If you could have any car, what would it be and why?

Discussion in 'Cars, Sports, & Outdoors' started by kcanfield17, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. kcanfield17

    kcanfield17 New Member

    I'd probably want a 2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. I'd also probably order a customized one (if money wasn't an issue).
  2. Sicnarf2017

    Sicnarf2017 New Member

    For me, if I have a chance to have a car, I choose Suzuki minivan, why! Because it’s convenient, easy to park and last but not a least its fit in my family need. It’s a very good ideal car for me. And it’s very good in feature, the small build of a car, but a capacity of 8 people, a sliding door which is much save in space if you going in or out, and this car’s fuel was Diesel which is very convenient and affordable.
  3. VeejayC

    VeejayC New Member

    As of now, i really want to have that new variant of Mazda MX-5 RF. Reasons? Nothing in particular. I just want its awesome design, that stylish curves, and that opening top. I mean, most of sports cars boasts its speed, its horsepower, is acceleration, then, what now? I prefer to be unique and refreshing to the eyes and that is what this Mazda MX-5 RF does.
  4. VCastle

    VCastle New Member

    If I could have a car, I would have Mitsubishi Adventure because of a few and simple reasons. First, it was my father's dream car. He adores the classic look of that car and because of that, I have been influenced by him. Another reason is that I am a family-oriented man and as we all know, Mitsubishi Adventure is one of the greatest family car out there. Lastly, from the name itself, it was called Adventure which gives excitement to me as if whenever I am going to drive it, i will be off for an adventure.
  5. besty

    besty New Member

    hmmm, I like to have any latest BMW or Hummer. I like big wheels.
  6. Gian Carlo Lagman

    Gian Carlo Lagman New Member

    I would probably go with the best here. The Mercedes Benz S-Class Cabriolet. It is my dream car and it is the most elegant looking Benz I've seen, plus it is a top down and can seat a family of 4. It would be the perfect Sunday car for me.
  7. Gizamulake07

    Gizamulake07 New Member

    Since its gonna be any car let me just go all out and say I'd want a Bugatti Chiron. Now that's a super car which I think is almost beyond my financial capabilities which is why I'd want this car. It's crazy expensive but the car itself is unbelievable. I mean the Bugatti Chiron is crazy fast and already looks like the Bat mobile which is another plus.

    This monster of a car packs an 8 liter W16 quad turbo charged engine and has 1,103 Kw of power and torque starting from 2000 rpm. How ludicrous this car can get? It can go from 0 - 97 km/hr in just 2.4 s! It is currently the fastest car in the world. Oh how fun it could get driving this car down the highway.
  8. Tangale

    Tangale New Member

    It would be a mustang. The Mighty Mustang. It will be red. The rims would be black and shinny. I wont carry any of my friends so two doors are enough. Nobody will ride with me for 6 months after i buy it. I will actually move to a new location where nobody knows me. Why should i buy this car you ask? Ho ho ho, have you ever seen a Mighty Mustang pass near you. Its nothing but magnificent, glorious, loud, angry and very angry that is what i live for. May God Bless me.
  9. riteshcurum

    riteshcurum New Member

    Any Mercedes Benz would be better any day.Mercedes-Benz has always been the most elegant, durable and reliable sports cars ever made. In the primitive days, 1886, Its first automobile was built which roots all the way to this very moment. Ranging from A-class to S-class they are all premium super cars. Despite of its rival Mercedes has elaborated its line up into a very successful one in the past years. The S-class are referred as the luxury saloons and we got E-class which is the Executive saloons. Mercedes didn't hesitate into making its SUV with V8 biturbos under its hood. It's very astonishing to see how Mercedes evolve. Until it wasn't an uneasy job for the German beast, Mercedes- AMG GT to put the Porsche 911 to shame.
  10. gwenmarie

    gwenmarie New Member

    I like cars that is big, that can accommodate plenty people. In our family, we have big member that is why i like big cars so i can accommodate them all. No particular brand as long as it is comfortable to use and with good quality.
  11. romnick

    romnick Member

    If I have a car I will travel to all beautiful places here in the Philippines.
  12. andora

    andora New Member

    Bentley Continental GTC. 6.0 litre twin turbo W12 582 bhp. Adrenaline Rush in Luxurious comfort. I am crinkly not smooth so running around in a Ferrari or some such is not an option, I need to be able to pack my Zimmer frame in the Boot easily and this car does it all. Room for every thing including the wife and to top it all I will be able to feel the wind rushing thru my receding hairline.
  13. mrkhai163

    mrkhai163 New Member

    For me i would love to have a Nissan GT-R, a black color to be exact. Nissan GT-R has been my dream car since i was a kid. I grew up watching car movies or videos in the internet.
  14. Tanmay_Garg

    Tanmay_Garg New Member

    My car would be the Lamborghini Aventador. It looks absolutely stunning with the sharp design, the famous scissor doors and the wide body.
  15. Christ_Chandra

    Christ_Chandra New Member

    If i could have a car, i would like to have a Nissan GT-R R35, Nismo Edition. First, it’s because i like japanese cars (such as Honda NSX, Toyota GT86). Second, i like something with a good cost to performance ratio (sure the Honda NSX can probably beat a GT-R in term of performance, but with the cost of almost 2 times GT-R). Third, the Nismo Edition takes off its limiter, and do some upgrade in the engine department as well, making it faster than before.
  16. Rob.Iraheta

    Rob.Iraheta New Member

    I'm going to go out of the box with this... I wish the Chrysler 200 convertible was a great car. I used to love those while growing up (formerly Sebring) and always wanted one. Later, I was close to get one without knowing their bad reputation and how they are "so cheap" because people don't really want them. Even when I have had chances and GREAT offers, I have declined because they're absolutely unreliable. I read a few things and reviews online as well and ended up so disappointed. So there, I wish I could buy a functioning Chrysler 200 convertible because I like it so much! :cry:
  17. JingoDR

    JingoDR New Member

    I'll go for a Toyota Fortuner or Toyota Land Cruiser. I have always been a fan of Japanese cars specially Toyota. Handling and maneuverability are excellent. They also offer wide leg room space for passenger's comfort. Spare parts are durable and would last up to a lifetime if properly maintained. They are also readily available at the market. Genuine and replacement parts can be purchased almost anywhere.
  18. bushahab

    bushahab New Member

    I will only go for Japanese V8 Trucks,Because they are built to last lifetime if properly maintained.

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