I want to work out but I'm too lazy.

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by clarketime, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. gerrynepo

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    Working out might be hard and can lead to laziness but remember this.
    You need to motivate your self to workout because it can help you to build a basic foundation for your life. Why? Because working out can lead to a Good Physical and Mental Health. And it can make you more productive and if you are lazy just focus on your dreams. Remember you are working out for your sake Good Day Everyone:thumbsup:
  2. blazereighteen

    blazereighteen New Member

    As others have said, you'll be able to stick to an exercise routine more easily if you pick an activity you enjoy. I also think it's important to consider how, where, and when you would like to work out. Personally, I don't want to have to join a gym, or attend a class. I want to exercise at home, when I have the time.

    I like doing yoga first thing in the morning, so I find free videos on YouTube to guide me. I also found a series of workout videos called the 30 Day Shred that was really effective for weight loss and getting myself into shape - it involves constantly moving for 20-30 minutes and working several muscle groups at one time. I like it because I can do it at home at whatever time suits me and I don't need to spend hours at the gym to see results. There are lots of other videos out there that operate on similar principles: working multiple muscle groups together, mixing cardio and strength training, and constantly moving to get maximum benefits.

    Even if you hate exercising or don't have a lot of time, there is something out there for you. It's much easier to stay motivated if you choose an activity that you enjoy and that works around the other demands of your life.
  3. Pacats23

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    First you need is to take that decision if you really want to do that certain actions and to accept that it will cause you time, and discipline to have that result. You have to Love it first and the rest will come along, and you will invest more of your emotions into it like patience. You can achieve your goals with this guidelines or you can do it better with asking for God's provision.
  4. Plantgal

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    I just started drinking lemon and honey tea. It seems to kick in my metabolism. I have more energy and I'm not so bloated. Which makes me feel good.
  5. joyee-UJrB

    joyee-UJrB New Member

    oh! lazy! lazy!. ahaha.. i said always in my head. i want to workout everyday promise, jogging outside even if so cold, but oh my gosh when my alarm clock is ringing i will stop it.. it's just because i am so tired in my work ang always vigilant.
  6. CaptainDee

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    If you want to progress, have that 6-pack abs and summer ready body, you need to get up and work those muscle my friend. No one reaches their destinations by just sitting in the corner. If you want to be great, to achieve your goals then have that strong will and desire. Lazyness is never been found in the dictionary of the greats. So stand up, man up and work up!
  7. Marshawn

    Marshawn New Member

    Well in my opinion the key to staying motivated is to have versatility and abundance applied to your routine.This is a universal principle that applies to every aspect of life including working out. When applying this principle to exercise the ability to change your routine at will is the first key. The second and in my opinion most important is to be in control and always create your own routine around what makes you happy and brings you joy.When you are the master of your routine there's less stress to push threw. Good luck!
  8. JoyRam

    JoyRam New Member

    It's a matter of mind setting, exercising is really hard in the beginning but you can consider these tips to make your workout easier.

    Enjoy the moment and feel your body responding to the exercises.

    TIPS to make your workout easier:
    1. Mix up your exercise to avoid getting bored.
    2. Listen to music for motivation.
    3. Use a timer to keep you on track.
    4. Get a buddy to share your goal.

    Stay active, and do it all with a smile! You can do it!
  9. Hdenny

    Hdenny New Member

    I felt I was too lazy to work out, then I started to work out int the mornings. It seems contradictory that a lazy person would even try to work out in the mornings, but give it a try! I wasn't lazy, but just exhausted after I full day of working and caring for my family. I started getting up 15 minutes earlier each day (and go to bed earlier) until I had enough time to work out at home. Now I have more energy than ever and I would never call myself lazy!
  10. Uncleclem

    Uncleclem New Member

    The best way in my opinion is to find an activity that you enjoy whether its baseball basketball etc. Once you get your gears moving and get into a routine it becomes easier to make being active a part of your lifestyle and not just a chore, I personally enjoy weight training as well as cardio and it's become a huge part of my life where I feel off center if I don't stay active.
  11. arz

    arz New Member

    Drink some lemon with honey every morning! It’s work! I did that before when I’m motivated to lose weight, and don’t forget to drink a lot of water!
  12. BluLight

    BluLight New Member

    We all know that getting up early and working out is so hard specially when you are just starting up. But remember this, you want to be healthy that's why you thought of working out, if you want to be motivated, just wake up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror, and tell this to yourself "I don't want this body, I want to be fit and healthy" and do some exercises bits by bits, until you are get used to it. And always do that every single morning, tell that to yourself.
  13. hexokwon

    hexokwon New Member

    One thing that helped me work out faster was to do it before you think about it! Right when you wake up, have gym clothes and a yoga mat ready and do stretches immediately, before you have a chance to protest or realize what's going on. The stretches can lead into a full workout, or you can just do stretches every morning and it will help you feel motivated. When I get something done in the morning it helps set the tone for the day and I have a more productive time that day. Good luck!
  14. Addiepogi

    Addiepogi New Member

    You can work out even your lazy like me! i only work out 2-3 times aweek 45-60 minutes and i get the shape that i want just only focus on 4 compound exercise because it hits many parts of your muscle (Benchpress,Militarypress) and for leg day (Squats,Deadlift) you can add some accessory work outs such as for biceps and triceps,But you can achieve your goal if you count your macros if your on losing weight cut your calorie and if your gaining weight add your calorie intake as simple as that just download fitnesspal for tracking your calorie
  15. Pchi

    Pchi New Member

  16. laurenator

    laurenator New Member

    I've never been an unhealthy weight but I try to be conscious of what I eat and put in my body, and how much I workout. I seem to be so undisciplined when it comes to workout routines or going to the gym - I always find an excuse to not do exercise. The couch is just so comfy... My foot hurts? One of my new year goals of 2019 is to workout everyday no matter what, and so far I've completed 26 out of 26 days of the month so far! My routine takes less than 5 minutes and can be exhilarating after I'm finished - I like to do a couple of squats and modified push-ups and a plank. Since doing daily exercise I've noticed a slight improvement already! It also gives me a sense of purpose sometimes, even if I chill in bed all day at least I did some exercise.
  17. abgrey

    abgrey New Member

    I think the important thing to remember here is that motivation is entirely in your mind. It's completely up to you! Motivation will not show up every day, but habit will. You honestly just have to force yourself, even when you don't feel like it, even when you don't want to, you just have to do it. And eventually, it's going to get easier and easier to just do it when you don't want to. You're capable of anything!
  18. divinegores

    divinegores New Member

    "I want to work out but I am lazy". This is what I usually say. A simple exercise will do, but still I can't. Maybe I need a great motivation just to start working out. Though I'm not yet obese, being fit is always my priority. Well, maybe I tried to control first my eating habit and the rest will follow.
  19. SallyB13

    SallyB13 New Member

    I'm with you on this one, as a chubby girl I always have to talk myself into certain workouts because I really want a better body. I've started so many workout programs but most have ended up incomplete. One thing I've found that really works for me is setting definite reasons why I want to lose weight, and I remind myself of those reasons every chance I can. It motivates me and keeps me going, especially on those days I want to give up.
  20. Deeyhan

    Deeyhan New Member

    For all those who want to lose weight but didn't want to exert strength, power, and effort because for them working out on gyms make them lazy. Highly recommended this Water theraphy. All you need to do is drink a glass of water most effective is the luke warm water and drink it in the early morning after you woke up, do this theraphy all day and be observant enough on your body. This is tested by yours truly, for some further proft you may search for it. This water theraphy is know doings in Japan.It has so many effect example of it, less risk on cancer, lighten and clean your body, and loss weight as much as also flaten your belly...Water is life and Water is good.
  21. lostwords

    lostwords New Member

    I see the original poster started this thread in 2015, but I'll add in my two cents just in case anyone is interested.

    If your big problem is that you're 'lazy' like a lot of us, then it's not helpful to say that you're suddenly going to work out seven days a week for an hour each day. It's much too hard, and of course you're going to say, 'No, I'm far too lazy to do that." Start with something that you don't find too difficult and commit to doing it for just five minutes. Can you walk? Then every day go for a walk for five minutes. There aren't any excuses you can make because everybody can find five minutes.

    Once it's a habit, or once you're actually out there, most people find that it really isn't that difficult to walk for ten minutes, or fifteen minutes. After that, well, you're already in the habit of getting yourself out of the house for that walk, so maybe you decide to jog a little too. Maybe you decide to join a couch-to-5k program. This is the kind of habit that you need to build if you want to make exercise a part of your life.

    This theory applies to every kind of exercise. Do you want to lift weights? Then make sure they're somewhere you can actually use them, instead of hidden at the back of the garage where it takes you five minutes to even drag them out into an open space. Make it as easy as possible so that you can't make excuses. Set small, specific goals, set a time limit, and write down what you're doing so you can tell when you're actually making progress.

    Above all, don't do something that you hate. If you hate running, then don't run! Maybe you'll like doing push-ups, or playing a sport. Make it less like work and you'll find that you want to do it.
  22. Bern188

    Bern188 Member

    Motivation is the key to losing weight but if you lack any of it then you will never lose weight. A friend once told me that to lose weight all she gotta do is have a diet meal and it will take effect in weeks. But losing weight needs to have both restricting diet and exercise at the same time. I would suggest that do sports that you like. Basketball, cycling, swimming or badminton are some examples that can keep you sweating and eventually lessen the fat off. It is enjoyable, you don't have to think that your exercising because your doing it for fun. Cycling is a good way to promote cardio exercises that strengthens upper and lower body. You won't even feel like your exercising because your sitting (on a bike). Also doing a lot of outdoor stuff can help you see things in a different perspective, start slowly and move your way up. Remember to not push yourself to the limits, it is dangerous and most of all enjoy it.
  23. utkvodka

    utkvodka New Member

    I understand your situation
    Losing fat is hard initially but once you get the hang of it its pretty easy

    The first few things you can start doing is to change your lifestyle habits such as:
    i) sleep atleast 7.5 hours at night
    ii) Drink 8-10 glasses of water and drink 2 right after waking up
    iii) Start replacing processed foods with natural fruits and vegetables
    iv) Start walking for 30 mins a day and gradually increase walking time..When you are able to jog start jogging..Push your body.,,Your body burns fat when it burns more calories than it consumes
    v) This doesnt mean you starve yourself..Because being in a caloric deficit can hurt your metabolism..So slowly start eating lesser by small margins..eliminate extra unnecessary processed foods and you should get a good start
  24. JPAN18

    JPAN18 Member

    You could get an exercise buddy. Invite someone that close to you. So that everytime you workout, there is someone to compete with doing exercises and it keeps you to stay motivated.
  25. jaycercanlas

    jaycercanlas New Member

    I've been in that situation. Just make a reason why you want to work out. Have your deep "WHY" with you and always keep them in mind. If you stay true to your "WHY", you will be motivated right away.
  26. nspreloved

    nspreloved New Member

    I'm a lazy person myself! But, I managed to lose weight even though it took me some time.
    I used to like eating and drinking unhealthy stuff such as chips, sweets, soda, and artificial fruit juices. That habit made me gain weight so fast. One day, when I was weighing myself, I didn't like how heavy I was. I looked at the mirror and realized that the clothes I usually wear were getting tight, and some clothes didn't fit me anymore.
    I decided to cut down my intake of the unhealthy stuff little by little. I will admit that it was hard at first. I tried to do exercise at home. I watched some youtube videos to be my guide.
    To be honest, I hated eating vegetables. I was a picky eater. But since I was determined to lose weight, I ate vegetables, and it wasn't that bad. After a few months of eating healthily and doing exercise, my hard work paid off. I finally reached my desired weight.
    My advice is that every one has their own way on how to lose weight, but, do it in the right way. Patience is also a virtue, be optimistic.
  27. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    Good advice by people above. I make it simple, when you reach 30s all of the things you sow on your 20s will reap. I would rather opt for a life that enables you to perform even when you reach midlife. You can do it. Anything new at first is hard. You just have to dodge factors that keep you sedentary.
  28. Zelg

    Zelg New Member

    Make a proper diet;
    When you woke up by morning drink 1glass of salabat with 2tbsp of apple cider in a warm water. After you drink that do the planking exercise ones daily in 30seconds or up to 1minute only,then get up and stretched your body and armed. After doing that eat 1pc of apple fruit 30mins before your meal time from breakfast,lunch and dinner. Then 2hrs after your meal time always drink green tea for burning fats and do it daily until you find out that you lose weight in a couple of weeks.
  29. Janelle31

    Janelle31 New Member

    It is really hard to take the first step when it comes to workout. Motivation and willingness are not enough to get you going; you also need the strength to follow through. Time or availability is also a matter to consider. I first suggest listing a set of goals you want to achieve and a timeline. With a plan, you can easily see if you are making a progress or not. Do not be strict to yourself as well; it will only make you self-deprived. It also helps to have a workout buddy to look after you and push you in achieving your goals.
  30. rolandtaguba

    rolandtaguba New Member

    First you should think about it if you really want to work out or not,because going to the gym and doing some exercise is really tiring, but if you really want to work out you should fist prioritize your goal, if your a skinny fellow that wants to add some muscle or a chubby one that wants to be physically fit. The one that is stopping your from working out is your mind, you haven't decided it yet, but if you really want to do it that laziness of yours will go away.

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