If you were given a chance to have a super power, what is it ?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by hinakathleen, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. hinakathleen

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  2. Ella23

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    Shape shifting. Why, I can shape myself into anything thus I can be any. I can experience all the things, be any person, be any plant or even be any animal. Shift any atom or cell in my body to create anything that I would want to be. Then I can have any superpower that I want.
  3. Veduapauline96

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    If given a chance, I would want to have th ability to stop time. The world is sometimes to toxic to live in that I need a minute or even an our to myself. Wouldn't it be nice to stop for a while with all the politics, the traffic and all that stressful stuff an just have an alone time for yourself? You can find out more about yourself and you cm have a minute to think about things without the world constantly under your nose.
  4. Androxtor

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    If I am given an ability I would pick the ability to change people's hearts. In the modern society we are faced with people's greed and selfishness. Adults are messing things up and taking things for granted. The world needs to change for the sake of the next generations to come.

    The ability to change hearts will help me clean and reshape the society for good. I am going to use this super power fair and clean. It would be great to make people better and make them realize that they are doing wrong things in our world. Changing hearts will help us to be a better world.

    - A man needs a clean heart to make a change to the society. A person needs to act if the future is at stake like in our modern society.

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