If you could only write about only one category of topics, which category would it be?

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If you could only write about only one category of topics, which category would it be?

  1. Art (Includes Photography, Language, Writing, etc.)

  2. Animals

  3. Business

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  4. Entertainment (Movies, Books, Social Media & Music)

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  5. Food

  6. History

  7. Politics

  8. Vehicles (Includes Boats, Submarines, & Motor Homes)

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  9. Other - Not Listed

  1. Simplifier

    Simplifier New Member

    :thumbsup: The poll results we're trying to see is what are most people passionate about. :thumbsup:

    What sparks your creativity and desire to put the pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard? How many people feel the same way? Please tell us!

    Please answer the poll. My ability to list multiple items was limited, so please choose the closest option. Each category can also include any person, or people, related to that category. For example, if you want to write nothing but Bibliography's, that would be the Entertainment category. If you want to write about famous artists, however, vote for the Art category. Want to write about nothing but NASCAR? Vote for Vehicles.

    Please only use the Other category if no other category will even remotely fit what you want. If you do vote Other, please tell us your preferred category in a reply.

    I personally voted for Politics. Something about it just always inspires me to write. When I'm watching the news is when I get the most urgent need to whip out the notes and start jotting.
  2. njagibret

    njagibret New Member

    I'd take philosophy. Critical thinking just comes natural to me. I'm extremely disposed to overthinking stuff, and you know what they say... If you're good at something, don't do it for free.
  3. msg17

    msg17 Member

    Personally, I would chose to write only about entertainment. Maybe, I would focus on my favorite music and favorite artists. Because I personally think that the artists that I have laid my eyes into seriously needs more recognition for their amazing talents. Moreover, I would also write about my favorite music or songs because I think, the music or songs that I like are way too underrated. In my point of view, many more people should have the chance to hear the music that I like. Because for me, they are really amazing. And if people listen to them more, then there would be a big chance for the music that I like to be recognized by the people all around the world.
  4. Karen Cerin

    Karen Cerin New Member

    Of course art. I love doing and I have fun at the same time. I like my skills, specifically creativity, to be better. Exploring it's history and gaining new knowledge from it would help me to be more passionate with my projects.
  5. ShrimpOut

    ShrimpOut New Member

    I'm particularly passionate about science. History shows that humans have a fundamental need to explain the world in which we live. Most people turn to religion or spirituality, but these never held the answer for me. They felt like over-simplified answers to questions that have been asked for millennia. What I found impactful are verifiable, undeniable truths. Particularly, the fundamental laws underpinning the observable phenomena in the universe hold a special place for me. My own pursuit of this has been the study of biomedical engineering. I received my B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and am currently earning my Ph.D. in Bioengineering. I wish there were more opportunities for STEM-related freelance writing.
  6. kristia0921

    kristia0921 New Member

    I love food. Its important to review the food you take for it will affect your whole function as human being. Wrong choice of food will not be good and causes illness to people. We should check and choose the right for for it give us strength for our daily life. Some people eat lots of food for to relieve stress so we must choose well the food to take in.
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  7. Kay Rulaganyang

    Kay Rulaganyang New Member

    History, I am more into factual events, places and people.
  8. TwinMomma

    TwinMomma New Member

    My response was animals. I grew up on a farm and currently run an animal rescue. My practical knowledge in this area is vast. More importantly however, they are my passion. Writing is always easier when you have a combination of knowledge and passion.

    My college education was majoring in programming with a minor in business management. I have worked in the corporate world for 20 plus years. The knowledge base in these areas exists, however the passion does not. Excelling in these areas would be difficult.
  9. charlottealdevera17

    charlottealdevera17 New Member

    If I have only one topic to talk about in my writing I choose to write about motorcycle.
    I choose to write about something I'm good about. I won't say I'm good in writing sentences but for sure if you know and love what you right about its not hard for you to create your paragraphs.
    I started driving motorcycle when I was 8 years old and start playing racing around 10 years old now I'm already 28 its been a long time now and I know for sure I can share a lot in this field specially for those who are just starting their career in the world of racing.
    As a female racer I know it would be a great help for me to share my experiences and encourage my co female rider to continue their passion and don't stop believing the female can also be a great rider.
  10. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    My passion is good food, I love to eat and I love to cook. I started cooking when I was about 5 years old and it stuck. I can write and talk about it for hours without end. Im good in Filipino, Spanish Cuisines and some Italian and
    Chinese dishes too.
    Note: I've been cooking for 40 years now and I've been eating for 45 years and counting.:):):)
  11. Jennifer M Bigotta

    Jennifer M Bigotta New Member

    Travel, and it's what I do write about. Am I making any money from my blog? No, I've made about 7 cents. 4 of which I know were friends clicking on google adsense ads. But that's not the point. The point is that I love writing about life on the road and I hope to inspire others to travel.
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  12. janamila

    janamila New Member

    If I had to choose one topic that would definitely be food. About the importance of healthy eating habits, especially in the earliest childhood. I think that there are not many things that affect our health, and that we can influence them as much as we can through eating. By observing people in my surroundings, I notice that most eat in a hurry. Not thinking overly how much of the benefits or damages this meal has brought to their organism. I think it’s important to explain the complex biochemical processes that occur during the diet, but in a simple way, understandable to a large number of people. Then, when choosing food, they would choose what will be most useful for them and their loved ones.

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