be easy to drink a protein shake and get a double or triple daily recommended values. But, those drinks are highly unregulated, and often contaminated with lead and mercury. I consume natural protein by gorging myself on easy to digest plain non-fat Greek yogurt and the fermented Kefir effervescent protein-packed dairy drink. I eat a lot of lean meats like chicken, beef, and fish in order to feel satisfied and get that extra shot of protein.

    Protein is a wonderful rejuvenating compound that repairs muscle tissue. It is critical to strengthening your body and quickly building muscle mass. Egg whites are another great method. I like to eat massive egg white and veggie omelets for breakfast. By consuming all of this protein, you will never be sore the day after a work out. If you don't supplement with some carbs, howbeit, you may be too tired to work out.

    Forget all the numbers and stats. I am not going to calculate the ideal ratio of foods I consume. I am just going to eat what I like and try to keep a little common sense balance. In an optimum situation, you should not eat much carbs at all, and should start running your body on pure ketones. That is an entirely different discussion, however.
  27. Scooter

    Scooter New Member

    I had that similar question brewing inside of me for the longest time until I conversed with my hairdresser and she told me that just as long as your maintaining a consistent weight balance there is no need to gain any more weight, because as the aging process moves forward so does weight gain.
  28. Marc005

    Marc005 New Member

    Gaining weight is not an easy task for some people. I've learned through experience that eating healthy and exercise is the only way to gain weight. I feel some people would love to have my genetics and metabolism.
  29. drig38

    drig38 New Member

    If you want to gain weight eat a lot of white rice. It gives you a lot of energy from the carbohydrates but if you don't put the energy to use your body turns it into auger then to fat
  30. Keily M

    Keily M New Member

    I was in a similar situation. After I gave birth to my son, I just started losing a lot of weight. I didn't want to, but it happened.

    I needed to gain weight so I set a goal for myself: to gain about one to two pounds per week. I downloaded an app called Myfitnesspal to record my meals, workouts, and progress. I ate seven small meals per day. I worked out four times per week. I drank at least 64 ounces of water and got plenty of rest! This helped me get back to a healthy weight range.

    Please, remember to speak to your doctor before doing something like this. Everyone's body is different. I am naturally slim ( vertically challenged, too!) so I know that my weight gain won't be much. Just take it slow and know your body.

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