If you have to choose between love or status and career, what would you choose and why?

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  1. Thonette

    Thonette New Member

    I would choose status and career.
  2. sungoddess88

    sungoddess88 New Member

    I would choose love. Status and career are changeable, after few years you can find another new job or career, then another and another. But love, i mean real true love, you can only find it once or stay with it and cherish it. if it does not work out, another love will find you.
  3. Kidk

    Kidk New Member

    Saddy i would choose love . I always put others feelings before mines. It isn't a good thing but for certain people it is no limit to the things that i would do to kjeep them in my life. Love always wins in my eyes. I love the feeling of loving and being love and i would't give it up for anything in the world sadly, but it's what i believe in and stand for. When i love i love hard and will put everything on the line for who i love because it's what love is all about, if you ask me love
  4. sem29

    sem29 New Member

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  5. nyldea

    nyldea New Member

    Opportunity knocks only once and when it knock need to open your door. Career give us a greater opportunity to find the perfect person for us.
  6. Katxdjss

    Katxdjss Member

    They say if you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it is yours. If it does not, then it was never yours to begin with. True love is like that. The time may pass and slip, but love will come and knock you down whether you're ready or not. However, we all want to be ready for love. We want to welcome and accept our favorite person wholly and without a doubt. So we must build ourselves first to their best versions and someday, we can be ready to accept the love that will be given to us and return it to them wholeheartedly.
  7. micohatienza

    micohatienza New Member

    Career first is my mentality. I wanted to have a stable and great career first before love. Love is important but if you love someone you need to give them the best life. Giving a shelter, food and other things you need to build a family. So if you only follow your heart without thinking about your future, can love feed you? Just my two cents.
  8. josemarimallari01

    josemarimallari01 New Member

    I do have a very odd perspective in terms in connections to this topic. Why choose, I say and do both. It is simply a matter of time management. Something that you have to great or at the very least be good at to be successful in your career. Having a successful career for me simply means being able to work in a set number of hours and getting results. Some people will work for as long as 12 hours a day and neither get results or the success that they want. Being able to strike that balance between work and life is something that all of us must bare in mind, we do get paid a certain amount of money for the work we have done but we are forgetting that we also are spending one commodity that we do not really have a lot of, time. We won't have all the time in the world, so I say love and be great on your career.
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  9. cecesjv

    cecesjv New Member

    In a third world setting, not many are afforded such a choice. Overpopulation, poverty, and lack of education are a few factors that contribute to the predicament. A lot of college graduates can't even get a career started considering they are the lucky ones, having gone to school and all, most didn't even make it to first grade. Seeing a pregnant girl aged 13 or 14 is very depressing and I see a lot. Sadly, only a few can choose to get up and start again. Most end up living in the slums, with more children. As a mom, I always tells my kids to live life one stage at a time. If you're a student, study. If it's career time, build and nourish it, learn and earn from it. And when it's time for love and a family of your own, revel in the thought that you have prepared for the moment. There shouldn't be a choice between love and career at all, the choice should be which one to do first.
  10. Artemis456

    Artemis456 Member

    I've already made my decision and that is to marry the guy that i love. I'm already facing the consequences that i made but still so happy for giving me my ideal guy and much more.
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  11. josemarimallari01

    josemarimallari01 New Member

    This is good advice to be honest and I tend to agree on this to a certain degree. It is not always being able to afford a choice, we always have a choice, often times the choice is there but due to a lot of excuses we always choose to make and excuse.
    I live in a Third world country, grew up on the streets, but that did not stop me from being better, I may not be rich right now and perhaps will never be, but I am very very far away from the way I grew up. I studied, worked and had a girlfriend my entire college life. Its all a matter of having that mindset and knowing what to prioritize and when to prioritize.
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  12. cecesjv

    cecesjv New Member

    Thank you josemarimallari01! I think what you have achieved in life is commendable and is a great example for others.
  13. mschimmenhausen

    mschimmenhausen New Member

    I would choose neither. Status is not important to me and neither is love. I've always been more of a "lone wolf" kind of guy, so I cannot imagine myself in any LTR, let alone marriage and kids. As for a career, well you have to make a living somehow and ideally you do something you do not absolutely hate. I've got a bachelor's degree in business but I strongly dislike the office environment so I'm actually learning something completely different at the moment - I plan on becoming a mechanic!
    I will likely never be rich or famous and that is totally fine with me. I am not very ambitious so I am not exactly reaching for the stars here.
  14. TheNerdyAnarchist

    TheNerdyAnarchist New Member

    That's actually kind of funny - I'm also leaving behind the corporate world and teaching myself to be a mechanic. Great minds think alike!
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  15. Career! If it’s true love it can wait. In career your not given all the chances and big break.
  16. kristinekish

    kristinekish New Member

    Personally, I’ve discovered that for me it works to stay in the middle ares of the spectrum. Not so cold, not so hot. Not so bright, not so dark. I like to call it equilibrium.
    Why can’t I have love and a career? Why can’t I work for both? In the course of events in my life I have realized that there are not too many extremes, and that if I can’t find a middle ground then I must be doing something wrong. Most of the times this works for me. But that’s just me.
  17. Arjade

    Arjade New Member

    As an Accounting student which they think "we can live even were alone or single" and as part of LGBT community also I would definitely choose Career and status..Love doesn't only pertains on having "Boyfriend or girlfriend".. Love is everywhere...you choose to be like that because you LOVE to be....
    Love can wait.
  18. maryssmaricar

    maryssmaricar Member

    Career. If I get to establish a stable career then love would eventually come. I don't wanna rush everything when it comes to love. I always think in a subjective way and prioritize my family first. I wanna have that relationship in the future where you have no worries and no regrets after. Love is fulfilling but career would fill your starving tummies.
  19. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    Definetely careers, can't get laid if can't get paid.
  20. loveme2ad

    loveme2ad New Member

    I want to be wise and practical in answering this discussion, I will choose career who doesn't want a successful career for the future. Love can wait, but having a good future is like winning a lottery that is why theirs a saying "opportunity knock only once", why not grab it?
  21. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I would have to choose status and career. Despite what you see in movies, you have to fix yourself first before you find love. No one will fall for a screw-up. When you get your life in order and secure a good career, then your chances of finding love will improve. What you see in movies is not true.
  22. tinatinay

    tinatinay Member

    I choose to be practical so I will choose status and career over love for I know that having a good career will not only help me but also the whole family. I choose not to starve hahaha.. and I choose to love my self first.Self fulfillment brings us more self-confidence and firmness. It will help you bring your best version of your self. That will soon impress you significant other on the right time.

    Love if also a stong word. However I do believe that love can wait. If he/she really supports you then he/she will wait for you. So yeah! I choose status and career first then the rest will follow.
  23. I would have to choose career. career is my dream to become a successful and help my parents to their sacrifices. love can wait but career is not.
  24. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    I can choose all because they actually go hand in hand.

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