I want to give up

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Skyblue, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. vebselpo

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    Give up from what? With life? Its not just you who's been thinking about giving up in life. I suggest that you should sleep first to rest your mind from over thinking then see if you still want to give up. Why don't you eat ice cream or chocolate? It helps people with depression or stressed out. It does work for me. We human gets tired often times. We get tired from so many things about life and all we need to do is to breathe out the negative energy inside us. Leave for a while. Go to a place where you can have peace of mind a park maybe, beach, farm or even carnival. Be childish its okay. Help yourself, talk to yourself and listen to yourself. Most importantly love yourself.
  2. Tonje

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    Since you posted this in the Health and Fitness section, I guess that you want to give up on your fitness goals? Well, giving up is always the easier choice and I think you've already seen what happens when you give up. The harder choice is sticking to it and seeing what happens if you don't. Perhaps if you find it hard to keep up, try doing smaller and easier things. It may not have that much impact but at least you're making little progress as the day goes. Those little progress would stack up through time and eventually make you feel good about yourself. What would be depressing is stacking up those calories each day instead of those "little progress".
  3. Dietjay

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    Giving up is sometimes a good and a bad thing, depending on the situation. It is not bad to give up when we realize that we can't do a certain task even though you try it for a lot of times. Maybe we just need to give up the plans we are currently working on, it's just fine, but do not give up the goal. We can have different plans in achieving our goals and it is okay to give up on some of them but giving up for what you really want to achieve is a NO NO.
  4. aditya8485

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    Well i sometimes do feel that way because at the end of the day we are all humans. But remember one thing, when we feel down that's the best time to regather your thoughts and plan again with your experience and get better results. We should self-check how far we improved and one fine day, success will be at your doorstep waiting for you to open the door.
  5. tjmay

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    never give up always think positive god is with us
  6. madzdavid

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    Giving up?? I've been there... I was so down and don't know what happened. I had so many questions, fears and whispers in my mind... Thought I will not able to survive. I got tired of crying and fell asleep, then I had a dream, I was inside my car, mud outside was trying to pull me down and the car. I was so afraid. I am drowning in the mud ! But then, a man reached out my hand, a man in a maroon dress. I didn't think of anything and who he is at that time because I want to be saved. When he pulled me up everything went white. I woke up crying and remembered everything that man did to me. For me that man is JESUS, He wants me to know that no matter what happens He will be there and save me. I prayed and thanked Him that He didn't let evil pass thru me and cut the life breathing inside me. I asked for forgiveness in doubting Him. And now I am very much happy with the blessing and the second chance that He gave me with my son and my family.
  7. Novak20

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    First thing's first make a list of things you want and wish yourself doing but that list MUST be of realistic goals that you really can achive.After completeing few of those and feeling good about yourself then set the bar a bit higher and reach out for those goals and so on... After some time passes you will see that you've acomplished what you desired and much more! If bad times come during this 'climb' just remember where you've been when you were starting; afraid to begin, scared of failing yourself... Think of what could happen in two more months, 6 months, 2 years! Your future self will be thanking you!
  8. Leonid1995

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    I felt the same way early last year. With the help of medication and a therapist I got through the worst times -- I wanted to end my life but realized, with help, that that would be selfish and hurtful to my family. I am now doing really well, staying on the medication I was prescribed. I recommend seeing your family physician first, and he can start you on the road to recovery. Best of luck.
  9. Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times even good times. If you are going through hard times have faith that good times are on the way so don't ever give up. If you feel down don't hesitate to talk to him ask for the strength you need. God will never give you anything you can't handle so don't GIVE UP. When you're discouraged, don't give up just pray. When you feel down, don't give up, just pray. ALWAYS PRAY and everything is possible with him.
  10. nabel86

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    don't give up man remember why u started and keep reminding your self if its easy everybody would do it but the things that important in life is always hard to change .
  11. emax2000

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    Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, pick yourself up and move on. That is what I always tell myself.
  12. ruthc

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    Giving up is is not an option specially if you have family depending on you. Giving up is for the weak personality of one human being. Never give up God is always watching us to guide us for the best solution in your tough situation you are facing in life. Be positive in life for more blessings to come and be always thankful for what u have. Always count your blessings and never loss hope.
  13. Elsa77

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    Maybe my heart feels like it can't anymore and my mind has thousands of thoughts, but I'll never give up. No matter how scary the fight seems to be. I am on the right track, I will be proud of myself one day!

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