I want to give up

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Skyblue, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. ranielabuloc

    ranielabuloc New Member

    If you think taht you can not make it anymore. Then, its betyer to give up. Even we will tell you that dont give up, It's still your choice. Noone can help you except you. If you give up you will not able to see your love ones, you family, relative, son or daughter and wife, if there's any. Giving up means you are weak. The Lord did not gave us trials to give but to face it. He will not give any trials if He knows thay we cannot make it. He just want us to grow and be preapred for a more complicated or difficult situations. No one can decide for us to give up, except Him. If you give up, It will be more tough in the other side of your life. You will live in hell, Now, you decide.
  2. jethrod67

    jethrod67 New Member

    What stops me from giving up is remembering that if I do ill probably just have to do it all over again later. I have always had a tenacious attitude so I just keep going even if I do fail a few times. Failing is sometimes the best thing that can happen, some of my best ideas have come from the ashes of failure. That feeling of accomplishment and contentment is what really gets me going though, especially after a particularly hard ordeal.
  3. moreiann

    moreiann New Member

    Whenever I think and feel that the world is falling apart before me, I always pray and have faith that everything will eventually fall into place. Challenges should not make us give up but should mold us into a better person. I have personally experienced a number of obstacles and was able to go through them as I know and feel that God, my family and friends have always been there for me, no matter what happens. Had I let any of these obstacles go my way, I shouldn't have achieved what and where I am today. Had I given up, I believe it will be most painful and difficult for the people who have been supporting and believing in me. I may not know how difficult it may have been for some of us, but I do believe in the cliche that everything happens for a reason and God doesn't give us any problem that He knows we can't overcome. Just always remember that if you ever give up, you will never get what you want or achieve any of what you have been dreaming of. Always be optimistic and never let any problem take you down.
  4. janleo

    janleo New Member

    Much as I want to say "I wont give up!" there are times when things really aren't meant to be. Now when we put a plan into action and when things aren't working out for us, that's when we have to start assessing the situation. We start observing the situation, then we orient. Next is to decide and act upon it. With this keeping into mind, at least we can make sure that we have spent all possible resources and if things still aren't working out well, then I say we step on the breaks, take time to breath, look for other cross roads and move on.
  5. GTP2

    GTP2 New Member

    Look up the video I do it any way by Jocko WIllink. If you are tired of the grind or you think your body needs a break then take a break, but not today tell yourself that everyday. Even if it is just going through the motions go through the motions. Stretch you dont need to run 10 miles everyday, or max your bench every day. Simply get better everyday by disciplining yourself. DONT QUIT you will regret every time you quit in your life.
  6. Chrizelda Medina

    Chrizelda Medina New Member

    Giving up to people who always makes you feel unimportant is good because they are just there to bring you down. They're not helping you to be your greatest version. Be yourself and move forward to achieve your goals in life. Don't give up on your dreams. Go for it! Take one step at a time because one day you'll be there.
  7. Alexandra Neilson

    Alexandra Neilson New Member

    It's important to embrace your negative thoughts, as much as it is important to embrace the positive thoughts. Recognize that you feelings as though you want to give up is a 'state' that you are feeling. This is something that will pass and it is okay to feel this way for the moment.

    I would suggest engaging in some activities that are linked with positivity. For example, social connection - reach out to a friend or go see family. My other recommendation would be to get some exercise and clear your head. Wishing you all the best.
  8. shairine

    shairine New Member

    If you really want something being positive without working for it will not work , but i hope you won’t give up give it a try one more time , work for it don’t be distracted , try to erase negative people and do what you have to do will be worthy
  9. LegPress023

    LegPress023 New Member

    At some point in our life, we sometimes want to give up due to difficult situation we were in. If you feel like giving up, just think why you started. This will surely boost your mood and confidence to go on with your journey. Remember, just enjoy and do what is best. There is a solution to every problem you just have to find it.
  10. uberjessicalopez

    uberjessicalopez New Member

    Well giving up is not an option to one's problem. Giving up is only for the people who want to end everything. When there is life there is hope. As long as we live there will always be hope in everything. Pray, then you will be guided. Giving up is for the weak and fighting is for the brave. Why give up? It's not the end of the world. There's so many opportunities out there. If it didn't come yet-wait. Be patient, keep calm and everything will fall in perfect places. Life is only given once, so cherish every blessing and never think negative things because it won't attract positive vibes and more blessings. Cheer up! Life's like that, sometimes down, sometimes up. What matters is we keep fighting.
  11. Lhotte Noble

    Lhotte Noble New Member

    I would never give up as I am not a quitter!... Some would say that to convince themselves to strive harder even if it is hard. It really takes a lot of determination to come-up with this positive attitude. We are only humans and we sometimes feel that it is worth giving up if things are not working either on good or bad side. For me, it is acceptable to back down if you feel that you have exhausted of all your effort and laid all your smart cards...but nothing happened. Just pick yourself up and start all over again with another great opportunity that may come your way.
  12. Primigravida

    Primigravida New Member

    Trying to have a good positive outlook in life is great and will definitely help in the future, but it is also important to know that not all negative thoughts are bad. Sometimes, having negative thoughts can help you discern between doing the right or wrong thing, and will also help you understand your limits in life so that you won't plan for a lot of things that you won't accomplish anyway. This will give you a more realistic view of yourself, rather than an idealized one. This will help you accept yourself for who you really are, rather than loathe yourself because you can't do the tasks you have set yourself to do.

    While we're on the topic, I'll say this: depression is a real mental health illness and should be taken seriously. It's not as simple as people saying "snap out of it," or "other people have it worse than you and they're happy," because these advices do not help and just confuse depressed people. If you feel that you're really depressed and have been experiencing these symptoms for 2 months even without a precipitating factor, you need to consider consulting an expert, medical doctors who specialize in these problems. Just as people consult their GPs for stomach aches or migraines, people should also consider going to health professionals for these problems. Some of these problems can be due to an imbalance of your neurotransmitters and hormones and may be cured by available treatments. It's just sad that the stigma around these "mental health issues" prevent the very people who really need help from going to professionals. If you don't have money or just do not want to go to the doctor, have a good support system around you. Speak to your parents, family, friends, and other loved ones, even teachers at school, and just express yourself. A lot of people around you may also miss what is going on with yourself so talking and asking for help could go a long way. If you do not want to talk to others because you don't wanna burden them, or if these people are your main problems, talk to other people, be it online in the forums or on available helplines. You may be surprised how many have the same issues and talking to them may help.

    Hope you all the best.
  13. Lhotte Noble

    Lhotte Noble New Member

    I would never give up as I am not a quitter!... Some would say that to convince themselves to strive harder even if it is hard. It really takes a lot of determination to come-up with this positive attitude. We are only humans and we sometimes feel that it is worth giving up if things are not working either on good or bad side. For me, it is acceptable to back down if you feel that you have exhausted of all your effort and laid all your smart cards...but nothing happened. Just pick yourself up and start all over again with another great opportunity that may come your way.
  14. Stacey Wing

    Stacey Wing New Member

    There are days that I want to give up too. It happens to us all. When I go through this I do a few things that may help you as well. Think about all the things that you are grateful for. If you need to, write them down in a journal daily so that when you hit a bump in the road you can go back and read them for inspiration.

    The second thing I do is like you, I think positively, but I go a step further. I ask Spirit/God etc, to help me release the things that no longer serve me so that I may move on. It really does help when you ask for higher help.

    Lastly, I remember someone who has been an inspiration to me. I have lost my young niece, younger sister, and mom all within less than 10 years. I always looked up to my mom as she had a hard life and experienced a lot of pain, but she never gave up. She always had compassion for others regardless of what was happening in her life. I look up to her a lot. I tell myself that I will not give up because she would be disappointed in me as she never did.

    Having inspiration goes a long way. I hope you find these tactics helpful, and I wish you the best in whatever journey you are going through.
  15. christian28

    christian28 New Member

    I want to give up to my life now. I want to sleep for 1year to not feel the pain inside my heart I want to escape the reality because reality hits me a lot but I have a reason to stay I have a reason to be strong and I need to fight even it's really hurt for me I'm doing my best but it's not the best that they need I dont know how to solve this problem right now I want to stop this shit but What I need to do? What the best to do? I want to feel better and I want to have a rest but there's have no exit for this situation I want to be calm but how? Lord please help now I need you right now I feel like giving up gplease give me a sign to feel better for fighting this situation right now I can't take it anymore.
  16. Syafiq Jahari

    Syafiq Jahari New Member

    I used to be an art student in my younger years. Then, I got offered to a local medical school. I must say that the culture really shocked me. I no longer have time for myself, let alone my hobbies and my interest. The hectic lifestyle, the stamina consumed, the hunger because of skipping meals really took a toll on my mental health. I became depressed and on the verge of giving up. I went through a week of sleepless night, only staring at the blank sky through my window. By this time I realized that I am lacking of a proper motivation. Therefore, I took a week off and went back to my hometown just to spend time with my dear family. There, i found my motivation back. There, i found the things I need to propel me through these obstacles. I am indeed a lucky man for I have a very supportive familial institution and a great circle of friends. Now, have a 'Doctor' in front of my name.

    I think that motivation is the thing that anybody needs to keep moving forward and avoid giving up. It's just some people are quite unfortunate to not found any. I hope if anyone out there in dilemma and reading this, I pray that you will find your motivation and you will finish the race.
  17. quaker

    quaker New Member

    "I want to give up", the thought that we should never entertain. Giving up is never a choice, it is only a product of negative thinking. It may be easy to give up but you would never like the bitter taste of regret when you give up.
    Most of people give up not knowing how near they are on their goal. It may be hard at first but try to trust what is ahead and see what happen if you don't give up. Whatever ahead of us may not be what we want but knowing that we try and did our best is better than of a regret.
  18. jackiee1

    jackiee1 New Member

    The bible says that"Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning" Psalm 30:5. We all have, or will experience times in our lives where we fell like giving up. If that's you, then I want to tell you, that God loves you. And no matter what you are going through right now in your life, things will get matter for time heals. Your blessings may have been delayed, but not denied. If you should ever find yourself weak, pull down on the STRENGTH OF GOD. You are a star, you have a purpose in this world. So don't you never-ever give up.
  19. glykahipe03

    glykahipe03 New Member

    It is a good idea that you are still motivating yourself not to give up. Sometimes there are problems that comes in our lives that really burdens us and no matter what we do and work hard it's still not doing good and then we find ourselves wanting to give up. We should always remember that the challenge we are facing is the one who mold us and make us stronger. It is okay to try and try even if you failed many times but giving up should never be an option for us when we failed we shoul get up and keep going! Life will never be challenging if there would never be a problem, the most important thing is we don't give up no matter what.
  20. romilda

    romilda Member

    Never give up, always remember God loves you.
  21. beckertani

    beckertani Member

    Did you know that you are lucky?
    Did you know there are people in the hospital unsure if they will live tomorrow?
    Did you know there are people who struggle everyday looking for food.
    My dear, love the life you live because compared to others you are lucky so don't give up.
  22. vernixcaseosa

    vernixcaseosa New Member

    Always think positive. Never give up on life. I experience depression too at times. What I do is PRAY. Whatever religion we believe in just cast your problems, worries, and sadness to God. Maybe the answer is not like a snap but be patient, sooner or later that problem will be solved, that worries are just in our mind and the sadness will be a happy one. HE never said that the journey will be easy but he did say that the arrival will be worthwhile. Just keep going. :love:
  23. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    No you should not keep going life is very short.
  24. bach26

    bach26 New Member

    There are many times and many reasons in our lives that we find ourselves wanting to give up. We may have even followed that instinct .
  25. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    You only lose when you quit. It's when things are tough that separates the winners from losers. Nothing in life is easy and if you want to win, you must not quit. Instead, you learn from each failure and get better. It's hard but it is worth it in the end.
  26. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    That is good man! You are slowly creating your life with how you want it to be. You keep on saying to yourself that everything will be fine and everything happens for a purpose. You are manifesting positivity to your world and with that, your life will be blessed with positivities and countless of new beginnings to start fresh again. You are a strong man and I guarantee that and I am truly proud that you find ways on how to surpass adversity by words of affirmations. Keep on doing it man. Good things will come, we just need to strive harder, be bolder, be stronger and be tougher every single time when problems arises and abundance will surely surrounds our lives. Keep on fighting the good fight man! I support you on this and have a good day ahead! :)
  27. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    Why press on this life you will make it.
  28. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    We all feel down sometimes and often feel like giving up... But please don't... My personal experience, as a strong and stubborn man, not giving up has always provided me with good outcomes, in both training, work, and school. Don't give up, and stay strong. Stay positive, you have a lot of people backing you and to prove wrong.
  29. apolinske28

    apolinske28 New Member

    Giving up means the thing isn't important to you anymore. It is also easy, and nothing worth it is ever easy. What would your future self say to you if you gave up? It would smack you in the head.
  30. JesReen

    JesReen Member

    I understand you but think of the good things more than the negative. Life is hard and when you think of giving up. Think about the reasons why you have started. Sometimes, giving up is not an option for us. We fight our different battles in life and it’s not an option to give up. Not now, not ever! Because remember that you have reached this far already. You can do it and believe in yourself. You’ll overcome it. You’ll make through it. Workhard and take control with your life. Life is beautiful if we cherish it and live fully through it. Continue living and the better plans of the Lord awaits for us

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