If you could write a letter from your future self to yourself now, what would you say?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by jarod, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. John El Psy Congro

    John El Psy Congro New Member

    Dearest bro,

    I know lately its been really hard, you've lost everything and that you're even thinking about killing yourself but do not give up ok? Everything will be fine! It may seem that everyone left you but don't ever think you are alone. You are still young ok? So don't give up and innovate. Remember all the people you used to make your life a little better? They're not mad at you. Go to them and tell you're sorry. I'm sure they will forgive you. I know right now you needed a hug so go to our mom and hug her! You might never get the chance to do it again. I know its tough between you and our father, but help him in anyway possible ok? Make him comfortable at all times, you might never have the chance to express it to him. I know you are really confused right now but I will tell you its ok! It is fine so cheer up! You will be successful!

    Sincerely Yours
    Future bro
  2. Mallory_Marnie

    Mallory_Marnie New Member

    Dear Past Me,

    I know how you had been and I wouldn't be where I am right now if it weren't for you. Thank you for not giving up in spite of the hardships you've been through. But don't hold your breath, it doesn't get any better; more to come and a lot tougher too. But don't worry, you got my letter right, meaning you haven't given up.
    I'm still waiting for me letter though.

    Keep at it, and oh yes, wear your sunglasses always.

    Present Me
  3. jayceegasa

    jayceegasa New Member

    Dear Future Me,

    I want to congratulate you for what you have become. Not because you are already a doctor and teaching in a university, which you planning. Or a great author writing novels and academic references. Or a business man managing your online business or running your own coffee shops that way you planned it.

    I am congratulating you because of all the many regrets you had saved yourself into by doing what you really want. EXPRESSING YOURSELF. I know it had always a challenge for us to express ourselves because of the life we are in and the work that we are doing. Maybe, before we hadn't had much choice to choose what we really want, what will make us happy.

    But I am happy for you now that you are. You did what you have always wanted to do. And for that, I salute you.

    Continue doing what makes you happy. Good luck
  4. javierps07

    javierps07 New Member

    Dear younger self,

    I know that there is something that keeps on bothering you until now. You haven't come to be bolder enough to feel that you're very special. You have so many talent that keeps on hiding. Why not show it? Why not keep on doing what you love? What's bothering you? You have so many issues never been fixed. So many words to speak yet chose to be silent and never been heard. So many things you want to achieve but not don't effin know what, when, where and how to do. You know your goals but not totally don't know where to start. Your life turns out wrong but not until you find your own happiness. You've gone the right way. That's why I'm here now. I am successfully riding on my beautiful journey in life. I am completely believing in myself because of you. I am inspired by you, my dearest younger self. I know how you feel right now, so I would not let that to happen in me over again. Keep on going. Keep on believing. Keep up the faith. I know you can do it.

    Your future self
  5. savecarl

    savecarl New Member

    Dear young Me,

    Hello there, are you doing well where you are now? Please be careful of your self for You and I are struggling here in the future. Think wisely and do not abuse your self. Discover more about yourself while you are there and make the most out of you. Your more that what you are here today in the future i mean. Be strong to face challenges and don't just sit back and easily believed what they are saying to you. You are more that what you think and can do more what you think you can do. Always think positive,,, and do not think negative because you think that thinking negative will result into positive. Don't be afraid to fail because failing is learning and the way to become the better you.

    Good luck
    and lots of love

    From the future you
  6. Cecille

    Cecille New Member

    Dear Present Me,

    Hi! I don't need to ask how are you because I clearly know what you're going through right now. Life maybe sometimes, cruel. Yeah, I know you think that way too. You left your job, actually it was a dream job. You ventured into a business, but you failed. You tried another business, and again you failed. You started a new job, but you left it again. You've got failed relationships, with your friends, with a special someone, and worst, with your family. You got depressed. You missed every important occasion and even small celebrations because you feel like you're nothing, you're a failure and you're afraid of what they will tell about you. You detached yourself to the world and you feel like the whole world hates you and ending your life is the only choice you have.

    But hey! Cheer up! Smile. You don't own all the problems in the world. Start praying. Everybody loves you.

    If you'll just go on and keep going, you'll be amazed on what you'll become.

    And I know that, I clearly know what you'll become.


    Successful Future ME
  7. Rona Rhea Gimenez

    Rona Rhea Gimenez New Member

    If I'm going to write a letter from my future self to my present me this is how it's going to be.

    Dearest Present me;

    You are doing just fine. I know it's get tough at times but just keep going. You know that you can always overcome any problems with the support of your family. In any things you do always give it your best. In all the hardships that you face there is always a better future for you to have. I know that you have a lot of questions and insecurities right now but always remember that no one will help you if you're not going to help yourself first. So stand up, keep your head up and enjoy life. Go and meet the rest of the world there is so much in store for you. Believe in yourself and Don't lose hope!

    Do what I say because I know exactly what I'm talking about. Trust me. You are great!

    Your Future Self
  8. Richelle Monique

    Richelle Monique New Member

    If I were to give message from my future self to who I am now, then I would tell my present self all the things that has happened so far and the mistakes that I've comitted to get it right. I would also tell myself all the things that I need to avoid to be better a better person, I would tell myself what the decisions that I should make to have better results. And by this I could make my future self better than what it's really meant to be. :)
  9. cristine santos

    cristine santos New Member

    Dear younger me,

    Failure is part of life. keep it going. Don't' give up on your dreams. Believe in yourself. You still have a long journey and let me tell you the road is rough. You will stumble a lot of times, you be hurt and you will shed a lot of tears but please.
    Don't ever give up. grit your teeth and stand up. Don't run away. Don't be scared of rejections. Don't be afraid to hear the word No. You will never know what you will miss unless you give it a try. Please try to appreciate Life. appreciate every single moment, every seconds, every minutes that you are alive. You will only live once so make the most out of it. Dream big. you can do it.
    Work hard and it will be all be worth it.

    Your Future Self
  10. DoughBreezy

    DoughBreezy New Member

    Dear Younger Me,
    I know life is rough. I know that you're afraid of what might happen next. Afraid that you'll make another wrong turn down the road but continue to make those turns and move forward. Don't turn back around trying to right your wrongs. Leave those mistakes in the past and continue to learn from them. You are absolutely amazing Bri. I know sometimes you feel like giving up, you feel like the world is against you because you are so used to things going your way but that's not what life is about. There are going to be times when things won't go your way, you have to learn to work around it and remain strong. It's okay to break down and cry. We all have our moments but with the strength that God has given you, you need to fight. With the chances that God has given you, you need to take them. Life is cruel and so are the people but you cannot allow that to bring you down! Do not allow this messed up world and the people to become your downfall! Life is too short and you only have one life so live it as best as you can. Make sure you surround yourself with positive energy. Make sure your mind, soul, and health remain healthy and clean. Most importantly, never stop loving yourself.
    Struggling but happy me.
  11. Nicpatty77

    Nicpatty77 New Member

    My young Nic,
    who writes to you is the woman you will be tomorrow. Many years have passed since what is your time and many things have changed, but your eyes and your heart have not been touched by time.
    Only we know how hard our life has been .. how much will it be for you ..
    but know that any pain, any difficulty, any fall ,will help shape that great strength and that deep
    sensitivity that will accompany us throughout our lives.
    Do not be overwhelmed by events, but live them. Try to love as much as you can and allow others to love you... so we will never be alone.
    Respect more the planet that hosts you and teaches the same respect to your children ... respect for earth, for the animals, for other men, and above all for their feelings. Maybe doing so will also improve my life.
    I embrace you and kiss you with so much tenderness and with so much hope.

    Your future self

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