I want to give up

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  1. Skyblue

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    • Wheever I think of giving up, i always say to myself, "Be positive and never entertain negative thoughts!". Yes. I need to be positive to all the things I do. There may be a temporary feeling of well – being to the point of trying to do much more than usual. If I find I cannot do what I have planned, then I will become depressed.
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  2. ziskasun

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    I am glad that you have the idea of not entertaining negative thoughts. There is a next step though that might help you, and that is to entertain GOOD thoughts. Now that you have cleared some space by throwing out crummy thoughts, go ahead and fill your mind with gratitude and let positive feelings fill your heart. It really works.
  3. rjohndava86

    rjohndava86 New Member

    Giving up something depends on the situation. If you are hurt by the situation often then give up, it is not a sign of weakness. But always remember to give all your efforts in such situation when trying to reach something. It is better to try than to do nothing. It is better to try than to regret that you don't try. Always have a positive outlook in life. Don't quit easily.
  4. nino gerson

    nino gerson New Member

    Remember the saying, "There's always sunshine after the rain" there's always hope in every failure. Whenever you feel down or you failed on something, PRAY. Your strength alone is not enough to continue fighting.You need a GOD who will help and guide you in every step of the way. Whatever a person is not capable of doing is possible with God. Never lose hope.
  5. rara342227

    rara342227 New Member

    Looking on the brighter and positive side of things is always a right choice. However, it doesn't mean that you are not allowed to break and fall. I think many people are too scared to be seen on their weakest by others. We are humans, we have every right to be weak at times. There are really times that you really feel so sick and tired of it. Like you really want to escape and give up. And then you won't notice that you are gaining a little strength from every problem that you go through. Overtime, those little strengths will accumulate and eventually you'll realize that you're getting back on your feet again. Nobody said life would be easy but since we only have one let's just try to live it with positivity.
  6. evachikka

    evachikka New Member

    Giving up is the only option we see when we think that we all have to do it alone. Dear friends, we are not alone coz God is on our side, fighting for us. Giving up is the only option given by satan. The purpose of satan is to steal, kill, and destroy you. But being on the side of God, we are not those who easily shrink back and give up. We may take a rest for a while but giving up is not the only way to get out from troubles, sins, and problems. You are victorious in Christ Jesus and we are born to become winners not quitters.
  7. Assertivemom

    Assertivemom New Member

    Giving up should always be the last option,when you already have tried your best a "hundred" times and still didn't work. In every situation, relationship and career we face trials, bad things happen, we get frustrated our patience are tested and we hit rock bottom. But we should remember that best things doesn't come easy, overnight success rarely happen, so it's alright. Trials make us stronger.

    We have to make sure that when we finally decided to give up, there will be no regrets because we tried our best and we did a good fight.
  8. danahart23

    danahart23 New Member

    Giving up! the last words some people say when they had enough but come to think of why are saying this? if we always have an option in life we are born blessed with free will to decide what to do and which path are we going to, and there are things that we need to face no matter how hard it is and how hurt ,tired,exhausted we are.. have faith and believe that everything will come to pass,

    so never give up, strive hard keep your faith and always be positive.
  9. OANN

    OANN New Member

    Don't give up! It will not help at all. If you want to achieve something you need to continue and move forward whatever it takes. I know that it is not easy especially if there is problem or challenge. But success comes if you will not give up, look on the future rewards and focus to positive sides. Plant today, don't give up and harvest tomorrow.
  10. Qamer Abbas

    Qamer Abbas Member

    so whatyou can we do
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  11. Teresa Fragata

    Teresa Fragata New Member

    I want to give up is the least thought in my head. I am far from giving up because I have a family who loves me and whom I love so dearly. I live by the principle 'there is nothing you would not do for the people who mean so much to you. ' Giving up is not my option.
  12. Jeffrey Dionaldo

    Jeffrey Dionaldo New Member

    No, To giving up to me.Yes to solution. In every situation or problem there is a solution needs to find it, Once we try to make a change or to find a solution to problems in life,I never give up if the first solution doesn't work. I try something else must continued to try to escape the shock because never knows--maybe something that will work. it may take many attempts to get out, but the only way out is to try. If simply accept what is to believe is fate,won't go anywhere.
  13. Kim Alejo

    Kim Alejo New Member

    There's already one day that you're feel downed and stressed, but i always tell to myself that "everything happens for a reason" and that one day, I will thanked Our Almighty Father that He let me experienced that downfall so that I can reach to Him and know that I am a strong and faithful daughter.
  14. Jimona

    Jimona New Member

    Giving up in times that we feel unwanted by our love one's family and friends. That everything we did was wrong and as if no one understand us. Sometimes its not about what might others think obout you. Its about how you think about them. Just change the way you think of them go on life is beautiful and wonderful thats only a change for you to become more stronger and better.
  15. jemjam

    jemjam New Member

    I felt that feeling before. That feeling of failure, helplessness and being oblivioned, wherein you don't know what to do and all you ever think is that, all is lost. But a person once told me that, we should never give up. Once we are down there's no other way but up. Who cares if you failed, or whatever you did, there's always another brand new day. We must do our best to climb out of the pit of despair even when you feel you don't have a solid footing. Face what you fear. Change for the better, though it requires a leap of faith and some degree of optimism. And if you stumble again, get back up and try again. Perseverance and determination are the keys to success. You can never achieve anything if you still lay in bed, crying and thinking about giving up. You see, mistakes and failures are there to make us change of who we are and make a better person out of ourselves.
  16. jigz martinez

    jigz martinez New Member

    If you are tired, go get a have a rest. Have a break but never give up. Sometimes when you reach the peak of giving up, remember the first thing that made you do it. Try and try until you reach what you aim to. It is like having a hike to the highest peak of the mountain. There will always be things, struggles, and circumstances that will be thrown to your way up, but never give up. Treat them as your stone of strength. Your stepping stone. Always put this in mind, have faith. No stones will be thrown to you that you can't fetch. Everything is a challenge, go overcome and reach for your goals.
  17. MOMC.MC

    MOMC.MC Member

    Give up what? Giving up maybe a way to escape upon something that you thought to be not worth holding on or fighting for. Do you really need to give up or just want to give up? There's a difference. It depends on every factor that might affect your decisions. I know it's hard to not just give up, easier said than done. Sometimes the mind can only take so much what it can endure. It all boils down on how resilient we can be in facing life's challenges. We have to be optimistic however negative or frustrating it may seem. Sometimes we have to accept help from someone, something or anything that can make us think clearly. Laughter and prayers worked for me, it helped me a lot whenever i felt giving up. We humans are made to survive so live, laugh and love. Let's pass through it because i believe there's sunshine after the rain and light at the end of the tunnel. Cheers!:)
  18. happyjoy

    happyjoy New Member

    From your post, you seem like a perfectionist. Actually, I can see myself in you. I always give my all because I want to deliver good results in every task that I am given.

    Here is my advice: don't be too hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself, verbalize your emotions, rest if you can, move on, then come up with another plan. If you are depressed, the more you could not think clearly of the next steps that would be best for your situation.

    I hope you find my comment useful and I have helped cheer you up a little bit.
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  19. rommel31

    rommel31 New Member

    Stop. Giving up is like giving up your entire life. If you have a dream go and get it, stay motivated. You know when I was young, I used to be bullied by other schoolmates. Until one day i've decided to change my life and become inspiration to others. I changed my body, my soul, and also my clothes either.
  20. patrick11

    patrick11 New Member

    Enjoy life, life is too short to think of problems. There might be lots of challenges we face in life but the most important thing is to keep on going and never giving up. We succeed in life if we keep on going despite the challenges being thrown upon us. What we should keep in mind is that we failed in life if we give up, everything ends if we give up. Nothing in life is easy, we should bring hard work and sacrifice. For me, in life it's either the pain of sacrifice or the pain of regret
  21. happyjoy

    happyjoy New Member

    From your post, you seem like a perfectionist. Actually, I can see myself in you. I always give my all because I want to deliver good results in every task that I am given.

    Here is my advice: don't be too hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself, verbalize your emotions, rest if you can, move on, then come up with another plan. If you are depressed, the more you could not think clearly of the next steps that would be best for your situation.

    I hope you find my comment useful and I have helped cheer you up a little bit.
  22. Cristelle Venus Ong

    Cristelle Venus Ong New Member

    It seems to me that giving up is my escape route to have a break from all of the problems I am encountering every single day. You feel like your so weak and there's no hope at all. Giving up makes you feel dying is the only key and one cares about how you feel. Giving up is feeling an extreme pain inside without having an urge or idea to express it. Negativity is present and you don't even know how to explain it.
  23. Beachpersona

    Beachpersona New Member

    When I feel the world is against me, I feel like I want to give up but sometimes I need to give up for the good of others.
    Giving up does not mean you are weak, sometimes it's a proof of how you love them. I believe that we need to just stay positive and think what is the right thing to do for the right situation.
  24. IamMaven

    IamMaven New Member

    Hopelessness, helplessness, and self-doubt are one of the focal points of life to the extent of taping death as the final option and solution to most problems. It is believed that adversities of life are part of the ordeals humans should bare to become a better person. I am positive that a feeling of defeat is not the of the line while others would agree that sometimes giving up is the solution.

    Some articles would conclude that life needs to be unfair at first for personal maturity, mental development, and emotional stability. In fact, no one knows what life has to offer us every day of a man's life but accepting the worldly challenge makes a person bolder, better and stronger. Repetitive failure, for example, can be extremely frustrating especially when the target at hand is nearly beyond a person's reach which in the end slides out of the hand starting from scratch again. One very good example would be Micheal Jordan who is now a well-known legend in the whole history of basketball. With his passion, determination, and dedication to practice, he achieved a one and a lifetime life-changing dream to be the best among the players in the basketball history. He was very bold to commit a mistake as early as possible, learn and repeat again until he gets closer and closer to his goal. The spark of determination blazing inside him is inextinguishable which should be imitated and relive.

    I am a staunch believer that there is always a glimpse of light at the end of all the darkness in life. Stand firm and hold on tight to what you believe and follow your visions, dreams, and ambitions in life.
  25. Nazroth

    Nazroth Member

    Hey pal. All I can tell you is to hold on! I can completely relate with you on that one, especially discouragements and depression. But here's one thing you need to do to escape that cycle: Get into something new! start a new adventure. That is my second best advice.
    My first? Get to know God, I can't elaborate some more because it's an adventure you have to take for yourself.
    "For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it." Matt 16:25
  26. chiltacs

    chiltacs New Member

    You must understand that not everything you want to happen will turn out the way you expected or the outcome would be the same as you wish. As humans, we have that tendency to become pessimistic every time we can't accomplish what we ought to do but it's just a matter of how you face and handle that situation.

    Sometimes in life, we must understand that failure is a part of it. It is through failure that we learn life lessons, improve our judgments, and gain experience. Thereby, as soon as we encounter the same situation in the future, we will be able to handle it. As the saying goes, "the more you fail, recover and improve, the better you are as a person."

    Since you mentioned that if you cannot do what you have planned, you tend to be depressed, I suggest you try to set out goals and plan out things that are more attainable and realistic so that by the time you take a course of action, it's something that can be accomplished. It would be better if you try to think of the things that motivates you. You have to move on and try again or if not, talk to someone about how you feel, may it be your family or friends. Venting out your frustations with someone close to you by discussing it with them would help a lot. Think about the negative aspect, imagine yourself being depressed. Would you like to be stuck in that kind of situation? Well, of course not. So, instead of thinking negatively, channel your energy into doing things that will make you become more productive. It's a matter of choice and you know what's best for yourself, just don't resort into something that would aggravate the situation.

    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill.
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  27. mdbree17

    mdbree17 New Member

    One word: SUICIDAL. Yes. I am suicidal. I've been through a lot ever since I was young. I lost my dad when I was a year old. My mom needs to work far away to provide us food, shelter and to be able to go to school. I'm the youngest in the family. The only girl. It's hard. Very, very hard. To wake up every morning with no parents around. No parents to greet you, "good morning sweetie". No parents to hug you or tickle you just to get up out of bed. No parents to cook for you and prepare your snacks for school. Just, no parents around. It's only you and your other siblings. Imagine how difficult that be? You live in your own house yet close to your relatives. They spank you, scolded you, etc. You will see them eating delicious food and all you've got is bread or worst you eat rice with sugar/salt on top. School activities, parents meeting, presentations? They're not there. You look for their faces in the crowd and you don't see even a line on their forehead to see. I committed suicidal acts even when I was still in high school. I cut off my wrist with a blade. I don't know, I can't elaborate what other things I did in the past. I was already GIVING UP. TOTALLY GIVING UP. Then again, I thought of myself worthless if I'll just end my life like that. But, I made terrible things again as I grow up. Wrong people, wrong friends, wrong decisions. wrong places and wrong love. I once again wanted to kill myself. My life has a purpose. I gave birth to a brave and wonderful little girl. She made me want to go on even life's hard. Her smiles and giggles always make my day. I love her so much that I ask the Lord not to take her away from me when she was hospitalized. I couldn't bear to see my precious one struggling. I can take all the pain, but not her. Life has a new meaning now. I ask God to help me cleanse my soul and help me to get through it all. I ask for His guidance to help me raise this beautiful gift into a God-fearing child when she grows up and to lead her not to her own understanding.
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  28. eunicecabaccan07

    eunicecabaccan07 New Member

    There is a point in my life that i really want to give up. I ask so many question is it worth to live? Why am i still alive? I'm suicidal that time but every time i try to hurt my self, the tools i'm going to used are damage. That time i realize that maybe the reason why i'm still alive is because God still has a purpose in my life, i cried and prayed to God and tell him that i'm sorry. After that i felt relief and i started talking to my parents about what i feel and also i talk to my friends. They gave me positive opinion and now i'm still alive and thanking God that he spare my life. If you feel of giving up! Just pray to God, talk to somebody and express your feeling. Release all you pains and accept yourself and from that you will find contentment in your life, the answer to you questions.
  29. Rosie12345

    Rosie12345 New Member

    When I think of giving up, I quickly assess my situation and then think of people in this world who have it way worse than I do. For example, I have had 10 major surgeries and my health has always been a great battle for me. So, when I reach my lowest point and feel like giving up, I think of other people who have had more surgeries than I have and they still give thanks for the life they still have left.

    Giving up is loosing all hope that there is nothing you or anyone can do to make your situation improve. If you stop for a moment and write a list of different ways your situation can improve, you can start focusing on these positives so as to get out of the depressive state of mind you're in.

    What works for me is that I usually list down different ways I can improve my health such as a change in diet, exercising, meditation, natural herbs, and positive self-talk. The next step is usually the hardest because it actually involves going out there and making the changes listed. My advice is to pick one item from your list and work on conquering it. Once that is accomplished, pick the second item on your list and conquer it. Continue going down your entire list and conquer all the listed items. You will inevitably surprise yourself by quickly turning into the most positive person you know.
  30. Brokenhollow

    Brokenhollow New Member

    One simple thought: Winners never quit and Quitters never win.
    Its ok if why learning at first you encounter some failures. Thats the reason why you are learning it because you havent mastered it. ​

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