If you became a millionaire, what would you buy?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by paytopost, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. epicura

    epicura New Member

    If I became a millionaire by acquiring only a million dollars, I wouldn't change much of anything in my life on a grand scale. I'd pay off my home and car, buy new furniture and appliances and clothes. I'd invest in a business, maybe open a franchise of some sort or purchase a few vending machine routes.
  2. Shurelya

    Shurelya New Member

    If I acquired a million dollars, I would buy everyone I know a modest home and give them money for food and bills for the next year. I'd attempt to fund various programs that employed locals to grow fresh food and herbs. I would want neighborhood children to have a community center to go to where they can learn how to grow food and cook. My programs could provide books, computers, tools, and guidance for people of all ages. I had a neighbor who was interested in starting up a neighborhood gardening program and ever since I heard about it, I've been inspired. I don't want to use a million dollars to live an easy life; I want to use a million dollars to help people who need just a little bit of monetary support. I believe I could accomplish more if I helped everyone out a little instead of helping myself out a lot.
  3. Amanda P

    Amanda P New Member

    If I had a million dollars handed to me today I would thank the lord above and weep with tears of joy that my prayers had been answered. I could finally build a sanctuary for born again Christians. For the lost, lonely, and broken-hearted. For all who know the love of GOD wanting a better way of life. Without judgement!
  4. bigleague15

    bigleague15 New Member

    First, I would eliminate my student loan debts, upgrade my car (which is slowing dying) and get one for my fiancee. The rest would go into savings, investments, and giving away to other people. Although for me, I might splurge and get a new gaming system, but that would be the extent of my splurging.
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  5. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    I would buy a big house and I would also help poor children. I would love to make a difference and bring some happiness in this world.
  6. I'd build a big shelter for stray cats and dogs and name all of them personally. I'd need a name generator for that. :)

    Then, I would invest in juicy stocks, attend financial literacy seminars, build my own LOTR-themed cafe, tour around the world four or maybe five times and just chill on my villa by the beach.

    The rest of the money, I'll just bury it in the desert, Breaking bad style. :thumbsup:
  7. chloe050617

    chloe050617 New Member

    If I became a millionaire I will buy tickets and travel around the world. Travelling is living our life's to its fullest.
  8. cyclotron00

    cyclotron00 Member

    If i became a millionaire I will buy stocks.Once it grows that is when I will buy cars,resthouse and properties.Invest first not buy first because money is limited
  9. Allyzza1125

    Allyzza1125 New Member

    If I became a millionaire, what will I buy? Well, first I want to study again. I'm a college drop out, not that I want to study, I love studying so much, I love going to school everyday, I love learning, but because of some financial problems I had to quit school. That's why I want to study again and graduate with degree. I want to be teacher, that is my dream so I will fulfill it for me and for my family in order for us to have a better future. Second, I want to buy or build a house, that is my dream for me and for my family, my future family. I want to buy a house for my mother and grandmother also. I'm from a poor family, I've experienced some difficulties in life, so as my mother and grandmother, so that's why I want to give them a life of not having a problem, of not thinking any problem. I want them to be stressfree. I like to help my siblings also, I'm gonna send them to school, buy more foods for them and love them so much. Third, I'm gonna buy some musical instruments, like guitar, piano and ukelele for my husband, because both of us loves music so much. I love it when he sings for me, when he plays the guitar for me, when he sings love songs for me, I always dance whenever I hear him sing. Fourth, I'm going to invest in a business, so that my money will grow and I'm gonna deposit it in a bank. If the money grows, I'm gonna help the poor students by giving them a scholarship, so that they can continue studying, graduate with degree and find a better job. Fifth, I'm going to keep the money from my business for my daughter, for her future. I don't want her to experience what I've experienced before. I want her to live a better life, so in order for her to have a better life, she needs to study, and finish school, get a job, then get married.

    A million is so much. You can buy a lot of things using this money. You can have a better future using this money, but use it in a good way. You can help others even in a small way. As a saying says "It is better to give than to receive". The Lord will bless you more, if you also give more.
  10. renba27

    renba27 Member

    The first thing in my mind if i became a millionaire is to buy land properties as an investment. It is a dream for me to have at least 10 hectares of a land property.
  11. ivysharonx28

    ivysharonx28 New Member

    If I'm a millionaire I would use the money in a wiser way, and invest it for a big business so that it will grow, I'll save some of it and use it for the future of my family and also for my children, and I'll buy expensive luxury cars and a big mansion for my family to live in, and I'll pay all of my mother's bills and slap her a thousands of dollars and tell her not to go back if she can't spend all of that in one day, lol I'm just kidding, also I'll donate the money to the homeless people or the people who needs it to live and to have a food to eat everyday, how about you guys out there, what will you do if you're a multi-millionaire?
  12. Reynmarj

    Reynmarj New Member

    I will buy a house and lot for my family. Then, establishing a commercial building in the excess lot,for investing the money that I have. After that, I will buy a van for my family. I choose to buy a big four wheel car to fit us all.
  13. loulee

    loulee New Member

    if i were given a chance to become a millionaire, I will buy my parents there dream house, i will open business, travel the world and help people who also in need. Yes, this is one of my dream that if i will be rich and have enough money onr thing i will do is to help others who really in need. I'm not a rich kid. I grow up in a family with a average life. We are are earning money just enough in our needs. I have a lots of self gratification but because we are not that rich i just choose to save money than spending it to other that is unnecessary.
  14. iamgleeny

    iamgleeny New Member

    If given the chance to become a millionaire, I would buy a machineries which can help generate small incomes for the poor. By these I can sustain the business through a profit and at the same time I can help and support the needy, unemployed people not to depend but instead to work and earn in a legal way.
  15. YVANNN

    YVANNN New Member

    Being a millionaire would be both an honor and a responsibility for me.

    First, I would invest on trading both in the Stock and Forex markets due to its profitability of making my million to millions of millions.

    Second, I would deposit some money in the banks because it would really help in the circulation of money in the economy.

    Finally, I would want to create an organization that brings forth happiness around the world.
  16. jpb.ldn

    jpb.ldn New Member

    It changes depending on my mood. I'd like to think one of the first things I'd do is take 50% and give it to my fiscally-sensible friend to invest, and I hope I'm disciplined enough that this isn't just bluster! In terms of actual spending, once I'd cleared my debts, I'd probably buy a small flat for myself in London and then a house for my sister. Given the prices in London, I calculate that that's all my money gone!
  17. brianpower23

    brianpower23 New Member

    If god choose me to become a millionaire, I think it doesn`t need an explanation at all. I have a lovely family – people who`re always ready to help me so why not help them in return, especially when i don`t need to think about how to get money anymore? I know my parents`dreams and wishes so i make them come true if i have such a chance. Become a grateful child and a caring sibling by providing your family with a strong financial support. Second help poor people Well, you`re a millionaire and there`s nothing to worry about anymore but it doesn`t mean you should forget the time when you had to work hard to earn a few dollars for living. The world is still full of poor people who suffer from hunger and some of them even have no place to live. Remember about it and try to help them because now you can do that without any problems. Do charity or just buy some food to feed poor people and stray animals. Actually, now you have almost unlimited possibilities so you can find those who need you and help them yourself. You`ll feel their gratitude with all your heart if you try to make their life better at least once.
  18. regineblas

    regineblas Member

    If someday God give me a chance to become a millionare, the first thing i would do is to have a small properties to create a small business in town because we can't say that money last forever so much better to start a small business so you can earn income even if you are a millionare, I also help my parents as well to have a better life and I would help street children who have no shelter and foods. I allow them to do expose in a community services to help also others like them so they will realize the meaning of life and I will teach them to encourage others to be good and nice to go away in all bad habits they did.
  19. wroehna

    wroehna New Member

    Half of it will go to the bank. And for the remaining, I want to have business that my children can manage in the future, will also get insurance again for the future of my kids. I want to have a house so that me and my family will have our own house. Some money will be for the education of my kids. I will also search for some people who truly deserves a financial help, will teach them to manage a small business for them to survive and if they have the knowledge, I will help them to have a small business.
  20. jennoel_25

    jennoel_25 New Member

    if i become a millionaire i'll buy first house and lot for my mom because she dream having a own house , i'll open a business for my family , i'll help my siblings for what they needs and then i'll donate in charity both in human and animals foundations.
  21. Gustavo1

    Gustavo1 New Member

    When i become a millionaire the first thing i would buy would be a nice piece of land to turn into my dog sanctuary that i want to open, where we would adopt australian cattle dogs to start that are at shelters and in their twighlight years and let them live out their days being able to run around with other doggies on my land. I think it would be a nonprofit kinda thingy and i would like to open a few of them because i know we have an overpopulation problem but its not the dogs fault-mans' best friend deserves to live a healthy happy life-
  22. Gustavo1

    Gustavo1 New Member

    When i become a millionaire the first thing i would buy would be a nice piece of land to turn into my dog sanctuary that i want to open, where we would adopt australian cattle dogs at first that are in their twighlight years and let them live happy and healthy running and playing everyday w their dog pals until the end of their days-i think dogs are mans best friend that should be treated with respect and loyalty like we have been afforded by them, and make the end of their lives as happy as the beginning of them-then maybe id buy a hockey team for Oakland! Hella!
  23. suichirooo

    suichirooo New Member

    First, I'd buy a smartphone because my phone is broken! Second, I would buy my parents' dream house, where they could relax and just watch over their grand children if I and my siblings decided to start a family. Next, I would invest for my siblings' education. Lastly, I would donate for an orphanage.
  24. DannahJean

    DannahJean New Member

    If i will have that big amount of money I will, first, pay my and my family's debt. Second, I will save 50 percent of the remaining money. Third, 20 percent of the remaining 50 percent will be alloted for an investment. And the 30 percent, I will enjoy life with my family by travelling to places.
  25. Dave_H

    Dave_H New Member

    Real estate and other businesses.
  26. toriovictorio

    toriovictorio New Member

    First I would invest around 30 percent of it to things like stocks, bitcoin or anything i can think of. Second i will give around 10 percent of it to charity. Third I will travel the world with my girlfriend and enjoy life. Lastly if there are any remaining money i would buy things that would make me happy and that i can show off to my friends.
  27. Noypi20

    Noypi20 New Member

    I will buy small property and car for my family bacause I love my family and I will build small scale food business and I'll grow it until I grow up and multiply many branches ........:):):):):):):)
  28. ACZ

    ACZ New Member

    The very first thing I would do is buy my parents a beautiful house along with a car each; something I have always dreamed of doing because my parents have done so much for me which I know I'll never be able to repay. I would also make sure that I keep a portion of the money saved in an account or maybe keep it in a savings account so I can accumulate money over the years. Lastly (from the top of my head), I would love to buy all the things I have always wanted to buy for myself which I have never been able to afford, just to simply treat myself.
  29. Joven

    Joven New Member

    If I ever became a millionaire, The really first thing that I would do is to donate some of my money to those in need. It really feels good when you can help other peoples in need. After that I will buy my dream house, since this is what I've been dreaming for since I was a kid. Then I will try to invest in stocks or Cryptocurrency, or even try to make a business. So that I still have earnings and to make my money bigger. Then I will make a trust fund or a Plan that will help me in financial aspect when I will have a family in the future.
    I hope this will happen, i really wish.
  30. LMFI2031

    LMFI2031 New Member

    If I became a millionaire, I'd buy a house (~150k) in the area I want to live and then invest the rest into an 80/20 stock/bond index fund portfolio. I'd keep my job for a year or two more and save and reinvest the dividends and plan for early retirement. I would want to make sure that I keep an eye on the stock market looking for signs of distress. I'm a subscriber to the FIRE, financial independence/ early retirement, movement and this number would meet my goal savings. Since 1 million would meet my obligation several years ahead of time I'm not opposed to working a few more years to ensure I'm in a good position. I would also consider real estate to diversify my holdings. The reason I don't own real estate now is because my job makes owning property difficult.

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