I want to give up

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Skyblue, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. fulltank13

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    If you really love something or someone never ever give up! as long as the word Love is on the line, never turn your back in what makes you happy and loved. If you are about to give up, think why did you start.
    Life is full of challenge, we never know what lies ahead and what tomorrow brings. No one knows if you will win with those battles you're in or be a part of a loss, but one thing I'm sure about is YOU MUST BE READY AT ALL TIMES. Be ready for the defeat and be ready for the victory, be ready for a cry and be ready for a laugh, be ready for a discouragement and be ready for an encouragement. Be ready at all times! prepare yourself, convince yourself that you have to take those negativities of this life so you can be more effective and grow more personally. never give up on the things you love the most! believe in yourself and believe that God is omnipotent to turn every impossibilities of life to possible! just believe and never give up
  2. 2legit2quit

    2legit2quit New Member

    In times of adversity, and I have exhausted all of my options. I being to reminisce on the reason I started this endeavor on the first place. I then proceed to pick up the broken pieces and try to right my wrongs, and put my best foot forward the very next time. Because, giving up will be the very last thing I will ever do, as I have come too far to give up now. If you have to cry, then cry to keep going don’t stop and never take no for an answer from life.
  3. HelanaGracia

    HelanaGracia New Member

    It's okay to lose. This is life. Giving up is not a choice. Your only choice is to fight to something that brings you down.
    Given up to something thinking you have nothing you can do is a life with no sense. Everyone of us is struggling to something, different problems, but with a right mind and good people around you., giving up is not a mindset with people who eager to survive. I have a lot of people around me given up, in a way that they take their lives, it's so sad that they don't have the opportunity to live their life again to the fullest. I just don't understand why they thought that way. Is it really over if they lose their lives?. How about the people that love them?. There are lots of organization who will help you if you have the thought of giving up, maybe just try to talk to them, they not know you but i guess they will really understands you. In that way your mind will be free again from the thought of giving up.
  4. blinked

    blinked New Member

    Before entertaining negative thoughts , remember that there is always that other side of life. Don't let challenges be the cause of your downfall , make it as an inspiration to improve, to make yourself better. Every successful person has also come into more difficult challenges, and do you know what they did when they were struggling, they just keep on going.If they can, you can also.It maybe hard at first but remember that nothing is impossible when you have a dream , but don't let it just be a dream make it yours.
  5. paubash

    paubash New Member

    There are times the that you really want to give up and there are tons of reasons why you're thinking that way. Like for me, I'm a solo parent. I need to work hard in order to sustain our needs. Being a parent and a full time worker makes you feel so tired that you want to take some rest from all of the stress you're encountering. But when I see my child, I am getting strength to push harder for our better future. And ofcourse if you pray harder.
  6. budeman

    budeman New Member

    Giving up is an option. Don't give up guys set your goals well and focus on what you want to be. Don't listen to the negative people don't let those people drag you down just believe in you self do your best and always pray to God. If you feel that you're giving up listen to me the only good thing to do in that time is to pray it will help you to refresh your mind and to guide you in good way.
  7. Ishana

    Ishana New Member

    I'm always saying to myself, "you are so big to play small in this earth", c'mon guys life is like a roller coaster sometimes your up sometimes your down, but the important thing is always embrace who you are, and what you are right now. I'm always trying to convince myself not to give up until one day i asked myself, why i am convincing myself not to give up if i am fine with my life. Look, sadness will come and go, just like happiness. When you are down, always think about what is your purpose in life? Are you here in earth just to kill yourself? Of course not, you are stronger than depression, you are stronger that sadness, you are stronger than your negative thoughts and lastly you are stronger that all your problems, always remember that being here in earth is not just happiness, problem will come and we need to face it, face it with faith in yourself and faith in our God, with God we will be more stronger, we will be more happier, we will be free from any burdens in life so be happy and never give up to your life, because the world is just so perect for having you here.
  8. TD1480

    TD1480 New Member

    Hey Sky Blue, the first thing I can tell you is that you are definitely not alone. We've all had times in our lives where our plans don't come to fruition and the let down can be discouraging to say the least. I've never been a big fan of quotes, but one that has stuck with me is from Winston Churchill, who often suffered from depression himself. He said success is learning to deal with one failure after another without losing your confidence. That is what seperates successful people from the rest; its not that their smarter or more capable, but they dont allow failure to discourage them. You have the right attitude, now you need to ask yourself what is the root of your problem, what is causing the set back. Once you know that ask yourself what resources are available to overcome this issue and dont forget, people often make the best resources of all. Use them, because we're not meant to tackle all our problems alone. Prioritize what must be done from what you want to get done and hit that issue with every resource you can muster. And whatever setbacks come your way, remember that they are part of the process; dont let that discourage you. Good luck and keep your head up!
  9. jregatuna2

    jregatuna2 New Member

    There's nothing to give up in life because life is not about giving up. Don't standby the problems instead keep moving and when you fall stand up and move again...just remember that any heavy problems cannot kill us it is just a problem that needs to be troubleshoot.
  10. Gizelleann29

    Gizelleann29 New Member

    Everything happens for a reason, we may not know the reason why?! but we can do thing to be better and giving up is not a solution for it.

    If you feel like you’re giving up, think of the positive side you have done. don't overthink on negative side, no more what if's and don't put yourself adown.

    You are better than what you think. This is life! enjoy every single moment of it.
  11. Bhing1980

    Bhing1980 New Member

    “Prayers can move mountains” so pray hard and don’t ever give up. All we are dealing in this world is just temporary maybe now you are down but tomorrow you will rise. No one can change your situation if you dont help yourself. We are just here to let you know that giving up is not an option, you have to fight, you have to dream and you have to love yourself. Being in a situation of giving up is just a trial, pray for peace of mind and who knows maybe tomorrow you have the answers. ;)
  12. Jkazzee

    Jkazzee New Member

    "If I just hang on a little bit longer." Is my mantra during periods of deep depression. I try to hold put and seek someone to talk with at those points, because I know that they will pass eventually. I implore any person feeling depression to the point of being suicidal call this number: 1800-273-8255 as it is the suicide hotline in the USA. Take note that we love you and the world is a better place with you in it.
  13. kairos407

    kairos407 New Member

    Everything is permissive but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissive but not everything is constructive. Learn when to give up and learn when to hold on.
  14. Richelle Monique

    Richelle Monique New Member

    Ever since I was a high school student I've always wanted to give up. I wanna give up on literally everything, the reason is as I live every single day I also see everything to go downhill which is pretty unhealthy. Everyone around me was pushing me away, even my own family and friends. I thought that everything's my fault and there is something wrong with me that's why everything is going wrong as well. Then One day I thought to myself, this has to end. I started to look at life more positively, at first it was really hard, I was being too hard to myself , I am forcing myself to be a better person and that wasn't something that I regretted :) In fact it helped me grow as a person and I can say that what people think doesn't matter as long as you're happy and as long as you're doing something good for yourself then you must do it.
  15. First you have to search your core and question yourself 'Why do you seek to achieve this?'. You will have to find the initial sense of motivation to help you to soldier on. As such a sense of motivation is shortlived, you have to constantly search for it and stay disciplined. This is just one of the ways to tell yourself not to give up.

    Second, always believe that things are not over until it is really over. As long as it is not over, there is always a chance to turn things arounds no matter how adverse the odds are. Visualise yourself being able to reverse things bit by bit (gradually). Hope this helps
  16. Josie12

    Josie12 New Member

    I understand where you're coming from. If I have my mind set on something then all of sudden it doesn't go as planned I will get depressed. My weight for example. I tell myself over and over that I need to shed some pounds. I work towards my goal for maybe two days then I'm back to binge eating. Binge eating is one of my biggest down falls. It's so bad that I had to get tested for diabetes and thyroid problems. I did test negative for both thank goodness! The point is that you shouldn't give up! If you made a goal that is going to benefit you in a positive way, strive for it ! Giving up doesn't accomplish anything I promise! Don't get me wrong reaching a goal is not going to be easy. It's going to be difficult. That is why you should never forget your "why". Whatever your "why" is, let it motivate you to push yourself as hard as you can so you can accomplish your goal. You can do it. You got this.
  17. stranger_07

    stranger_07 Member

    Whenever there are times that I think that I should give up. I always remind myself why I started it in the very beginning.
  18. Morny Hilary

    Morny Hilary New Member

    It all depends on what you are up to. If not giving up means you are bringing harm more than good to yourself, then it's time to give up. But if it's something that affects your future such as studies, dream career or even family relationships, please don't give up.
  19. vinvill

    vinvill New Member

    Hey dont give up we people we will experience ups and downs in our lifetime, the best way is to find the root cause of your problem try to find a solution consult older people like your parents that might give you tips and might help you. You need to divert and talk to others and thinks this there are people who have more major problems like you people who are bedridden lost a limb etc. That wants to continue living always think of that to motivate you.
  20. Jason Dickson

    Jason Dickson New Member

    Don't set your standards to high! Achieve a little, get good at that and then increase your expectations later. We tend to expect too much out of ourselves due to the standards of someone else. We are all different and we must respect ourselves! The day that you except yourself, the day that negative thoughts will vanish because you are a positive representation of yourself and you are satisfied!
  21. tgaylon1

    tgaylon1 New Member

    We all have great ideas and thoughts to share on this forum. You guys inspire me! The words of wisdom and the glimpses into our life is a way to show us that life is life and what we make it in our life is up to us . We need to put God in the center of our life as He will never leave us, and this doesn’t mean that we won’t have challenges, but the ones we have are learning experiences and God helps us to see the big picture in life. So, never give up, stand tall and believe in God!
  22. rhea1128

    rhea1128 New Member

    Problem makes a person stronger. This is a test where you may feel to let go the rope and just give up. In life full of stress it is okay not to be okay. Humans are not perfect we have weaknesses to deal with ourselves or with the people that surround us. Giving up is not the best to way out. We need to fight back to still live and experienced the beautiful things that life has to offer. Look life in way full of optimism. There is hope. It doesn't mean having a bad day today, tomorrow is just the same. No one knows what future may hold for us. Never predict and overthink. There are many ways to put back our mind on track of living that will make ourselves calm and at peace. Dealing in a problem with stressed mind results to failure to attain main goal. Talk to someone, who will listen to you. Or do what makes you happy, whether with people, a hobby, pet or things.
    On other perspective, if giving up is a last resort to choose then let go. But never took your life. Giving up sometimes is not a justification of weakness. This only means you learn how to be strong to move forward in everything that makes your life hard. Because we should accept that not all the things has life to offer are really meant for us.
    Enjoy life!. Because we only live once on earth, therefore make the most out of it for the wholeness of our soul.
  23. Fitforlifecoach

    Fitforlifecoach New Member

    Don't give up on yourself! We all have good and bad days.
    That's life, but I have learned to turn a bad situation into a better situation.
    I have lost 50 pounds. I'm so glad I didn't give up on me!
    I see a big change in my sleep. I stopped eating Fast Foods and started cooking.
    I'm so glad I didn't give up.
  24. Nonso Daniel

    Nonso Daniel New Member

    I once read a writing on the wall of the Hospital where my wife delivered our baby girl, it's a maternity, strictly for only pregnant women and mother, I read the post, saw how women struggle to bring forth children into the world, the pain, the feeling of giving up especially when they think they couldn't take it anymore, i believe it was written by a doctor and the post reads: The first place we lose the fight is in our thinking, when you think you can no longer go further, when it seems we have done all and still no improvement, when it seems there no other way, perhaps the only solution is to let go, but it's so unfortunate that it is at the point of changing that the pain become most strong but you see, we can't do more than you think, if you think you can make it then we can make it, if you thinking it's over then really it is over. say to yourself, "I CAN MAKE IT" and you'll see yourself come out of it. Don't give up, Never give up. Hold on to God........
  25. SpicyShrimp08

    SpicyShrimp08 New Member

    When you wanted to give up (in anything), just remind yourself why you started in the first place. As the saying says "you're already in pain, don't give up and go get the prize you deserve". Giving up is just like losing one of your purpose in life. So however hard and complicated the situation is, don't give up.
  26. jamechi

    jamechi Member

    No never give up,

    You know what, God has given you so much ability to sustain stress in life, its called patience, just buy time and keep on waiting, if your hurt talk with friends, and people who care for you, if no one will talk to you, talk to yourself, why?
    Because i have experience same as you, but i did not give up life, I remained strong praying and believed that God is able to answer my prayers.

    Stay safe, have a blessed evening
  27. Banaag124

    Banaag124 New Member

    I'm feeling this right now giving up!! But i need to fight for it! I think i'm just depressed/stress in my work and my ldr
  28. Glen Benson

    Glen Benson Member

    Giving Up....... is the only 2 words that can make you lose in life. Have courage and be brave because God is there for you to hug you, to lift you up, to give you hope, to give you strength to carry on.
  29. shengblogger

    shengblogger New Member

    Giving up will never be an OPTION. Once in our lives we will encounter difficult times, even the richest man in the world have it. Having problems is part of our lives and we can't run from it. For me, it is more on facing the problems or what ever that you are encountering right now. We are made to survive and mold as a human, so why giving up will be an option. Just always remember that there is no permanent in this world, every problem that we are facing is temporary, if we did survive on our previous trials why not survive the current problem?On my opinion it is just a matter of dispositions in life. What I am doing every time I am facing somethings is I am calling HIM, because I know that I can survive through him. And seeing those people on street not having what I have right now, not having a comfortable life I have right now is enough for me to be stronger and think that I can always survive.
  30. Maylz

    Maylz New Member

    "I wanna give up" is the phrase mostly utter if you feel like the world is on your shoulder, but it's not always the way to left up all those burdens you are carrying. You can take a rest and solve any problem one step at a time, I know it will not going to be easy but giving up will neither resolve it. Just take a deep breathe and always think that everything has a right time and way.

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