If the word "LUCK" is attached to you, how will you define it then?

Discussion in 'Magazine Article Writing' started by Vashuan, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Vashuan

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    If the word "LUCK", is attached to me. I would define it as, "humble, with genuine goodness within me inspite of my imperfections, with the essence of equilibrium in all ways in as much as I could, and this "LUCK" would be extended to other people and to be inspired, and tend those people to continue extending the "LUCK" and also inspiring other people to do and to be like enthusiastically and still with all humility. For the betterment of all humanity.

    How happy and proud could I be? Possibly you as well. If the word "LUCK", is also attached to you and as you could also define it on your own. With all the rights you also deserve.
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  2. mostafa1970

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    I will define "LUCK" as that secret recipe that will accompany my success in life and work and will undoubtedly convey it to others around me so that they will have the chance to achieve their own dreams. My doctrine is that I am a lucky person and you also have the opportunity to be like me.

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